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Thanks for being willing to give the game another shot especially with so many in this jam! You're absolutely right about putting the information on Hairy Cell Leukemia earlier. In designing the game, I initially wanted the focus to be on the core gameplay loop and getting the AI working but in hindsight, adding little details about Hairy Cell Leukemia at the start or between levels would have provided some context without overwhelming payers. I really appreciate the feedback, thanks again!

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the mechanics so far. I understand the difficulty spike at day 4 can be frustrating. Here's a quick tip: try attacking one cell with both of yours and keep attacking. There are actually 7 levels total, and the later ones introduce new mechanics like walls and screen wrap that can be strategic for both you and the AI. If you manage to reach the end, you'll also discover some interesting information about Hairy Cell Leukemia and the role this game plays in the fight against it!

Thanks for the kind words

Your comment just made my day! Thanks for playing :)

Hearing that is a huge compliment, especially from a big retro fan like myself. The mechanics take some practice and I'm so glad you had fun mastering them :)

Thanks for the excellent feedback and that's a really great idea about having different colours. I think you're the first to mention what happens at the end of the credits so thanks for seeing it all the way through

That's awesome to hear, thanks :)

The daemon carrying the queen away at the start really sets a tone for the game. Plus, the music is epic, it definitely builds anticipation for something big to come. I really like the 3D artwork, the knight looks cool and it's great that you have to give him a sword. It'd be interesting to see where this all goes and I think what you've got so far has grabbed my interest for sure

Thanks for the kind words and that's an excellent question that I'm glad you brought up. I've updated the page to better explain where the sounds come from and I've noticed that there were a couple of unused credits listed

Thanks for playing! Most of my effort went into trying to make it a fun game so I'm glad to hear that the narrative is clear and that you enjoyed it

Glad you enjoyed it. The telekinesis puzzles were a joy to design. Thanks for playing!

This game is a lot of fun. Swiping at the flying animals is really satisfying, and I love that I can pick the challenge at the start. The background and sounds are also great - everything feels really polished

I appreciate you playing and glad you liked the changing mechanic. Level 3 can definitely be a challenge

I played it again and I quickly figured out the room I missed. Those last few snaps at the end are really cool and surprising in a good way, especially how the last one goes on the side. Great job!

That means a lot to hear, thanks for playing!

I'm glad you found the mechanic fun and original, that was a big focus for me during development. There's a bunch of extra things I wish I could have done and I would have loved to make more levels and had planned to do so but ran out of time. For the robot, it's the purple crystal which is the hitbox, it's quite subtle but there's a shine on it to give a clue of the weak spot

I made it to the end at the cafe, I don't think it was repetitive and actually had a good variety of things to do but if you wanted to add more variety, I guess adding more to the challenges like having one customer paying with coins that bounce off the sides could be cool, each customer's face could be on the screen and be different to look at, maybe the notes on a windy day flutter down, things like that

Really awesome that you continued on from the previous game. The telekinesis is super satisfying to use and interacts with the environment in interesting ways. The gameplay feels well-polished and is really excellent all round

Using photos to tell the story and navigate the house is a great idea. Finding the key to open the door felt like a classic and satisfying click-adventure game and it’s presented really well throughout. However, after reaching the car, I felt a bit lost so I’ll have to play again another day to see if I missed something

Breaking the blocks and flipping the switches is great and the sound effects add a nice touch to the experience. I think the game might benefit from having an end screen as it could be more rewarding than starting at the beginning but all in all, it’s pretty good

The story unfolds really well through the cutscenes between levels and seeing someone caring for the plant initially, followed by a gradual decline adds a powerful layer to the gameplay. I think the game cleverly blends strategy with narrative and I really liked the later levels with the added obstacles

The inclusion of checkpoints to collect was great and I liked the dash orbs too. The player movement and music were good and I managed to get to level 3

The animations, particularly the way the books open and shut are awesome. I also liked the ability to pick up the cats and basically clicking on everything to see what it did was fun. Best of luck in both jams

The game is really good! The boss fights were definitely a highlight for me – challenging but rewarding. I think the overall pace could be improved with slightly faster movement or perhaps slightly slower boss attacks. The main game had a great variety, and although some parts were tough, I persevered. I reached what seems like the final boss with a parrot keeping an eye on things no less. I think I almost had it, but I'll have to try again another day

It’s good that you managed to submit your game and I hope you’re settling well in your new home

Collecting the customers' money and avoiding their rubbish was good fun and I like the look of the game, it’s very lighthearted and fun. Also, the part where you go under the ride was a delightful and unexpected surprise and adds good variety to the gameloop

It’s fantastic to see the continuation of your game and the extra levels are really awesome. I think it’s really clever using the beast to defeat Crunkle and I like the other bad guys too. The cutscenes throughout the game capture the story perfectly and prove that a picture really is worth a thousand words

I think you’ve captured the anxious atmosphere really well and having the first person perspective works really well for this. I also love the 3D hand drawn look to your game and the diverse way of using one button

I’m impressed with how many levels there are and I especially liked the later levels with the spikes but the true star of the show was the ending. The way the letters come together was a nice touch and a really satisfying way to conclude the game

Loving the prequel you’ve made and it’s great to see you continuing to build out this charming world. The environment and moving with the bush to stay hidden looked great and fitted the theme of Sir Spectacles character really well

The atmosphere on the spacecraft is incredible and really suspenseful. The hiding spots and seeing how the other people reacted was amazing and then that twist at the end, really well done. Also, the art is fantastic and I like all of the details like the blood trails and the way the light revealed what was in the room. Excellent all round

I had a good time completing the game and uncovering the story as I progressed. The gameplay is great and the game intuitively communicates what to do without any instructions anywhere, a truly impressive feat

Your game is incredibly well-presented and the comic book art style looks very professional. I really liked moving across the level and using the lightning bolts, also really great seeing the comic book come to life

The wordless tutorial blended seamlessly with the gameplay. Reaching the end with all 9 fish and getting through that narrow gap was really cool. I liked the environmental obstacles like the nets, rocks and seagrass and thought the game was really fun. The progress at the bottom was a nice addition too

thanks :)

Good score

I like the 3D environment and moving the ingots around felt intuitive. I was able to make some swords but took a little while to realise I had to left click when the ingot is on the anvil. The sound effects from hammering and when the ingot was ready were nicely done and the visuals were all great

I managed to get to the end of the game and I'm second place on the leaderboard which I'm happy with. I like how the spikes are timed with the audio and there's a lot of other things I liked too. I wasn't sure what causes the hands to come out of the walls but they are pretty awesome. I think the game might benefit from making the hands just steal some of your gold coins instead of killing the player and maybe make it possible to push the barrels to block them or have a more dangerous route around them maybe. It's a great game and the traps were fun to get around

The YouTube video of me playing your games is now ready. You can watch it on this link:

Hope you enjoy!

The crystal ball looks really good and it controls really well. I love that you can throw it in an arc, teleport to its location and also teleport it back to your hand. It’s a very fresh and engaging movement system and it feels so good defeating enemies by teleporting inside them. I like the diverse types of enemies and the enthralling boss encounter on level 4 added a thrilling climax to the game. Each level felt very fitting for the player’s ability and I liked the teleporting blocks and how it was also tied with the player’s use of teleportation. This is a really incredible game and I’m super impressed with everything