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Nice idea but nearly impossible to play because of non-intuitive controls and little bugs like flying through ground, etc. I love your level selection screen and saving progress of the user with slots. :) Can you share a litle bit of how you've implemented this? Thanks!

Upd. There is no restart button so I need to reopen game. But after closing it, the game crashes so I need force end the proccess.

Hey Dener, thanks. I'm going to have a look tomorrow at the control issues. I haven't had any issues whatsoever, but without looking I'm sure i know why you're going through the ground. I thought I'd trimmed it down, but i think i still have more than 16 collision groups active, and some randomly get ignored (this was happenibg before on multiple groups, but i haven't had the error message in weeks. Thought I'd takeb care of it but i guess not).