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Hi zor, I don't have a linux device to test if the game can run, but I'll make an linux package in the next update if you wish.

HI Jupiter, I saw your video, it's great! I like it!

Whaaat?! Mr President says: Good game! dude

haha, we are developing more levels and bosses. Please keep updated and recommend this game to your friends!

Thank you for your feedback, and yes we will make it more fun!

Oh, i c, I'll alter the two layers, but that will cause monster blocking items. But yeah, monster in front of item is better than the contrary

HI Sebastian,

Wow, thank you soooo much for the great article and video. We are so happy that you like the core mechanic of this game, actually we put a lot of think and work to it.

In future updates we will enhance this core mechanic and make it more robust.

Thank you for you advice!

Hall of Fame sound cool. Actually I'm thinking about adding a village in which you can do even more than check out stats.

Full screen sounds cool, I added it in to feature list, thank you!

Wow dude you are providing so much useful feedback. I love what you think about 

When you turn a npc into human/zombie, there will be a chance he can have a random quest for the hero, so the hero can talk to him/her.  The idea was to create a random generated quest system in the game, although it's in a very initial state right now.

Currently giving a zombie brains won't increase his favor to you but I think this is a very good intend, I'm thinking about adding it as a new feature.

As for "repair kits" and chips, yes that make sense!

Hi guys, I'm glad you like the game. I will add keyboard support :P

Hi LordGek,

Thank you for the feedback. If I were right I think you are talking about treasure room,  currently there will be a chance that randomly creatures spawn in treasure rooms(rooms that full of money), but it's not guaranteed. Treasure rooms are designed to be relaxing.

Hi GhostOfWill, I'm glad you like it.

Being a human means you can restore HP and talk to human

Bing a zombie means you are losing HP and capable of talking to zombies, also you can gain more HP when consuming flesh & brains.

Human and zombie form has total different character attribute flavor,  if you open your hero stats panel you'll notice that.

Feel free to give us any suggestions to this mechanism :)

amazingly cute little card game. guys you don't need a mobile port, just open this page in browser on your phone you can play it!

Pretty cool mood!

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Here is the game page.

Me and my teammate Tapdog have been work on this RoguelikeZombieAdventure demo for a  long time.

As in 7DRL we decide to utilize this demo to implement some of our ideas:

  • Infection and camp-change system.
  • Random quests.
  • Gang fights between 3 different camps.

You are infected and your infection increase by time. You will turn into a zombie and start losing HP if you can't control the infection. So you have to take advantage of your form, and struggle a way out of hell.

I really like the idea of Skeleton composed by bones being the hero