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Friend Factory

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Great atmosphere and idea. Nice clear graphics too! Well done.

Game is so pretty! Really loved the character. Well done all!

Thanks! I need to convey that the crystals are dangerous more clearly in the next iteration.

Thanks! I've already started putting wheels in motion to collab with a musician to do a more complete version of this. Once I have everything super tight then the plan is to expand it into a full game. Thanks again for the feedback!

Thanks! I had a different character nearly ready to go, but that was on the to do list after the audio! I do intend to extend this into a full game, so it'll get the full audio treatment soon enough! Thanks again, I hope so too!

This is just oozing with charm. I love the banter between the characters.  Poppy is the best!

Really nice feeling character controller. Felt really tight to control. Interesting mechanic, could see this being expanded upon into a full game. the aesthetics reminded me of Hyper Light Drifter. Well done!

Super chaotic and fun. Echoing below that the clouds were a super clever idea. The difficulty was a bit full on at first, but I finished 3 levels in the end and felt like a hero. Good job!

Super polished game. Awesome ramp up of difficulty too. The earlier levels made me feel like a super hero, then I got to the one with the long levitate up and back down and I felt like a peasant again! Well done!

Cool idea, I liked having to constantly change up the strategy based on the weapon. Well done!

So juicy and great! Excellent feedback on attacks, and I loved the retro synthwave aesthetic throughout. I see what you mean about us having similar ideas. Well done!

The name of the game may have covered up the fact that I ran out of time to add sound to the game! 

The blue crystals exploding is what kills you there, I think the range of the explosion is perhaps a bit too big, I'll tweak that in the next build. Thanks for the feedback!

Nice polished game! Some of the later levels were bonkers. Great job

Nice feeling camera and great Sonic vibes with the pipe turns!

So polished and awesome. Level design is top notch. Provides you with lots of "AH HA!" moments when you figure each puzzle out. Great Job!

Really cool game! Excellent presentation and colours. The tutorial was nice and seamless, could fly around and experiment as the controls were explained. So much juice too! Well done!

Thanks! I wanted to add music in, but at midnight on the second day of working on it I just ran out of steam.  I'll definitely be expanding it and adding sound post-jam, but right now I'm just going to take a breath! 

Hope so, emailed.


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Bought STM yesterday, keen to use it but ran into this problem.

When I use screen space - overlay (which I need to), the text renders as below, which is far from ideal.

I can't seem to figure out any rhyme or reason to it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In a separate project the text was broken as below, and now it is working. 

Is there a known cause of this?



Thank you. :)

Sorry to hear that. It has quite a bit going on graphically.

left click to steal, the shift to sneak thing may or may not have been accidentally left in.

@TeamKwaKwa - Thanks! Yeah, that was the plan originally, but my week ended up being busier than I had anticipated so I had to compromise some things. I wanted to have a boss level too!

@MidiPixel - Thank you :)

@MuscularHair - Yeah, it can be a bit too brutal at times I think. I need to reset the enemy's attack swing if they get hit, or give the player some immunity.

@Jupiter_Hadley - Thank you very much! That was so cool to watch, and thank you for the kind words in the video :)

Thanks for the kind words!

I agree with all of the suggestions. Ultimately I just didn't expect to have as little time as I did for the duration of the jam. Originally I wanted to have an opening and closing cutscene, punch and kick buttons, sequential combos, a boss level, and multiple enemies.

Glad you liked the ending :)

Great art! :)

I was planning on doing this. I feel like it creatively bends the rules :)