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Oh wow, we're really happy to see you again, CoalFire! Thank you for your support! 

And thanks for your feedback as well! Yeah, we know the game was quite difficult, and I admit that the last part was a tad too much. Can imagine how frustrating to you it was, I'm very sorry. <_< Actually, I've even made the hitboxes for the spikes in that part smaller already as part of the next build. My main mistake was using that design in a game jam environment where I didn't have enough time to design more of those "race challenges" and educate the player enough to be ready for it. The trick was simply starting as far from the door as possible (so all the way to the wall to the right of the mushroom in this case), since Dunwo is faster than the sphere and the bigger the distance the sphere will travel, the bigger Dunwo's upperhand will be. But I digress, it's definitely not the most intuitive thing in the world so I should've definitely avoided such a challenge. At least there's no way to die in the game, haha.

I also want to say that your playthrough was among the best ones in terms of platforming skills displayed, which was really pleasant to see. :3 Have you noticed the DraBot easter egg, by the way?


I recognized the sprite in the end,  but I couldn't place it. Realized what it was after I was doing all the metadata for the video and saw you were the same dev :) But the teleportation races weren't that unintuitive, just that that last one was brutally hard in terms of the space and speed required. I think some of it could be mitigated by some slowing mechanic for the orb, like the wind is with the player character, or some 90° bounce paths for the orb to take a little extra time. But, as always, your art style really stands out in the crowd!


Haha, I see. 

Got it, yeah, that's a good way to make it easier.

Our artist said she's really grateful that you noticed her trying to create a style that stands out. :3