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Popular YouTuber eNtaK uploaded a gameplay video! Check it out: 

Hey, to everyone that's commented in the past couple of weeks, sorry that I didn't reply to your comments, I've been on holiday. Glad you all liked the game. I will try to get a download link on uploaded asap. Thanks for playing :)

The song is Space Fighter Loop by Kevin MacLeod, and as far as the errors are concerned, I'm not sure why your getting them, I haven't encountered them before, but I'll look into them. Also, I'll take your suggestions into consideration for the future, but I'm not sure If I'll bother adding them to this game, as I'm currently busy on other projects :) Thanks for the feedback <3

Hey, thanks for playing :) Most of the projectiles have set spawn points, butspawn in with random speeds, as well as that, there is one spawn location that moves. Had to put that in to avoid people finding a gap in projectile spawns and staying there.

this version of the game is by no means a completed product, there was many things that I had planned to add including everything youvesuggested. Unfortunately however the game is no longer in development and at this time I have no plans on picking up the development of the game again.

Not yet, I've got exams for the next couple of weeks, but after that I'll try making a tutorial. Can't promise it'll be great, but I've got a few requests so I might as well :)