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Thanks a lot! 

Yeah, we know it's a pain, but that was kiiiiind of required to get our message across. This game is not about displaying some perfect platforming skills, and that's why there's no way to die or get a game over some other way; re-evaluating which things matter, on the other hand, was the leitmotif of this game, and to have players actively decide what they consider more valuable to preserve as the legacy of a now dead civilization we had to be quite cruel with the game's difficulty (or at least that's what we had in mind). That said, it's still possible to finish the game perfectly and collect every item there is, just unlikely on the first try.

This game was done as a duo, and just so you know, one of us creators feels your pain, having difficulties with several sections in the game. :D


Yeah, I guess I should have ignored some sections and sorted the inventory by value, since it decays from the back and doesn't drop the actual items XD


Yup, unfortunately the inventory system wasn't the most proper one, pretty basic features missing, but that's just what happens in game jams - with only 3 days on our hands making an awesome inventory system with all the proper stuff would have meant having no interesting gameplay built around it.