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Hey guys, I’ve figured it out. The WebGL version is here:

It’s the same as the downloadable version!

The problem is my compression setting in Unity. : (

Thank you! We are a team of two, I am the programmer and my girlfriend do arts. I’ll go to check your game after work!

This mechanic is so great! It it quite a surprise to find out that this game is a idle game, haha

I know “Snakebird” too! Its mechanic design is really brilliant, it also came to my mind when I developing this. But I still have lots to learn in puzzle design to achieve that quality.

Thanks for the suggestions! It’s sad that I don’t have time to design more levels… I’ll use my time more wisely in the next jam!

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Thank you! I was planning design three or four shapes, but I spend too much time dealing with other thing… I’ll do better in next game jam, haha

Thanks for your kind words!

Interesting game! The combining of inventory system and the level-based platformer is really cool. Good job : )

Thank you very much! : )

Thank you! I want to make at lease 10 levels at the beginning, haha! But I just underestimate the time needed to polish the gameplay and the story…

The art style is so special, nice try!

Intersting game! I love your art style, it look so polished.

This gameplay is so interesting! And the tutorial is also well-made. I love it! : D

The art style is so adorable! I have fun playing it. Good job! : D

The art style and sound effect are so adorable! I like the design that choosing next action by roll the dice, Good job! : )

Launching the big dice feels really nice!

it'll be great if it could hit multiple enemies.

I like your art design as well, it's so cute!

Whoa! The atmosphere in this game is so great, almost feel like a real commercial casino game, lol.

Great job!!! I have so much fun playing this.

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Sorry guys, I have trouble building WebGL version... will try my best to fix it.

Thank you for visiting this page and playing my game!

This game is so interesting! I add all my points to ammo at the first round, but it's too slow to dodge enemy, lol.

Good job!

Interesting game! The graphics is nice as well.

It will be much better if the pace of the combat could be faster.

Interesting game! reminds me of the good time playing Super Meat Boy, haha


Wow, thank you!!! It means a lot to me.

Because of my a full-time job, I have less time to join game jams these days. But I will try hard to keep creating games in the future. :D

Thank you for this amazing game!

I enjoy it a lot. : )

This is my speedrun video in 1:17.583


Cool! I will definitely buy one copy after it's released. Wish you all the best!

What a beautiful game!!!

I really enjoy this, maybe you can design more levels and launch as a formal game. : )

Thank you! :D

Yes! I want to make players nervous when the energy is running out, but don't want to make this game too damn difficult as well. 

Thank you for noticing this. :D

Thank you! It took me lots of time to simulate the feeling of digging, I think it worked. :D

Thank you! your game is really awesome, I enjoy a lot! :D

Thank you!!! I actually came up many different mechanics during  the jam, but I eventually give up lots of them due to time pressure.

I will try to add more levels and mechanics when I have time. : )

Thanks for your kind words. : )

Nice work!!! Your art style is cute, and I love speedrun game a lot.
I just can't stop trying again and again to break my own record, haha!

Thanks! I will  go to play your game after work! : )

It's a simple but fun game!

I think the most easy way to make it even better is to label the position of finish point, so that player doesn't have to suddenly adjust direction when camera scroll down.

Good job! : )

Thank you! 

I will go to play your game later. : )

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Here's my stealth-action game, hope you enjoy it. : )

The art style is so cute!!!

I wish I could create some simple but appealing visual design like this. Goob job!

HaHa, thank you!!

There're so many fantastic games, I have learned a lot from them!