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Take on the role of Onigiri, a feline witch who lives in a cottage and delivers packages flying on a broomstick. Customize your cottage, explore new worlds, forage plants and fungi, and meet quirky villagers along the way, while enjoying music by Mark Sparling, the composer for A Short Hike.

The location hasn't changed, but you may want to try looking in AppData\Local\ or AppData\Roaming\ .

Try searching for the file "PlayerPermanentProgress.sav" using Windows Explorer or another search tool like Everything.

thanks for playing!

I didn't think about sticky keys since I turned off that popup a long time ago, thanks for mentioning it.

also you're quite right about corridors. one thing that soulslike games don't do often but I think adds a lot to this sort of combat is environmental hazards, like I put in SWOOOORDS

Thanks for playing!

I noticed issues with the HTML5 version after I uploaded and wasn't sure if it was a local issue, it's probably some Unity config issue. I took it down for now and will experiment with getting a working build up.

I didn't spend any time testing with a gamepad, simply because of time constraints, with a bit of time I can get those working and even get tutorial prompts showing those buttons.  thanks for putting this together.  нет войны!

pona a! muuuuuuuuu

If you make a "Mod/" directory directly inside "Sky Rogue" (so, "SkyRogue_data" is NEXT TO "Mod", and "Mod" is NOT inside it), and then put mod folders inside there (ex: "Sky Rogue/Mod/modpack_name_or_id") it should load when you start the game, you should see it in whatever menu it should appear in (so aeros will be available in the loadout menu, weapons and skins in the individual weapon slots in the loadout menu, etc)

A fix for this is now live here on, thanks for reporting!

Thanks for posting!  There will be an option to invert the Look axes in 1.3.3.

Hey, it's been disabled in the next version which is live on the indev branch on Steam, but there are some bugs I need to fix before updating it here. Sorry it's taken so long but I just haven't had a ton of time to work on the game this year.

Thanks!  It doesn't run out of juice but it will only work on certain things. It doesn't really communicate that well (on account of being a jam game)

You're correct to think it is difficult to throw together something like this in 48 hours, and get everything important finished. Any lack of content or polish is thanks to the time constraint.

Thanks for the enthusiasm!

You have to press V again to close it, it's a little unclear about that.

Did you buy it outright or through the BLM bundle?

The BLM Bundle did not give out Steam keys (probably to dissuade key resellers) but if not, this guide should help, even if it's a bit old I'm pretty sure it's accurate:

Sorry for getting to you so late. I think your original post was before I turned on notifications which is why I missed it.
I think the build may have been missing files at the time, specifically missing a dll or two. I recently updated the game so everything should be there.

However after a quick google search I also found this, which is worth a try if you are having issues with the latest build:

You get this error when 64 bit application is trying to run 32 bit .dll;

To resolve replace mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll files at your C:\Windows\System32 folder with 64 bit versions.

They can be found here -


Hello! I forget exactly which version it was, but I remember some auto-assignment logic was added to make getting into co-op easier. I can selectively disable that, either in some kind of smart way that detects what you are trying to do or just by adding a toggle in the options that prevent it from happening.

glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks for the feedback!

fixing it now, just some missing files, oops :)

Thanks for reporting! I'll take a look when I get a chance.

Thanks for getting in touch!
1. The artist wished for it to be removed from the game for his own reasons, so I did so.
2. The buff shouldn't really be in effect for enemy missiles, but I'll take a look anyways. I thankfully already have a to-do item to add some kind of cue when a missile gets within dodge range, I'll make sure it doesn't get forgotten.

Hello, sorry for the very late reply, but the game should automatically copy your save over, there should be no need to find your old save and move it over.

Sorry for not following up on this. Yes, it's in AppData because that seems to be the standard place modern games put their save files. I sometimes forget that it's hidden!

I haven't touched the game in years but I bet the "engage" is a big button you need to click


As of version 1.3, the game should be saved to the correct XDG directory.

If that's not actually the case for some reason, please get in touch and I'll make a quick patch.

No idea... maybe?

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for making some videos!

Hello, thanks for all the feedback!

"A video checkbox for "Full-screen" would be nice so I don't have to keep pressing Alt+Enter every time I start the game.

A mouse-lock option so that you can't accidentally click into another monitor outside of the game window would be good."

Both of these options exist, the first is in the Video menu and the second in the Controls menu.
The increasing cost of mid-mission landing is to disincentivize hyper-optimal playstyles where you might change loadouts constantly but bog down the pace of the game. I wanted to just remove the mid-mission landing entirely but at the time (in beta I think) it seemed to be a popular feature.

I've taken everything else into consideration and made some to-do items. Some suggestions have already been made by other players. Thanks again for the feedback!

The fix is in, so it will be live in the next version.

I've fixed the issues and it should behave a lot better in the next version. Pushing the stick full left or right will look directly behind regardless of your aero's orientation.

Thanks for pointing this out and giving a detailed description. I've made a note of changing the save location.

I don't keep my eye on the linux version, so is this something that is reasonable for all modern distributions?

Thanks for sharing your feedback about the camera controls. I will review them again, which I haven't done in years.  During air combat I suggest making frequent use of the track target function.

Hello, just to be clear, you are talking about the way the carrier rotates on the menu with the Launch, Loadout, Aerolab, etc buttons?  Is that also including the rotation in the Aeropedia? Are there any other locations? It sounds like you might have trouble with the gameplay itself since there's quite a bit of camera rotation, if that's the case, if you have ideas please feel free to email, but I can't promise any changes.

However, I could quickly make an invisible option (doesn't show up in the menu, requires you to edit GameOptions.sav) for the next patch if it's a matter of simply stopping a few existing auto-rotations in that particular menu.

I'm not sure why you were banned or what you posted before the ":(".  I apologize for not noticing your request earlier and not at least reaching out; it is difficult to keep visiblity everywhere (which is why this post is so late).

Thank you for reporting. The game is trying to intelligently show you PS4 buttons but I guess I didn't test it enough. I will try and patch it in the next version.

(1 edit)

If you choose the "Language" option in the "Options" menu you should be able to press left and right to choose your language.

If you aren't able to do this, you can edit "GameOptions.sav" and set "language" to the ISO code of your language. (ex: change "language":"en" to "language":"ja")

In either case you may need to exit the "Options" menu or restart the game after making the change.

This is a bug, thanks for reporting, I will try and have a fix in the next patch.


You might be able to resolve your issue looking at this thread:

(responded already to your email, just posting here in case it would help anyone else)

You can rebind controls in the "Options" -> "Rebind Controls" menu.

The game should recognize that you want to use the mouse if you simply click anywhere in the window. I tend to right-click because a left click will fire your current weapon.

If you have a gamepad plugged in that you don't want to use, or some kind of USB device which could be construed as a gamepad, I suggest you either unplug it or make sure it's in some kind of state where it's not going to provide any input. If any input occurs, the game assumes you want to use the gamepad.