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Wow, thank you!!! It means a lot to me.

Because of my a full-time job, I have less time to join game jams these days. But I will try hard to keep creating games in the future. :D

Thank you for this amazing game!

I enjoy it a lot. : )

This is my speedrun video in 1:17.583


Cool! I will definitely buy one copy after it's released. Wish you all the best!

What a beautiful game!!!

I really enjoy this, maybe you can design more levels and launch as a formal game. : )

Thank you! :D

Yes! I want to make players nervous when the energy is running out, but don't want to make this game too damn difficult as well. 

Thank you for noticing this. :D

Thank you! It took me lots of time to simulate the feeling of digging, I think it worked. :D

Thank you! your game is really awesome, I enjoy a lot! :D

Thank you!!! I actually came up many different mechanics during  the jam, but I eventually give up lots of them due to time pressure.

I will try to add more levels and mechanics when I have time. : )

Thanks for your kind words. : )

Nice work!!! Your art style is cute, and I love speedrun game a lot.
I just can't stop trying again and again to break my own record, haha!

Thanks! I will  go to play your game after work! : )

It's a simple but fun game!

I think the most easy way to make it even better is to label the position of finish point, so that player doesn't have to suddenly adjust direction when camera scroll down.

Good job! : )

Thank you! 

I will go to play your game later. : )

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Here's my stealth-action game, hope you enjoy it. : )

The art style is so cute!!!

I wish I could create some simple but appealing visual design like this. Goob job!

HaHa, thank you!!

There're so many fantastic games, I have learned a lot from them!

Thank you!! :D

Thanks for your kind words!!! I'm so glad that I can create game that people enjoy, I will keep creating more in the future. :)

I agree! I'm a beginner for pixel art design, I will keep going and become better. Thank you! :D

This is so cute! And the concept is simple and interesting. : D

It's a cool concept! Good job. : )

Interesting game!! Good job. : )

Nice concept!! I love this. : )

It's satisfying that the player will become stronger when accumulating its velocity!

Congratulations for you first try in game jam!

Just a little advice, I think "Press space while touching the finish point" to beat the level is kind of unnecessary, maybe you can just automatically detect "Whether finish point touched by player"?

Nice work! I like this slime!!! : D

I really enjoy this kind of art style! You did a great job. : )

I really love your audio design! It's comfortable. : )

Did you create those human-like SFX? It's so creative hahaha!

Good job!

Interesting mechanic! 

Those temporarily obstacles are really a great design that avoiding puzzle being solved with a boring way, haha!

Thank you very much! : )

Thank you! This is my first time trying creating top-down art assets, I will definitely do better in the future! : )

It's really too short... I was thinking about creating 10~15 levels, but I spend too much time on something else. : (

Thank you!

Good job! I enjoy you visual design. : D

Thank you very much! I will go on improve my graphic design skill, haha!

Thank you! your game is excellent as well. : D

Nice game! It took me about 330s to get to the final platform for the first run. (WebGL version)

I think this game has potential to become a parkour game like "Jump King"! : )

I think the graphic and audio are great, but maybe the environment should't be completely dark.

Although player can learn the environment from the dim light that portal emits, it's way too depend on memorize overall.

Nice work!