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Zombie Rogue

A turn-based survival and strategy game built for fast play and massive amounts of replay value · By gamefish

Any plans to add a Hall of Fame?

A topic by LordGek created Mar 24, 2018 Views: 245 Replies: 2
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It might just be me but I NEED a Hall of Fame in my Roguelikes.  Even if just Top 10 runs.  Minimal stats included would be dungeon depth, character level, and turns taken.  The listings would Ideally be sorted by depth reached, and when tied with other entries, the run that reached that depth in fewer turns would rank higher.

I'd also like to be able to run the game in full screen.


Hall of Fame sound cool. Actually I'm thinking about adding a village in which you can do even more than check out stats.

Full screen sounds cool, I added it in to feature list, thank you!

A village might be fine, but please, don't go too far in the Diablo/Moria route of it being a safety zone you can escape to anytime you're in danger for all of the free healing you can eat.