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Pure genius cheese!

I just grabbed the mod, and whether I launch it inside Steam, via a Steam Game Icon, or directly by double clicking the EXE in its directory via File Explorer, it's double speed.  Also, even when applied to the itch version I have of the game, it attempts to launch the Steam version of the game, oddly enough.  I thought I could fix this by temporarily uninstalling my Steam version, but it then still launches the Steam client (just not the game itself).

While I think I saw hover text for "Glass", I don't think I saw info on other terms like "Hollow", "Heavy", etc. (this was the web version, hopefully the hover text works better in the downloaded version).

Bug:  While stars earned on each level seem to be accurately recorded between sessions, record waves reached on each level is NOT preserved between sessions.

I love how you've taken Zuma and turned it to 11!  All of these weird properties added to beasties from changing colors, turning invulnerable temporarily, to even teleporting to new positions, stuff can get really crazy!

Provided key worked without a hitch, thanks!

Will itch owners get a FREE Steam key?

If replaying the same track at the same difficulty will baddies spawn in the exact same patterns?

Curious what is meant in the description when it states both the average run is about 30 min and then the very next line states about 1-2 hours of playtime.  Does that mean each run takes about 30 minutes but you'll likely have seen everything after playing this game about 2 hours total?

No, I just would like a version to leave mid run, but don't want it to abuse things via any form of save scumming.

Is there any way to "quit and save" mid run, even if only between 2 levels and not in the middle of a level?

No problem, and thanks!

Does the game record my best single player scores?  I don't even care about global leaderboards, but NEED to see my own top score.

Fair enough, but the highscore stuff isn't in it yet, right?

Fun idea, but does the game offer the player any sort of local high score/best run tracking?

Great fun!  I really love how this is the ultimate base builder for those of us who HATE building sims.  I really like how the addition of each room is auto-located for me, so I not only need to choose what cool new room to add but if I'm okay with where Wratch wants to put it as there could be a case that I'd really like to add Room X but as I'm not cool on where Wratch wants to place it, I'll need to go with Room Y.  Even the workers aren't freely making hallways as much as uncovering passages that already exist

I've purchased the full PC version but am not sure how I can add it to my library.  I can install it on its own but any attempt to "install" the game from this page only shows me the demo as an option.

So stoked and will grab the second it hits the PC, but have you implemented any sort of local leaderboard/top run tracking

Can't currently install as it says there is no "build".  How do I access my Steam key?

Clearly the dev has heard you, as now you can have all game text in German instead.

Keep at it, Mr!

In the full game please include some sort of "best run" stats as well as the career total stuff.

Oh, good to know I wasn't going crazy.  Thanks for reinvigorating an old classic game series in novel new ways.

Confusion at the Crucible

I had an opportunity to purchase a group of demons if I could meet their price in resources.  When I first encountered the spot I didn't have the required resources but later on I did.  Once I had the required resources I revisited the spot but had no option to purchase them.  That same turn I had another hero group visit and the second hero did get the option to purchase the group.  If it was on the same turn and no new resources were gained, why could 1 hero purchase the group and the other not?

Sadly, even that wasn't working for me last night.

Please tell me I'm missing something obvious, but how do I quit the game in Windows, short of using the Task Manager to escape it?

A fun start, but I hope you'll eventually add some sort of unique local leaderboards for each character.

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Does playing on Hard give a score boost to compensate for the added difficulty, if not how about a separate leaderboard per difficulty?

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It doesn't even have to be really deep.  Stuff like encounters survived and average level of the group at the end might be nice.

It also might just be me, but I have little interest in cumulative stats, like the classic, "You've defeated X baddies in all games so far" unless used to tell averages so we can see how this last run compares to our best or average previous runs.

Very fun game that I'd happily buy the full version of but hope a commercial release would include:

1) Full screen support.
2) Meta stats recording elements of bets runs ala a Hall of Fame.

Fun game, just wished you tracked my highscore.


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Well put!

Yeah, it dawned on me after a bit how infeasible that would be.  At best I was thinking little static cling stickers for the dice, but even then, I doubt they'd stay on the rolling dice that well. 

From the game's Title Page alone, you had me half convinced this was a port of some physical game.  That Title Page looks like such real gamebox cover art.

Latest update crashes as soon as I enter a Combat encounter/room.

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Being able to review your deck when adding cards is HUGE, thanks!

Good fun but wish it recorded the stats of my best runs.

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Ahh, yes, I just installed it and ran through the tutorial.  It's a bit awkward on my iPad but I'll try it on my phone tomorrow.