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Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Joseph Whitehead created May 31, 2018 Views: 89 Replies: 4
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Please post any bugs you discover when playing the game here. By reporting bugs, you make Undead Valley better for everyone, so it is greatly appreciated. 

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i am able to glitch through walls i like this power and all but i figured i should report it. 

im not a fan on the movement controls. just wondering if you could maybe have control options for different play syles

with the fact that u can turn the camera the controls should change dynamically with the camera movement. what i mean is currently when on foot if my character is facing me (the camura) and i press W i keep thinking hes gonna go away from me forward technically. but instead he  comes towards me completely messing things up dont know if that makes any sense :/

killing Z's seems two difficult 4 head (what i could tell were) shots and hes still running after me.

occasionally a zombie ghost will kill me. now this may be a delay in the damage tick (or what ever unit of time ur using) but after killing a Z i stood there for a second then died after the Z was dead. unless i died from my wounds wich i find unlikely.

there doesn't seem to be a knock back. once trapped in a corner by even one Z its kill or be killed. there should be a way to knock em down for a sec so u can run away

additionally if the Z gets too close your bullets wont hit him they just go right thru and not in a good way :/

door to jail cell is regular door LOL i just thought this was funny but being alpha i understand u should work on game control and optimization first. this game does run on my pc 8gb ram 4 when in use.

one more thing everybody loves rain but some people dont. it can lag older or weaker computers an option to remove weather would be cool ive had to stop playing some of my most fav games because they added rain D:

these and more suggestion and bug reports will come to u regularly

i chose the option to buy the game (since its cheap)

that means im here for u. ill make a video on my channel so u can get some more traffic


Hi, thanks for purchasing and supporting the game and thanks for  the detailed bug report.  Many of these bugs are currently in the process of being fixed and the next build, coming sometime within the next week brings a bunch of optimisation fixes, bug fixes and I will  add an option  to turn the rain off sometime today. 

In relation to the movement controls, I understand where you're coming from, however, I have re-worked them several times now and the current controller is the only one that feels right due to the perspective and the rotating camera. I will continue to look into other options though. 

Also, In relation to shooting the Zombies 5 times to kill them with a pistol. Again, due to the nature of the game being top down, unlike a first/third person game, there is no way for the player to hit specific body parts, meaning every shot is essential a headshot. Because of this, I decided to opt for each gun dealing a set amount of damage. The pistol takes 5 shots to kill, but more powerful guns such as the Sniper can kill in a single shot. I may work on a system that allows for some shots to have a chance of being critical, and then add a perk to increase the change of getting a crit at some point though. 

In relation to the zombie 'ghosts' killing you, I've never head of this bug, and have a feeling you're dying from blood loss. When Zombies hit you, you start to bleed, which will kill you If you don't use a bandage or a med kit. I'll look into the issue to make sure that this is the case and will also work on making it 1. more obvious when you are loosing blood and 2. Less harsh, as I do feel that the player currently bleeds out too fast. 

Also, like you said, some of the building interiors still need work. These will slowly improve as the game gets closer to its completed state. And, in relation to the bug where you clip through walls, I'm still looking for a fix to this. It won't be fixed in the next build, but I am actively working on a solution. 

Again, thanks for your support and feedback. Hope you stick around and see the game become the game become the best it can be!

- DrunkardWolf

When talking to NPC's you cannot shoot zombies etc, maybe change skip text to a button rather than click to allow shooting?  After I talked to Kim and skipped through after trying to kill a zombie, it said i could talk to kim (! above head and text saying to press f to talk) but I could not.

Not sure if you realise but you can pick items up through walls, not necesarily a bad thing just not intended I imagine.

Also some reason my first time loading had all the text on the menu buttons but now it does not. (

Im not the biggest fan of the QE to rotate camera and mouse to aim, requires too much brain power for me. I imagine I could get used to it if I played for a long time though, which I am sure I will.

Runs fine on my Surface Pro 4 (i5, 4gb ram)


Thanks for the feedback. Will hopefully get all of these fixes made for the next build. :)