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Perhaps there are too many drops of honey, which slow down the speed of the fly. Thanks for playing and your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback, man! Yes, buzz sound is something special =)

I summoned an Old God, but I didn't understand what was I supposed to do with silver, reputation, traps and brown dial. As for the design, art looks very nice and music sounds realy dark. Greate!

well, wish you lots of succsess in creating a cool game!

Good scary game! especially on turns) I found all parts of formulas, but I didn't understand how to make an Anti-viruse. I went through all the obstacles except for the walls without any collision.  And when I pressed W there was no any movement. In any case, nice game!

In what program have you made the animation? 

I got a cat! It was very exciting! At first I had some butthurt, but then I got involved in this atmosphere of hell. The only thing is that those mad dogs are cheaters! 

I'm sorry, I read description and now I understand. I walked from the start point to the end of the map and water level is almost not decreased.  And the temperature is almost not increased.  Maybe it rises too slowly.  Location is pretty desolate and maybe it will be more intresting if you add something else in addition to water.

What should stop me to survive?

Cool game! Background looks very mysterious... Do farmers attack throug knights? I guess It would be more intresting if enemies attacked more often. And when I jumped over them, they didn't follow me =)

Funny idea and good sprites! =D I think you should cut corners of the colission box of egg-guy. And maybe spawn of the red dudes in the position of the egg-guy will add tension to the game.

1. What's your name? Where you from? 

Denis, Russia

2. What's your reason to be here?

First steps in game development

3. Your favorite games

Fallout, Gothic, Arcanum, WarCraft, TES

4. Favorite engines and tools

Stencyl, Photoshop, 3ds Max

5. What do you want to make in this jam's game the most?)

Intresting mechanics with not too terrible sprites =)

6. Something cool and motivational for others :)

Have fun and don't spend too much efforts on decoration!

Just wow... Intresting mechanic with shooting and rolling.

Good style! But I'm too inept to pass the second level)

Oh, I didn't guess about it! Thanks)

I just hold down Down Arrow Key aaaaaand... I didn't get it =)

Very exciting in the first few minutes! But when I ate all the green balls, I didn't know what to do.

Nice style and pretty cat :3 It would be cool if you add some music!


There are too many of them!!!...

Intresting gameplay! it's hard to deal with these red bastards)

The aliens appear directly beneath me, just above the platform and at one point with crystal. It becomes impossible to continue playing. Nice astronaut =)