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A member registered Feb 07, 2017

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I'm having a problem with the power plant quest on 0.6.1 as well. It seems that the game isn't spawning a terminal on the B1 floor. Which makes it so I can only interact with 4/5 terminals instead of the required 5. I may be missing something but I'm not sure...

For now I guess I'll use the console to complete the quest.

thank you :)

Axu community · Created a new topic Save file location?

Hey Cynapse, I was just wondering if you could tell me where the games save files may be located? Thanks :)

Awesome!!! Thank you :)


When messing with the console/dev mode how do I get a list of the skills/ability ID's?

I see the items and traits but I'm missing how to see a list of the skills/abilities...thx

Axu community · Created a new topic Inventory bug?
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When using my mouse to try and equip a weapon I'm unable to do so. No matter how or which "hand" I tell the game to put the weapon into it won't do it. If I use the "enter" key and go through the equip sequence I'm able to do it, just not while using the mouse.

Also how do you zoom in again? thx

Ok buddy thanks :)

Axu community · Created a new topic New difficulty modes?

Just to be clear

In Adventurer mode you get (plus)+25% Xp

And in Hunter mode you get (minus)-25% Xp

Is that correct? Seems most games give the player more Xp for playing on higher difficulties. 

OK thank you for answering my questions and I really like the game :)

Created a new topic Dungeon Map?

Are dungeon maps just not a thing or am I missing something? 

Created a new topic Look key or "mode"?

Does the game have anything like a look mechanic? Thanks :)

I'm also having this bug with the "Juke" ability.

I'm just curious to know if Souls Rescue is still being developed. Thank you :)

Oh ok buddy thanks and you've made a really cool game so far :)

Axu community · Created a new topic Console commands?

I was just wondering if the dev or anyone else knew any cool commands that could be entered once "enable console" has been activated, thanks :)