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Using WSAD  to move will be better

非常有意思是游戏,有点像“this is police”?,,希望你们能坚持下去

I can see you like this game very much, and the good news is that Unity games are easy to implement MOD functions

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Thank you very much for your reply, what you said made me see new hope :)

By the way, I tried to make a MOD for Axu yesterday, with a few suggestions:

1. Can you add a ID property to the item class? which can make it more scalable, such as replacing old item, or translating item's name.



"ID": "bullet",

"Name" : "Bullet",

"Cost" : 1,



Then I translate it or replace it with my mod:


"ID": "bullet",

"Name" : "子弹", // Chinese language

"Cost" : 999,



Reference it by it's ID instead of it's name

"Tables" : [


"Name" : "Ammo", "Rarity" : 2, "Weight" : 10,

"Items" : [ "bullet" ]



2.Add scripting support, such as using CodeDom or LUA, scripting support allows modder to do more functional extensions.

That's all, and sorry for my poor English :)

Hi @Cynapse , I like your game very much, and I plan to make some mod for it,

but I found it hasn't been updated for a long time, is this game still in development?

Hi, I have a question, how to active the console ?