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I really enjoy the game but wish it tracked my top scores.

Will happily pay for a sequel or expanded version!

Doh, thanks, I just assumed I'd get an email to the effect when available but the link from my purchase email did the trick

What happened to the announcment?

So we should soon be receiving Steam keys?

Fun game so far but I do have 1 issue I hope you can eventually remedy.  The score is completely meaningless at this point and clearly encourages inefficient play since the key to a highscore seems to just be to stretch things out as long as possible whether you win or not.

Yes, by default I would hope the monster takes precedence UNLESS you also want to add a slime or some such baddy that can hide underneath items.

Cool beans, Mr!  Grabbed it the second I saw that it dropped.

Sounds fun but I can't get past the main menu.  No keyboard or mouse clicks seem to register.

Fair enough.

The game is super original but I wish there was a clear loss/end condition.

Exactly!  If a dollar and a monster, for example, ever end up in the same space, you'll just see the dollar.

A village might be fine, but please, don't go too far in the Diablo/Moria route of it being a safety zone you can escape to anytime you're in danger for all of the free healing you can eat.

I think Area 3 with 5 rescued.

Great fun!  First Roguelike I've ever played in which I'm controlling a big 3x3 vehicle.  All it's lacking imho, is persistent top score tracking.

I'm really enjoying the game but hope you can at least let us keep our top scores locally as well as the global leaderboard.  How will I ever know if I topped my old score when not in the top 100 or whatever?

Unless it's oddly intentional, I would think in a space occupied by both a creature and a treasure, the creature should take precedence as it can be a bit confusing why I'm being attacked by a pile of money.

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It might just be me but I NEED a Hall of Fame in my Roguelikes.  Even if just Top 10 runs.  Minimal stats included would be dungeon depth, character level, and turns taken.  The listings would Ideally be sorted by depth reached, and when tied with other entries, the run that reached that depth in fewer turns would rank higher.

I'd also like to be able to run the game in full screen.

Other than lacking some decent meta game stats like w/l ratio, Card Crawl has a serious contender for coolest solitaire roguelike hybrid.

I mean either a score or, even more practical maybe, win/loss ratio, average xp level, and average depth reached.  I find the cutesy stats like number of monsters killed, cards played, etc. pretty meaningless.

Any sort of statistic tracking planned?

Very cool, wish you tracked top runs as well, though.

Makes sense, as WHEN should a score of a game without perma-death be tallied?  If the player is just going to restart from their last save that previously recorded score at death never technically happened.

Ahh, but here's the rub, while I want you to ensure save scumming isn't possible in my perma-death game, I NEED to be able to save and quit out at times to eat and have a life.  Also, a flag of harcore won't do it, it would need to be a separate scoreboard as, even when devs try to compensate with some sort of scoring bonus for hardcore, it never really works in my ever so humble opinion.

Just throwing in my $0.02, and I actually respect and prefer you leave out the perma-progression UNLESS there is a way to balance things with every new boon to make the player's life just a little easier, there would also be a bane that would hopefully balance things out.

The only thing scaring me so far is the line, "There is a bare bones ship combat system in place (that is not turn-based)...". I hope this doesn't mean something like real time ship battles in an otherwise turn based game.

Oh, and my biggest odd gripe with the original, I had the darndest time distinguishing walls from hallways, so I can only hope this is more clear in the sequel.