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Sky Rogue

A fwooshy, intense, procedurally generated fly-em-up · By Fractal Phase

Steam Key

A topic by TheWhoamater created Apr 12, 2021 Views: 1,247 Replies: 5
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I purchased the game a while ago through, and I'm wondering how I access the steam key?


Did you buy it outright or through the BLM bundle?

The BLM Bundle did not give out Steam keys (probably to dissuade key resellers) but if not, this guide should help, even if it's a bit old I'm pretty sure it's accurate:

Ah okay, I did not know that. Thanks!

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Is it possible to recieve a steam key so i can have in included in my steam library for mod support and to use steams remote play with friends for the split screen?

I also bought the game through the BLM bundle. 
Is there some sort of proof of purchase I can provide if needed?

You'd have to ask the dev team, although you can install mods through a workshop downloader site

This may help: