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I agree very cool start to this game but I was also confused as to how to continue from the first area. Now if I'm understanding you correctly there is only ONE area (Kabula) with the little town in this version of the game? 

How would I put the game in fullscreen? thanks

Vury coo  :)

That is a pretty great trailer lol  :)  GJ

Any chance of you guys making a downloadable version of the game? thanks

I agree the game look's really cool and I'll be playing it shortly.  I'll try and give you some good feedback.  :)

Thanks for answering my questions and thanks for addressing the damage number thing so quickly. Awesome work and great game, keep it up!  :)

So when the little red damage numbers pop up on screen do they pop up when the player takes damage and when the player damages enemies? They seem to be red numbers for both and it's kinda confusing me.

 Also does anyone know how much HP the player starts with, is it 100hp? 200hp? 

WOW...just WOW...

Calavera Studio you guys/girls are some rockstars!

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Hey when you say "talk" to other zombies which zombies does that mean, are there "shopkeeper" like zombies like the humans or can you allie with other zombies while in zombie form?

I've tried giving (throwing) brains to other zombies to try and make them like me but didn't have any luck :(

Oh and I know weapons are pretty prevalent but I think having "repair kits" might be cool to have for the players favorite weapons like ones dropped by higher tiered enemies. Edit: SPOILER AHEAD lol, Just saw a hint about throwing a serum at a zombie so I tried it and the zombie I hit turned into a human lady(named Timothy) and offered to repair my equipped weapon. :) 

The enhancement chips aren't that useful for myself and don't seem to play much of a part in my playing strategy probably because they all seem to only activate on low HP. Maybe if they had more to do with your infection level or if your in human/zombie mode.

Oh ok very cool, thanks for answering my questions.

I'm still trying to figure out the upsides and downsides to being in human/zombie form and would love if the dev could give me a little breakdown of the mechanic. 

Also I would love a fullscreen mode but anyway thanks for making this game and I'll try and give some more feedback as I play more. This game is by far my favorite of the 2018 7drl's I've played and I've played quite a few. Great job :) 

I'm having a problem with the power plant quest on 0.6.1 as well. It seems that the game isn't spawning a terminal on the B1 floor. Which makes it so I can only interact with 4/5 terminals instead of the required 5. I may be missing something but I'm not sure...

For now I guess I'll use the console to complete the quest.

thank you :)

Hey Cynapse, I was just wondering if you could tell me where the games save files may be located? Thanks :)

Awesome!!! Thank you :)


When messing with the console/dev mode how do I get a list of the skills/ability ID's?

I see the items and traits but I'm missing how to see a list of the skills/abilities...thx

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When using my mouse to try and equip a weapon I'm unable to do so. No matter how or which "hand" I tell the game to put the weapon into it won't do it. If I use the "enter" key and go through the equip sequence I'm able to do it, just not while using the mouse.

Also how do you zoom in again? thx

Ok buddy thanks :)

Just to be clear

In Adventurer mode you get (plus)+25% Xp

And in Hunter mode you get (minus)-25% Xp

Is that correct? Seems most games give the player more Xp for playing on higher difficulties. 

OK thank you for answering my questions and I really like the game :)

Are dungeon maps just not a thing or am I missing something? 

Does the game have anything like a look mechanic? Thanks :)

I'm also having this bug with the "Juke" ability.

I'm just curious to know if Souls Rescue is still being developed. Thank you :)

Oh ok buddy thanks and you've made a really cool game so far :)

Axu community » General Chat · Created a new topic Console commands?

I was just wondering if the dev or anyone else knew any cool commands that could be entered once "enable console" has been activated, thanks :)