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Hi. Can you please make a macOS or HTML5 demo build?

Finished it on second try. You can farm points/energy with spawners, that helps to fill up health before the final boss.

Is it multiplayer only?

Stylish and competitive!

Looks really cool! But I can't figure out how to beat the boss. The elements supposedly give me something but no idea how to use it.

Really cool!

Should be fixed now.

Thanks for reporting, will investigate once I get my hands on capable windows computer.

Hard to rate not being a cat. But I can imagine.

Очень рад, что нравится!

Challenge is what I eat for breakfast.

Есть такое, активно развивают русский сегмент. Спасибо! Да, кнопки рестарта и мне не хватает, не было времени её доделать.

Like a Mario game level, when you move and the screen moves with you, but after a few screens forward you get to the same starting spot, so you can go infinitely in circles.

Наркомания какая-то на экране. But I kinda like it.

Cool viz, but tough controls. Too slow maybe?

Quite a few bugs, but extra points for the bacon horse and yolk bouncing!

I was playing on mac.

Stealth action. Nice.

Hah. Fun. The game has stuck however during the fight with the trainer once. After that no problems.

Defold is a 3D engine under the hood, but it's not as easy to use as 2D mode, so it's still impressive.


No, I use the regular QWERTY keyboard. When I press down, the ship goes under the ground below the screen.

Looks and feels really cool. Could become a very nice puzzle-platformer.

Fun idea and really good graphics/animation. But hard to play, hard to align properly to feed the boar and hard to get out of the woods when stuck there.

Cute game. Too easy and short, but fun. A scrolling arena would be nice (infinite scrolling when it goes in circles).

The game looks very nice, but I couldn't figure out how to play. The ship goes down under the ground and I can't align with the green arrow to pick anyone. It needs better controls.

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Nice idea. But it gets hard on the eyes after awhile.

Спасибо! Очень рад, что понравилось.

Nice small tower defense. A bit easy when you figure out the logic behind it, but the style is great and it's fun!

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Man, it's hard! Controls are not as fluent as I wish they were, but fun nonetheless! Great job.