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Suggestions Sticky

A topic by Joseph Whitehead created May 31, 2018 Views: 157 Replies: 5
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Have any suggestions for Undead Valley? Post them here! This includes any ideas for new enemy types, quests, areas, items, or just generally anything that you think will improve the game! 

Suggestions are greatly appreciated, as they improve the game for everyone, plus its always fun to implement suggestions from the community.

- DrunkardWolf

I think you need to make optimization for your game.

Developer (1 edit)

Yep, a few people have said this and it is something I am actively working on. I have a pretty powerful pc, so I could only test it on my hardware, which runs the game well.  It's my first time making something on this scale, so optimisation is new to me, however the performance should be better for the next build, and will progressively get better with each build. 

Any chance you could tell me your PC specs too? Would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for your feedback, means a lot. :)

Using WSAD  to move will be better


Hi, thanks for the comment! Not really sure what you mean though, do you mean make it so A/D move you left/right?  Because if you mean it should be WASD instead of the arrow keys, that is already an option.  

Not sure if there is any purpose for the large open areas of woodland/green spaces yet, but I found myself wandering through that area as I was unsure which way to initially turn outside the house. Maybe I should have read the controls to see there is a map to be fair ;)

Health and weapons etc could be increased in size just seems to be quite small for me anyways.

Also the grass areas are just one colour it seems so some tonal variation or random shrubbery would make it look a lot more detailed and less samey.