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Thanks for playing! Yes, sometimes gameplay could be really difficult. It needs to be polished.

The game looks very good! But I didn't understand how important the choice of buildings is. And how the shield actually works on the defensive. Also in the defensive phase, if the base is large, the scales at the bottom make it difficult to see the crabs. Anyway, well done!

I had problems with getting into turns and passes. If the movement was performed only when the button was pressed, it would be easier to get into the passage, in my opinion. And I heard white noise instead of sound effects too. Good game in the rest!

Cool graphics! I agree with previous comments that it's not obvious how to save the citizens. I guessed, but by accident :) And have problems with flying through the ground too. Great game anyway!

NIce game! Looks and sounds good. I think, that adding health and speed to enemies during time will make gameplay more interesting.

I liked most of all the animations of different types of damage that player takes. Even specially jumped into the lava and acid. Great game! 

Красивые спрайты, и звуки моря очень атмосферные. Было бы здорово слышать, как машина жужжит или что-то вроде того. И может уменьшить скорость перемещения вбок и назад? А так симпатичная игра!

That was quite interesting! Those "i'm just standing here"-bots are very useful :D The buttons on the floor diversify the gameplay. And I think, I found a ventilation duct so long that my charge was not enough. It was full at the beginning, but I did not manage to reach the nearest robot at the exit. However, very good game!

Looks unusual and cute. Music is nice but this sound of collision with red X is too annoying.  But most importantly, the idea is interesting, keep it up!

That's cool! But I had some problems with the rotation of the mouse: when the cursor was at the far right of the screen, the camera did not rotate. And dead mutants should be less like live, in my opinion.

Quite an interesting concept with a falling soul. The background looks very suitable, the sprites and the sound are good. Only the devil, in my opinion, does not fit into the general style.

Agreed with previous comments, it's very fun and very short! I played in this little level about ten times. Sounds are soft and sprites are nice, great game!

Wow, gameplay is very exciting! Monsters look funny with their sluggish weapons. I think that different types of weapons will make the gameplay even more interesting. Nice game!

И правда затягивает! Звуки, музыка и анимация подобраны очень удачно, превращают кликанье по пазлам в какое-то таинство. Здоровская игра!

Well, this style of acid party definitely has a charm. The mechanics of shooting with hearts looks unusual and fresh. Music is nice. And this is an interesting feeling when I made friends with a space shark or a hare :D

Interesting puzzle, but it's not obvious why you can't drop two blocks in two holes at the same time =)

Beautiful game and interesting mechanics! It would be cool if there were mini-map and some things to collect.

Simple and nice game! Interface, design and music make cool gameplay. Mods are quite interesting and diversify mechanics. The classic mod is too hard in my opinion.

Good game, nice sprites and sounds. I was not quite sure how to restore energy. When selecting one or two batteries, the percentage of energy did not change.  And it would be more interesting if the octopuses deal damage =)

That was interesting and hard! I like this atmosphere with magic and numerous monsters. I think, that when spiders and knights appear there are too many enemies on the screen simultaneously. And when one enemy overtakes the other, it is difficult to understand what kind of spell is needed.  However, the game is cool!

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The strange controls are the main feature of the game, aren't they? =) They make interesting gameplay, but I think that the speed of the ship changes too fast. Nice little game!

I join the previous comments, your graphics look very good! And I like the variety of enemies. But I think that the game is too hard. Maybe this is because of the player's slow speed or high density of enemies. 

There are very cute sprites in your game! Funny orcs and boar, it immediately catches the eye. I had some problems with feeding Hamon (as well as other players). And when I fought with big orcs, sometimes my little orc started uncontrolled endless movement upwards. Also it would be great if the little orc had some health, reduced with getting damage. And I think, that it's better not to put the trees right before Hamon at the start. In general, I like your style =)

Now one more feature is implemented! These are baskets that will be put on the head of our friend ogre for a few seconds, when he picks them up. In this case, the basket obstructs the view for the player.

This game challenges me a lot! I think it would be great if your progress at one level was saved in some way, perhaps, checkpoints or something like that. Because when I died, I had to start the level from the beginning. Even when I coped with all the waves of enemies and died on the boss. And this was repeated again and again. But maybe I'm just not a fan of such gameplay =) Anyway your game looks great! I like the sound and the art in your game and the mechanics of all of those bots are very interesting. Well done!

Yes, there are many dangers for ogres in my world, including stumps, walls, bees and overeating =) Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Yes, I was afraid that gameplay would be too boring. So I tried to add as many mushrooms as i can =)

Good game! nice music and sprites, interesting mechanics, made me think =) I increased the level of the generator to forth but there were only first robots-humanoids with guns and no robot-octopus or robot-tank) I read that you have a problem with game process in different browsers. I played in Opera and couldn't collect enough money for the fifth reactor level. But maybe I just play bad =P

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First patch was uploaded! Now the intro is more readable and all stuff appears earlier after the start of ogre's running (Dener, thanks=)). Oh yes, and "Extrud Borders"! "Extrud Borders" in all atlases is now one and no more artefacts in the textures! (splashshadow, thanks =))

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This is a real deep game! I played it for about forty minutes, and it was pretty interesting. Several heroes, many skills, items and enemies. Very nice fantasy interface. Music is beautiful, but monotonous and boring with time. But it can be turned off, this is a plus. And I was surprised by the support of three languages! Great game!

PS. The only thing I did not understand is the grouping of heroes. Why do my heroes take damage when they stand on the second line, behind the tank?

ok, i see) you have very nice menu design for your first jam)

Спасибо за отзыв! Согласен вступление длинновато, надо исправлять. Особенно с частыми рестартами должно быть вообще пыткой)

Well, I started playing in the first level. Robots were falling, I was catching them and the percents increased very slow. I played for three or four minutes and nothing changed. I even left my phone for five or six minutes and when I returned nothing changed too =) Then I tried other levels, but they were locked. So, I think that if there is an end of the level, it would be great if it were closer. Or, if it's an endless game, it would be more intresting to play if it became faster over time. And I think it would be cool to add some things besides robots that you need to avoid, not catch, for example.

That is the funny idea with these robots with sad smiles, dumped from skyscrapers)) But it seems to me that the level is too slow. I mean these percentages in the corner.

Ооо, спасибо большое! Вот так сюрприз))) мне твои падающие коровы тоже весьма запомнились) А expand borders обязательно посмотрю. 

Hi man! Played your game on LD39! =D Camera moving up is a good feature. I think that there are random moments when dude in a costume gets stuck and you can do nothing with this. I mean that blocks sometimes fall down in such a random way, that you havn't got variants to escape.

Wow, it was hard and awesome! The Art and the sound are really cool. This presentation of the game "stone, paper and scissors" has plunged me into a shock in a good way)) I'm afraid to imagine what the code looks like for recognition of symbols.

That was funny) Houses and objects are quite diverse. The effect of changing Paul's size is nice. And the influence of soda, gum and beer on Paul make gameplay much more intresting. Also Paul can walk through walls and various obstacles when he drinks soda (two or three). Maybe it is a bug, but effect of gum and soda doesn't disappear after a while, like the effect of beer. It would be cool if there were another people in the city) Good game!

Very dynamic gameplay and an interesting way to restore the power) I think that you can limit the movement of the player so that he does not fall through the tiles and get stuck.