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Zombie Rogue

A turn-based survival and strategy game built for fast play and massive amounts of replay value · By gamefish

Creatures whould always take precedence...

A topic by LordGek created Mar 24, 2018 Views: 310 Replies: 5
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Unless it's oddly intentional, I would think in a space occupied by both a creature and a treasure, the creature should take precedence as it can be a bit confusing why I'm being attacked by a pile of money.


Hi LordGek,

Thank you for the feedback. If I were right I think you are talking about treasure room,  currently there will be a chance that randomly creatures spawn in treasure rooms(rooms that full of money), but it's not guaranteed. Treasure rooms are designed to be relaxing.

Hi Gamefish,

I think he actually means that when a tile is occupied by a monster and an item, currently the graphic of the item shows rather than the monster - so it looks like you are sometimes fighting an item.

Exactly!  If a dollar and a monster, for example, ever end up in the same space, you'll just see the dollar.


Oh, i c, I'll alter the two layers, but that will cause monster blocking items. But yeah, monster in front of item is better than the contrary

Yes, by default I would hope the monster takes precedence UNLESS you also want to add a slime or some such baddy that can hide underneath items.