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It doesn't even have to be really deep.  Stuff like encounters survived and average level of the group at the end might be nice.

It also might just be me, but I have little interest in cumulative stats, like the classic, "You've defeated X baddies in all games so far" unless used to tell averages so we can see how this last run compares to our best or average previous runs.

Very fun game that I'd happily buy the full version of but hope a commercial release would include:

1) Full screen support.
2) Meta stats recording elements of bets runs ala a Hall of Fame.

Fun game, just wished you tracked my highscore.


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Well put!

Yeah, it dawned on me after a bit how infeasible that would be.  At best I was thinking little static cling stickers for the dice, but even then, I doubt they'd stay on the rolling dice that well. 

From the game's Title Page alone, you had me half convinced this was a port of some physical game.  That Title Page looks like such real gamebox cover art.

Latest update crashes as soon as I enter a Combat encounter/room.

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Being able to review your deck when adding cards is HUGE, thanks!

Good fun but wish it recorded the stats of my best runs.

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Ahh, yes, I just installed it and ran through the tutorial.  It's a bit awkward on my iPad but I'll try it on my phone tomorrow.

Easily summed up as GREAT concept but still very rough and unintuitive UI.

I hope you develop this into a full game

Is the Title Menu Discord link working

So if I grab it on, will I also get the Stem key when it launches there?

As you're using Testflight and it requires touchscreen compatibility, is it already getting a mobile port (iOS or Android)?

Unless I'm just missing how, it sure would be nice to be able to see a character's current deck when deciding on a new card to add.

Awesome game, my only whine is there are a couple of heavy text cards with a few words cut off at the bottom.  Can we get the ability to scroll or turn pages of card text in such cases?

Hey Guys,

I finally got my Steam key by accessing this page via my web browser, but if just using the app, with all of the beta links now disabled, I don't think there is any way to the game's download page and thus be able to generate the Steam key.

I think what made this so tricky for me to find is that the beta page in the app's download link to take me to this page was disabled as all of the beta links are now disabled.  I only made it here by accident as I tried accessing this same area via my web browser.

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When I run the demo I just get an animated image of a yellow balloon creature holding a sign, "No Game" without any clear way to proceed.

Love the persistent scores!

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Thanks for the personal ranking.

Color me confused.  I just made a quick run, and died on the third level.  When I pull up my personal leaderboard it's blank with no entries.

Would really appreciate it if my highscore is saved between sessions.

Cool.  I can confirm it's running fine again.

I think I'd like that too but assume it's by design to force you to get all close and personal in the crowded store only to find out it does you no good.

Sick ans twsited!  Please add a local leaderboard, or at the very least, track my top run.

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I can launch the game but once I get to the first stage from the main map, hitting "Let's do it" does nothing.

This game is AWESOME!  I'd happily pay cash for a version that tracked my top scores per class.

I only hope there are MORE units and twists added!  If it happens again I'll try to give you any relevant info.  

A potential clue, at least one  of the times it happened, when highlighting the stuck unit, I was getting the unit info of another unit somewhere else on the board.

Can multiple units share the same space?

Cute and stupid game!  So can each piece only be moved x times?  I've had a few games where a piece could no longer be moved without any clear messaging as to why this occured.

I really enjoy the game but wish it tracked my top scores.

Will happily pay for a sequel or expanded version!

Doh, thanks, I just assumed I'd get an email to the effect when available but the link from my purchase email did the trick

What happened to the announcment?

So we should soon be receiving Steam keys?

Fun game so far but I do have 1 issue I hope you can eventually remedy.  The score is completely meaningless at this point and clearly encourages inefficient play since the key to a highscore seems to just be to stretch things out as long as possible whether you win or not.

Yes, by default I would hope the monster takes precedence UNLESS you also want to add a slime or some such baddy that can hide underneath items.

Cool beans, Mr!  Grabbed it the second I saw that it dropped.