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Try to adjust your compression in Unity. Click on your sprite file to open it in Inspector window. Change the compression format  from compressed to no compression and filter from bilinear to none. That always works for me.

Thank you!

I like the concept! Very straightforward. My suggestions are: 1) improve the jumping physics, 2) player should move with the moving platform, 3) I don't see a point why the "reveal block" should disappear if the player can always restart the level, unless the level is really long. Shame that it doesn't have a music though... But overall, a solid game jam entry!

Please check out my game! I would love to hear your feedback and rating!

I think this game is great! It nails the atmosphere perfectly and I love how cute the jump sound is! Unfortunately I got stuck on the fourth level because the ball rolls to the left and stuck against the crate.

Okay voice actor is top notch! It's funny, I give you that. But I just can't pass the secret level...

Please check out my game! I would love to see your feedback and rating on it!

Thank you!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I would update the game after the jam to balance it better.

The artstyle kinda reminds me of the creator of The Return of Obra Dinn, which I love! The control could use some work though...

Please check out my game! I don't have the same artstyle, but I would love your feedback and rating on it!

I like the concept! Though it is quite frustrating to spend all your vision energy, especially with the moving platform. I think if you somehow could combine the two together it will be perfect: like when you are in truth vision, you can't jump or move slowly until the energy is back to full. Also, the camera is quite disorienting. But overall, a fun concept and solid graphic!

Please check out my game! i would love to have your input and rating on my game!

Finding a way to kill your enemy is half the battle. The other half is to make sure that you survive their bullet! I love the concept if it given more polish later on!

Please cheek out my game! I would love your input and rating!

The control is a little bit disorienting, probably due to the background. I think your game will benefit from having some game feels: screenshake, particle effect, etc. I think the bullet is a little bit too small for me to see.

Please check out my game. I would like to hear your feedback and rating on my game!

The melee attack control could use some work, I find it quite hard to gauge how far my attack is. Perhaps adding some particle effect for the attack would help a ton. In later stage, the game basically turns into a twinstick platformer???? I find it amusing and super creative that you basically introduce me to a new genre! Overall, I find it enjoyable!

I like the arrow mechanic, though it could make the controls a little bit weird sometimes. It could be polished more. But I find it quite annoying that the keyboard typing is a too slow and repeated sound kinda hurts my ear. Anyhow, congrats on being a father!

Simple but very addictive and fun! I would love to see this in Google Play Store after the jam!

I doubt my game could be ported to phone though. I would love to have your feedback and rating on my game!

Thank you! I will check it out today!

Thank you! I'll check your game as soon as possible.

Thank you!

I like the idea of not getting damaged if you are fast and lucky enough

Although this has been two years already, I'm still waiting if you could release the script. It looks awesome!

Can't wait to try this out!

Oh, Godot? Well, it's still appreciated anyway. I was expecting a Unity, but this is fine nonetheless. The basic concept should be the same.

Super thank you! I would really love to learn from you guys!

Very cool idea of reverse tower defense! Very polished for a game jam!

This is the absolute GEM in the JAM! I always enjoyed a roguelike card games! I will definitely spend money if you make it into a full game! Perfect 5 stars in all category!

If I could ask, how do you architech the code for this? I always wanted to make a card game, but can never wrap my head around how to design the code for this...

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I'm planning to fix the upgrade bug first thing after the jam!

I'm glad you like it! Sorry about the bullet sorting layer...

Yeah, that upgrade bug is really annoying. I found the bug several hours before the deadline and I somehow couldn't find what caused it. Two days later, I found that it is because of the distance between the UI and the camera. If we get really technical, my UI is 1000 units away from the camera and the torch collider blocks it from firing. It is a simple fix, but one bug I learned on this jam. 

Thank you for your feedback!

That's a bit of oversight on my part, you could get stuck when your health increases as the walls get hidden again. I'm sorry...

I'm planning add more game feel after the jam and fixing the bugs. I'm glad you like it!

I'm glad you like it! I'll work on balancing in the next update of the game after the jam!

Your feedback is appreciated! Yes, there is actually a bug with the collider layering in the UI, I only realized this bug several hours before deadline. I admit the game has balancing issues. For the sprite, it is actually my first time ever drawing in a pixelated art style. The theme is a little bit off in a way that your enemies "lie" by hiding their true forms or in other words: your eyes deceive you. But your feedback will be taken into consideration when updating the game. Thank you!



Thanks for the tips!


Thanks! I used Photoshop in this project. I'll gladly check Psikel and Aseprite out. That suggestion with the music variation and tempo are nice one! Once again, thank you!

I love that metroid-esque sprite! About the music, maybe it's the problem with sound export or file format? I know that Unity have problems with mp3 files. I normally used wav or ogg for my projects.

While I'm at it, what kind of technique you used for the 2D lighting? Any tutorial reference maybe?

It's a little bit disorienting with the screen effect and shame that it doesn't have audio. But I like the concept of having to think while doing something. Kinda reminds me of chessboxing in real life!

I would love if you can play and rate my game! It's a top-down shooter with a sinister twist on it! See if you like it!

I love it! Amazing art, music, and game design! Really enjoyed it!

I would love if you can check my game, perhaps give a few advice on pixel art, since this game was my first time using pixel art!

This game lies a lot in your face! It's like a 2D version of Stanley Parable. I like it!It's a shame it doesn't have a good audio...

My games didn't exactly lie on your face, but it lies by hiding something very sinister. I would love if you check it and give it a rating. Maybe you liked it!

I like the art style and controls of using both mouse to aim and WASD for moving. Too bad that the game doesn't have audio or simply not playing audio. There are some bugs which I believe can be fixed later. Though I think there is a game balance problem: the enemies keep spawning randomly so you can't actually hit and run. Then there is an unfair situation where the enemies bullet can pass through terrain, while you can't. That makes climbing slopes really hard. Basically, if you have high ground, it's over (star wars reference)

My game is also quite challenging top-down shooter that you should be enjoying. Let me know if you like it and give a rating! 

Lovely art style! Though it is way too dark for me to see. It would probably helps if the platforms are full block rather than a thin planks. Also, the music cold use a loop treatment so it doesn't end too abruptly. Overall, nice work!

I would love if you could review the art style in my game. It is a top-down shooter with pixelated art style. This is my first time ever making pixel art!