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It's a nice conept for a game. Very simplistic and nice art. 

Although the hints were helpful, maybe you shouldn't have helped the player, considering what the topic of the game jam was. It also felt a little easy. Honestly I hoped the bear would wake up and chase you haha. 

 Overall I enjoyed playing the game.

Thank you for playing the game!

Thank you very much for your feedback as well, although for this game, these things can't be changed anymore, it helps us a lot in the future to know what to focus on!

Well the main principle of the game was for it to be story driven :).

Didn't think if the no fighting to be a part of the theme (although it actually wouldn't have been a bad idea), but instead the story itself (if played until the end) would be more related to the theme.

That is really weird.

I just tried downloading it from the page and playing it and it worked perfectly for me.
If you are interested, I could make another build and send it over to you in private to test it out.

Hey! I would love to also see the twitch stream! Have fun with this:

Hey! I would love it if you could try ours out as well :). Will be pleased to also try yours!

Hey Guys! I will definitely try out as many games as I can in the following two weeks. But today is a rest day as it was the most action packed day of the week. We also managed to finish the game so give it a shot and let us know what could've been done better and what did we nail!

I've seen a post somewhere dating a few days back stating that you are NOT allowed to use the A* package from the internet, but instead you can write the algorithm yourself (it will be more basic ofc, but is very easily doable as there are plenty of tutorials for it on the internet).