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Hope so, emailed.


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Bought STM yesterday, keen to use it but ran into this problem.

When I use screen space - overlay (which I need to), the text renders as below, which is far from ideal.

I can't seem to figure out any rhyme or reason to it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In a separate project the text was broken as below, and now it is working. 

Is there a known cause of this?



Thank you. :)

Sorry to hear that. It has quite a bit going on graphically.

left click to steal, the shift to sneak thing may or may not have been accidentally left in.

@TeamKwaKwa - Thanks! Yeah, that was the plan originally, but my week ended up being busier than I had anticipated so I had to compromise some things. I wanted to have a boss level too!

@MidiPixel - Thank you :)

@MuscularHair - Yeah, it can be a bit too brutal at times I think. I need to reset the enemy's attack swing if they get hit, or give the player some immunity.

@Jupiter_Hadley - Thank you very much! That was so cool to watch, and thank you for the kind words in the video :)

Thanks for the kind words!

I agree with all of the suggestions. Ultimately I just didn't expect to have as little time as I did for the duration of the jam. Originally I wanted to have an opening and closing cutscene, punch and kick buttons, sequential combos, a boss level, and multiple enemies.

Glad you liked the ending :)

Great art! :)

I was planning on doing this. I feel like it creatively bends the rules :)