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Zombie Rogue

A turn-based survival and strategy game built for fast play and massive amounts of replay value · By gamefish

What a cool game, congratulations!

A topic by GHOSTofWILL created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 388 Replies: 4
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I'm still trying to figure out the upsides and downsides to being in human/zombie form and would love if the dev could give me a little breakdown of the mechanic. 

Also I would love a fullscreen mode but anyway thanks for making this game and I'll try and give some more feedback as I play more. This game is by far my favorite of the 2018 7drl's I've played and I've played quite a few. Great job :) 


Hi GhostOfWill, I'm glad you like it.

Being a human means you can restore HP and talk to human

Bing a zombie means you are losing HP and capable of talking to zombies, also you can gain more HP when consuming flesh & brains.

Human and zombie form has total different character attribute flavor,  if you open your hero stats panel you'll notice that.

Feel free to give us any suggestions to this mechanism :)

Oh ok very cool, thanks for answering my questions.

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Hey when you say "talk" to other zombies which zombies does that mean, are there "shopkeeper" like zombies like the humans or can you allie with other zombies while in zombie form?

I've tried giving (throwing) brains to other zombies to try and make them like me but didn't have any luck :(

Oh and I know weapons are pretty prevalent but I think having "repair kits" might be cool to have for the players favorite weapons like ones dropped by higher tiered enemies. Edit: SPOILER AHEAD lol, Just saw a hint about throwing a serum at a zombie so I tried it and the zombie I hit turned into a human lady(named Timothy) and offered to repair my equipped weapon. :) 

The enhancement chips aren't that useful for myself and don't seem to play much of a part in my playing strategy probably because they all seem to only activate on low HP. Maybe if they had more to do with your infection level or if your in human/zombie mode.


Wow dude you are providing so much useful feedback. I love what you think about 

When you turn a npc into human/zombie, there will be a chance he can have a random quest for the hero, so the hero can talk to him/her.  The idea was to create a random generated quest system in the game, although it's in a very initial state right now.

Currently giving a zombie brains won't increase his favor to you but I think this is a very good intend, I'm thinking about adding it as a new feature.

As for "repair kits" and chips, yes that make sense!