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I think you have done a great job with your game and it fits the theme perfectly. Also, thanks for playing what I made and good luck, the voting period will be starting soon

I shall be doing a YouTube video at some point after the game jam has finished when all of the votes are in. You will get to see me playing your game, I'll be giving feedback and there will also be a countdown of the results. 

Just to let you know, I have made a game with destructible platforms because I didn't want to miss out on the fun. However, I won't be entering it into my own game jam because it's not the normal thing for a host to do. You can play it here:

I have decided to start featuring on my homepage the winning game of each Platformer Challenge. The winner of Platformer Challenge #1 is already on there. Win Platformer Challenge #2 and your game will be featured there too:

Not long to go now, wish you all the best of luck!

Thanks, I will have to look into doing that

Thanks for the kind words :)

I like the game you made. Although I didn't score so great on the leader board mainly because I was eating whilst playing. I'm not sure if I can say anything that anyone else hasn't said.  Everything worked fine for me, it was easy to know what to do and only thing that could be better in my opinion is if when you drag the item into the mug, it could destroy it and turn it into steam that matches the colours

This is awesome! Love the artwork and the dash ability fits really well with the level design

Lol. That's a great idea. I will probably play around with things at some point. Thanks for the useful feedback!

Thanks :)

Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated!

lol, yeah I did want to make my island longer, probably something similar length to an old game I used to play ages ago called Dino Run but I ran out of time. Glad you had some fun with it and that's certainly a respectable score

Thanks :)

I really like your game. It's a lot of fun and I like how you got so many things to try to dodge and it's cool that the volcano can break rocks and I also managed to hit some of the alien spaceships too which was a nice surprise

A good entry. However, I would have preferred to slide the tiles by dragging on them with my mouse as I can't get my head around how to move the tiles with arrow keys. Other than that, the game would be totally awesome. The artwork is really nice and I love the different tiles that you got and its great that the truck is always moving

I like the little world you created and its super cool being able to mount the dino and get different abilities. Really cleverly put together with how the game flows. I managed to get the air dash ability but then I dismounted my dino and got stuck on the wrong side. Would have loved some way to call the dino to me but I loved what I got to play

Really fun! Definitely one of my favorites. I love the whole game, the way it all works is perfect and love the fact that there is 3 types of blocks and that you can see ahead and plan things out. Although, I obviously didn't do very well as I only got about 1000 points but I can see myself playing this quite a lot and getting good at it for sure. 

A nice one button game. I like the environment the flying dinosaur is in and the enemy that pops up from the lava is cool

That's an awesome score! Glad you liked playing and thanks for the feedback :)

The best game I played so far in this jam! I got to wave 15 which I'm pretty happy with. Lots of fun and love the art and music

It's a really nice game. I like the volcanic eruption as the game starts and having to run from the lava is an awesome idea. I also got the first place on the leader board (Fav score: 845). I wasn't able to use the fireball to its fullest potential but it saved me from time to time and I like that you have that ability. To improve the game I think it might be better if there was a meter to build up and then you can fire with a left click when you want

The thing I like the most is definitely the volcano with how it spurts the rocks out and the sounds for it are perfect. Also, my wife thinks the dinosaurs are the cutest! After a short while I stopped spinning the landscape and just watched them multiply and die off. I think it would be awesome if the dinosaurs could roam around a little and nibble on the grass

It's good that you got a tutorial and it's all very well thought out and enjoyable with no bugs. When I played I did find myself only using one truck and I was just trying to send out perfect trucks only which in hindsight is probably not the best strategy. I really like that you have got to fit the Tetris blocks into the trucks and having the ability to rotate them is awesome too. I feel like the process of putting the blocks in could be better. For instance, I would have preferred to drag and drop the blocks in place as it's quicker and more fluid and then there could also be a button on the keyboard to press to rotate.  

Love it. The controls are really nice and especially like how the dinosaur moves with the cursor and those headbutts are very satisfying to do

Really cool. This is a game I made with the character

That's good to hear. You make some good solid points, thanks for playing the game and for giving feedback :)

Lol, thanks for the feedback :)

A really nicely presented story on a very interesting topic. I like the conversations between the characters and the drawings are fantastic. I played the game on the browser which wasn't recommended so I don't know how the downloadable version compares but when selecting the potions, I feel like the scrolling could be improved. I'd also like it more if there were some choices in the conversations as it would lead to branching story lines and would make me want to play again

No worries honestly. Everything you said is perfectly valid and it actually confirms some things about what I wanted to make long term. I am thinking of having a level or more with flatter ground and then have what I created in this jam to be more like the final challenge at the end of the game

Thanks for playing and the feedback is appreciated

Thanks and I really like the ideas you come up with. Yeah you definitely nailed the menu screen in your game and I shall have to look into making mine more alive

Really like the art style of the game. I couldn't beat the knight but had fun trying. I think if the differences were just in the book covers, it'd be better for me as there seemed to be too much info to look at and the bookmarks are not as interesting to look at compared to the artwork on the covers. I like how the colour of the books and pictures on them can change, perhaps the picture could be moved down on some, maybe there could be subtle differences in the pictures rather than completely different. Having the knight picking at the same time was really good and I like how you can lose points for getting them wrong

Everything works perfectly. Visuals and sounds are awesome too, especially like how the rocks hit the machine. But I think there needs to be more things to make it more fun. I think giving the player more reaction time would be better, perhaps there could be rocks bouncing along the floor, also could be holes in the floor, maybe some higher obstacle so that you have to not jump

I really like what you've made. The pixel art is awesome and my favourite thing is the way that the gem system works and how you can improve the stats. My least favourite thing is the way that the character moves between places as it is text based. It still works fine though. But I think an overworld would be nicer. I had a cat once but had to give him to someone else due to an allergy

A  really nicely made game but there are some game breaking bugs that need to be fixed. The first time I played was really good but then afterwards I noticed that I could only shoot very slowly and then not at all and my health bar also drifted away. I think being able to skip the intro  would be better or if when you die you don't see the intro again and you go straight back to the game

That's a good score for this game. Thanks for playing!

I just completed your Dasher game. I like how you've given the character a double jump and a wall jump with the added ability of sliding up the walls too, that's awesome! Level layout is great, the springs work well with the character's ability, sound and colours are great too. I like that you've got a level select screen but once you've completed a level and you click play on a certain part of the button it can click through to the level select screen and into a level you don't want to go to. To solve this problem, I would recommend setting the button to On Left Mouse Button Released, rather than pressed. The spikes are really cool and are well placed but I think if they were resized, they would fit on the platforms better and it would look a lot nicer with things aligning up. Overall, it's been fun playing your game and I hope this feedback helps with the development, keep up the great work!

I like how the underwater platforms can be pushed and I particularly like the movement of the Sunfish egg because it can be pushed in all directions by multiple fish. In the near future, I will be doing a YouTube video where you'll get to see me playing your game and I'll be giving some useful feedback

I like how every platform has the potential to jolt upwards when jumped underneath it and that it can also be used to stun the spider. In the near future, I will be doing a YouTube video where you'll get to see me playing your game and I'll be giving some useful feedback

I like how the speed of the moving platforms can be increased. In the near future, I will be doing a YouTube video where you'll get to see me playing your game and I'll be giving some useful feedback

I like where the moving platforms are placed, especially regards to coins, enemies and spikes. In the near future, I will be doing a YouTube video where you'll get to see me playing your game and I'll be giving some useful feedback