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Nukes of Bastion

2D Roguelike situated in a post-apocalyptic era, find supplies and weapons to survive. · By qugengames

Cool looking game

A topic by YukkuriLord created May 11, 2018 Views: 127 Replies: 4
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I'm a big fan o Rogue-like game and this game looks pretty cool.


Hi @YukkuriLord I hope you like the game, any feedback will be much appreciated :)

My feedback would be: Great music,  I really like the rest area and that you have to eat/drink. 
Maybe add support for other OS Linux/Mac so they can also enjoy it. 
I'm not so good in giving feedback but the game you made is really cool.


I agree the game look's really cool and I'll be playing it shortly.  I'll try and give you some good feedback.  :)


Hi, we have updated the game, any feedback is appreciated.