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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

Console commands?

A topic by GHOSTofWILL created Feb 07, 2017 Views: 1,310 Replies: 7
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I was just wondering if the dev or anyone else knew any cool commands that could be entered once "enable console" has been activated, thanks :)

Once the console is active, press "End" to access it.If you type "help" or "?" It should show you a full list of commands :) It's mostly testing stuff, and some could potentially break the game if used improperly. But have fun!

Hi, I have a question, how to active the console ?

In the options menu, open the "Misc" tab, click the toggle to enable the console.

Once it's enabled, you can press the "End" key to open/close it at any time in game :)

Oh ok buddy thanks and you've made a really cool game so far :)

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When messing with the console/dev mode how do I get a list of the skills/ability ID's?

I see the items and traits but I'm missing how to see a list of the skills/abilities...thx

Unfortunately, that functionality isn't in the console yet. I'll lay out a list here though.

  • Shove - "shove"
  • Sprint - "sprint"
  • Grapple - "grapple"
  • Called Shot - "calledshot"
  • Juke - "juke"
  • Charge - "charge"
  • Shield Bash - "bash"
  • Trip - "trip"
  • Gore - "gore"
  • Summon Echo - "echo"
  • Summon Spirits - "spirits"
  • Lesser Healing - "healing0"
  • Healing - "healing1"
  • Rejuvenation - "healing2"
  • Brace - "brace"
  • Return - "return"
  • Drain Blood - "vampire"
  • Energize - "energize"
  • Firestream - "firestream"
  • Radiation Blast - "radblast"
  • Ice Beam - "icestream"
  • Ember Wall - "firewall"
  • Cloud of Flame - "firesquare"
  • Disorienting Gas - "confsquare"
  • Toxic Cloud - "poisonsquare"
  • Confusion - "confusion"
  • Lightning Bolt - "zapline"
  • Blink - "blink"

Awesome!!! Thank you :)