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Reactor Defence

A topic by Dener created Aug 27, 2017 Views: 412 Replies: 14
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Hi, guys :)

We decided to participate with remake based on our LD-jam game:

For now, coder has no free time, so I decided to sort out how to use Defold myself (also made new graphics).

Now we have just mobs spawning and moving straight to the right :D Hope to make playable prototype in time.


Awesome :) Can't way to play the remake :)


looks cool


So how was Defold from the pov of a non-developer? What was the hardest to comprehend?

Just finished to read manuals to understand main concepts of engine. Everything seems clear (at least theoretically), except of logic of collections, proxies, etc. Maybe, I need to spend little more time with that stuff :) Also, need a little bit more practice with Lua, never used it before.


=] also there's a list of nice video tutorials by our community:



Looks awesome!

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Some progress:

For now you can just add some money with 'space' and upgrade 1 state of reactor, clicking on it :) But in general it's not playable yet, just mobs moving through all the floors.

By the way, that's REALLY huge disadvantage that Defold has no built in function of selecting objects by clicking on them. For now, I am kinda not sure how to realize upgrading not only reactor, but other objects (turrets, etc) :(


Hey Dener,

You could use a game object attached to the mouse (set go.set_position of the object to the mouse co-ords on each update) that has a kinematic collision object attached, and then your turrets would also have a collision object (with the type and mask set appropriately so they register each other). You can then check when the mouse clicks if it's colliding with anything, and if so, send a message to the "message.other_id" of what it's colliding with (the turret), telling it to run its upgrade function, or whatever.

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Yeah, I use this kind of approach with reactor already :) Just thinking how to scale this approach to use with multiple objects. A bunch of elseifs makes the code kinda bulky. Thanks anyway!

we have a first playable! :dance:

Here is my progress so far:

1. Upgrade turrets and reactor with click

2. "Space" for money

Now I want ot implement hp/damage system, so every next state of turret will deal more damage. But I am little bit stack.  More info here: you can check the progress :) Lags in Chrome, so use Mozilla.

You can play the final version here: Now you can play in any browser you'd like :)