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hey Sergey. It's WASD to move (apologies if you're on AZERTY keyboard, i will re-up soon with option for azerty keyboard). You need to land the ship to pick up civilians by pressing the DOWN arrow to put out your landing skids amd land the ship, otherwise you crash with the ground. I think it needs more instruction moreso than better controls (though that would certainly help as well). Also UP arrow turns the ship.

No, I use the regular QWERTY keyboard. When I press down, the ship goes under the ground below the screen.

oh, well that's not good and never happened in any testing :S is it windows or mac? Shouldn't be a difference, but I have not even opened the windows build since i don't have access to a windows machine at the moment. I'm away from a computer until probably tomorrow morning, but I'll definitely have to check that out. Thanks for the heads up. I know there are a ton of bugs, but that's not something I've seen.

I was playing on mac.

kk, it's very possible I F'd something up right before building it. I only ran through the final build for 1 run-through before uploading right at the deadline. I'll check it out when i can, thanks for the feedback.