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This game got so little exposure. It's such an amazing idea and it looks so awesome. Great polish on the game as well. Loved the level design and the way new mechanics have been introduced to the play over levels.

All in all, great game!

The game felt a little slow paced because many times I just had to wait for the flame thrower to turn on.

The graphics and sound were amazing though, loved it.

Man, thank you for playing, and especially great thanks for your feedback! There's definitely some very great things here that I will have take into consideration. Games like these definitely need a replay value because they rely on that to have longer play times.

I definitely have a plan for a devlog and I did record some snippets of the journey here and there, but sadly I didn't have the time to put it all together for this week as I planned it, but it's coming next week for sure!

Also, yea, strategy games are a real hit or miss because it's super hard to get them right to where you actually feel like a strategy god when something plays out as you'd expect. I am still learning in that department.

Thank you very much for playing the game and especially for your feedback. I see what you mean with your feedback and it is definitely something to consider.

Crazy good game for something made in 2 days. Love the art style and gameplay!

Great submission. It reminded me a lot of Faster Than Light with the panicking and running around. Some more depth can be added to the game through different environmental effects (like asteroids hitting you or something catching fire) and it can turn into a really nice game. Nice music as well.

Overall well done!

For 2 months experience...this game turned out a masterpiece. Just saying...Great job :)

Look who's game I stumbled across on this game jam!

I think the ambiance of the game is really nice. There's some work to be done with conveying information to the user. Things like what is your goal or what is the setup. I've been running around aimlessly not knowing exactly what my purpose was.

The ticking was creepy and liked it's effect, but it had no counter play so it was quite frustrating when you stopped and the ghosts just caught up to you.

Keep up the great work! Overall I liked the way you approached the theme.

I really liked the concept of the game. The level design was amazing, getting you accustomed with new abilities step by step. As a suggestion as stated before, either shorter but multiple levels would be great or a checkpoint system to ease the pain of failing.

Great game nontheless!

Thank you very much for your feedback. Yes, I totally agree that sometimes the randomness just gets OUT OF CONTROL, and not only makes the game annoying but also dull to play at times. I will definitely look into ways to make this less random but still keep it's "flavor".

Thank you very much for your feedback! It really is very much appreciated!

I've been thinking about expanding on the idea, because I really enjoyed making it and even play testing it multiple times (which is rare). And based on all the great feedback I've been receiving, I am strongly considering to continue.

I totally agree that currently the game is very random, and there needs to be some CONTROL over your moves and not let everything get OUT OF CONTROL. :D

Super intricate controls, but once you get a hang of it, it gets really awesome. Love the feel of the ship, very smooth controls. Great job!

Really great gameplay and really polished! I would love to see this game grow into and have a Steam version or something.

Amazing level design and great art.

I would love a "go back to level select" button, but other than that, awesome game!

Your game made me go YES as well!

I loved the premise of it and executed well. Loved the way the font fit with the game.

I wished you could put students down if you accidentally picked them up. Also adding some way to "trick" the system (like throwing kids or something) would add to the complexity and fun of the game.

All in all, nice little game!

Your answer is THICC!...and also makes me go YES! 

Thank you!

It's amazing that you did all this in 48 hours. It's really amazing.

What I've been missing were the possibility to know which item does what, when i mouse over a location to place it, I would've loved some position hint (low opacity visual indicator of placement), the hotkeys to these items and the possiblity to remove accidentally placed objects.

On the flip side, I had a lot of fun playing your game and spent more time on it than I want to admit. Great job!

Loved the game, it reminded me of the worlds hardest game (as others pointed it out). A little too long for a jam playthrough, but I enjoyed it so much that I had to play it 'till the end.

Loved the game, loved the sound effects, loved it all!

Satisfying gameplay for sure. Sadly no new mechanic was added to spice things up, just cutting grass.

I liked the idea very much. At first i wanted to smash my keyboard because of the randomness, but afterwards I saw in the top left corner that you can see what the next button press would do, and that made everything a lot more fun. I would put that way more "in your face" cause it's a very important part of the gameplay.

Sadly, the random element is sometimes unforgiving and makes the game frustrating (exactly as in my own game). If you find a way to mitigate that and not leave everything to pure chance, this can actually turn into an awesome platformer.

I liked the game. It's an interesting blend of puzzle and precision games.

On the other hand, I am not a fan of switching controls from keys to mouse while playing a puzzle game. Nice take on it though!

Thank you! Those are definitely things on my to do list (Had to scrap the ability to select where your units start due to time constraints).

Thank you very much for that. Much appreciated. I've enjoyed your stream!

That's a pretty valid tactics if you ask me! Great job!

Thank you for your feedback! I would definitely be open to listen to and implement these QoL ideas you mention, so feel free to elaborate.

Thank you for your feedback!

I've tested the game without random movement patterns and the issue with that is that it gets very predictable. Randomizing movement change less often might be a solution on the other hand.

Loved the game and it's an original gameplay for sure.

It was frustrating at times when the keys changed mid air, but yea, it requires some planning.

Loved the gameplay. I can see very intersting puzzles come out of this if more time is invested into it.

The UI is a little confusing, a little bit more information would be usefull regarding the value next to the direction tile (figured it out after 1 level, but still)

Great game idea. Loved the graphics A LOT.

A bit hard at times, but hey, gotta improve! I can imagine this game be super fun with some changes for a 2-4 player co-op.

Great inspiration, awesome execution. I loved the whole gameplay and complexity.

Probably a grid-based movement of you and the objects around you would benefit a lot, because it is hard enough to keep track of the buttons you have to press, let alone focus on precision as well.

Thank you for your feedback!
Happy you liked it and played along with it. I tried my best to make the RNG not always feel like the enemy so it would not always be frustrating to have your or enemy units change their properties.

Glad you like the UI as well, the assets themselves are not mine, but the design is. :)

Thank you for your feedback!

I agree with you on the double randomization being a bit frustrating every now and then, but I tried many iterations of RNG and didn't find one that fit this theme but also made it less frustrating.
One thing that might work is randomizing either movement or weapon after every turn, but never both. (This would be chosen randomly again xD)

It's a nice conept for a game. Very simplistic and nice art. 

Although the hints were helpful, maybe you shouldn't have helped the player, considering what the topic of the game jam was. It also felt a little easy. Honestly I hoped the bear would wake up and chase you haha. 

 Overall I enjoyed playing the game.

Thank you for playing the game!

Thank you very much for your feedback as well, although for this game, these things can't be changed anymore, it helps us a lot in the future to know what to focus on!

Well the main principle of the game was for it to be story driven :).

Didn't think if the no fighting to be a part of the theme (although it actually wouldn't have been a bad idea), but instead the story itself (if played until the end) would be more related to the theme.

That is really weird.

I just tried downloading it from the page and playing it and it worked perfectly for me.
If you are interested, I could make another build and send it over to you in private to test it out.

Hey! I would love to also see the twitch stream! Have fun with this:

Hey! I would love it if you could try ours out as well :). Will be pleased to also try yours!

Hey Guys! I will definitely try out as many games as I can in the following two weeks. But today is a rest day as it was the most action packed day of the week. We also managed to finish the game so give it a shot and let us know what could've been done better and what did we nail!

I've seen a post somewhere dating a few days back stating that you are NOT allowed to use the A* package from the internet, but instead you can write the algorithm yourself (it will be more basic ofc, but is very easily doable as there are plenty of tutorials for it on the internet).