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Yep, a few people have said this and it is something I am actively working on. I have a pretty powerful pc, so I could only test it on my hardware, which runs the game well.  It's my first time making something on this scale, so optimisation is new to me, however the performance should be better for the next build, and will progressively get better with each build. 

Any chance you could tell me your PC specs too? Would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for your feedback, means a lot. :)

Hey everyone! I am currently developing a singleplayer Zombie Survival RPG called Undead Valley (small plug: pre-alpha is available to try on my itch page). However, one issue I am having within the development is making it so the game is engaging for longer periods of time. A problem a lot of people seem to have with survival games is that they can get boring quite fast, many of them being a lot of resource and bar management (eg. need food to keep hunger bar up, need water to prevent thirst etc). Some games in the genre however, manage to keep the player engaged for hours of play, and keep them coming back day after day. Personally I feel like this is often achieved by allowing the player to set their own goals to work towards, however this is something I am struggling to capture in my game. 

If anyone has any thoughts, or could share what keeps them engaged in a game, it would be much appreciated.

- DrunkardWolf

Have any suggestions for Undead Valley? Post them here! This includes any ideas for new enemy types, quests, areas, items, or just generally anything that you think will improve the game! 

Suggestions are greatly appreciated, as they improve the game for everyone, plus its always fun to implement suggestions from the community.

- DrunkardWolf

Please post any bugs you discover when playing the game here. By reporting bugs, you make Undead Valley better for everyone, so it is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks :) means a lot!  

Test now at: https://drunkardwolf.itch.io/undead-valley-early-playtest


Undead Valley is a Zombie Survival game with an isometric perspective and a voxel art style. The game is still in development and this is a pre-alpha playtest to get some opinions and is a preview of things to come. 

The game is currently in a very unfinished state. I have released this Pre-Alpha build to get feedback from the community on how I can improve the game going forward. So, If you do decide to give the game a go, please let me know your thoughts.


- Explore a large open map, including several different areas.

- Scavenge for supplies to survive the end of the world!

- Grow crops.

- 8 Weapons!

- Complete quests and build relationships with NPC's (Still in early stages of development)

- Weather System.

- Kill hordes of zombies.

- Keep your car in good condition to ensure fast travel around the world.

In its current state, the game is still far from perfect, hence I have put the game on a pay what you want model. However, once the game is finished, I plan on selling it for around $5. 

For now however, the game will be free to play for the foreseeable future , hopefully with  frequent builds full of new content.

Popular YouTuber eNtaK uploaded a gameplay video! Check it out: 

Hey, to everyone that's commented in the past couple of weeks, sorry that I didn't reply to your comments, I've been on holiday. Glad you all liked the game. I will try to get a download link on uploaded asap. Thanks for playing :)

The song is Space Fighter Loop by Kevin MacLeod, and as far as the errors are concerned, I'm not sure why your getting them, I haven't encountered them before, but I'll look into them. Also, I'll take your suggestions into consideration for the future, but I'm not sure If I'll bother adding them to this game, as I'm currently busy on other projects :) Thanks for the feedback <3

Hey, thanks for playing :) Most of the projectiles have set spawn points, butspawn in with random speeds, as well as that, there is one spawn location that moves. Had to put that in to avoid people finding a gap in projectile spawns and staying there.

this version of the game is by no means a completed product, there was many things that I had planned to add including everything youvesuggested. Unfortunately however the game is no longer in development and at this time I have no plans on picking up the development of the game again.

Not yet, I've got exams for the next couple of weeks, but after that I'll try making a tutorial. Can't promise it'll be great, but I've got a few requests so I might as well :)