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You need to go to the hangar and upgrade your ship engines with some of the coins you collect. 😀

So glad you enjoyed it. 😄

Yeah the bayonet charge is a bit janky at the moment. Fixing that is on the to-do list! :)

When I get round to a proper post-jam version I'll very likely make the enemy a lot more challenging. It does matter what difficulty you play on, the troops you get on Hard will have much more trouble getting away with bayonet cheese (pun intended 😁 ) For jam games it's usually better to go with 'too easy' than 'too hard'.

So, you're using the bayonet tactic? It's a viable, if risky, method. 😅

Thank you so much :)

Thanks for playing! I definitely made it too difficult, or at least too swingy, the early-game--until you've got a decent weapon--is far too hard.

I experimented with having the walls collideable but it made the movement much more difficult and made dodging frustrating so I ditched it. Also, getting enemies to collide in an intelligent way with the walls didn't sound like a trivial addition! :)

Thanks for playing. It sounds like you just got unlucky with the missiles, I think generally they're overpowered (see below :)). It depends on what ship you choose too, the Renegade is far better with beams whereas the Reaver is the missile specialist.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, I was really happy with the movement, even if you're getting loads of hits you still feel all agile and nimble. :)

Thanks for playing. I want to make lots of adjustments to the balance in a future revision. Beam weapons do seem good, I admit, but there are some ludicrous missile weapons you can pick up if you're lucky (see below, yes that's a boss wiped out in less than a second :S). The weapons are far too swingy at the moment. A lot of it can come down to just getting lucky with weapon drops.

Ah my mistake. Yes, those are the secrets. Have a look nearby for hidden switches. Press up to interact with objects. 😀 

Ali can break blocks by jumping on them, same way as the pipes. 😀

I love the fact there's a story that plays out as the levels progress. The black/white/red colour palette also works really well. This game has got such a cool atmosphere. Great work!

It's not just you, even I find it too hard. First revision I make is going to be lowering the difficulty!

Glad you appreciated it! The sector map can be a little opaque in terms of where enemies pop up and maybe where the player can move but it's mainly just a way to get the player to plot a path towards the boss(es). With the upgrade menu, again, it's more a failure of communication, the weapons aren't really all that complicated, it's only really damage and cooldown that matter most of the time. The upgrade menu was an important but very late addition, so it's kind of messy. I'm sort of pleased in a way that I landed on the 'too complicated' side because I was worried whether a shmup would come across as too simplistic and not Rogue-like enough :)

Thanks for giving it a try! I think there's a lot of room for experimentation in the shmup genre and I've been thinking about having a shmup with a strategy map/overworld for a while.

The upgrade screen was the last major element I added to the game and it's a bit of a mess, so you're not alone in finding it hard to understand, there's quite a few weapon stats listed that aren't all that important compared to 'damage' and 'cooldown'. I was in full 'just get it working' mode by that point :)

It looks like Itch double-posted your comment (it's been doing that to me a lot too) so I deleted the duplicate. :)

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Yay great to see another Pico-8 game! This is in incredible amount of detail to cram into a game in only 7 days, bravo. I found a game a bit overwhelming, there were so many systems and game mechanics all happening at once. I read the description before playing and again whilst playing and still didn't feel like I knew what was going on. I think it would help new players if the mechanics were introduced more gradually over the course of the game. Great presentation. The dissolve effect on the menus was really cool, and I liked the colourful Pico-8 graphics and the cool music. The theme of the game was really cool, I liked the idea of being a slime escaping a lab, it reminded of The Ooze for the Megadrive.

Great graphics and music! I liked the character designs, very cute, makes it look like a SNES game. I found the first set of levels very easy and too long, so it started to get boring, I would have preferred if the difficulty ramped up quicker, things got more interesting once I reached the bog. It was impressive how all the menus and sub-menus worked really well, I imagine that was complicated to get set up, it always takes me ages to do menu systems. :D

This is a pretty fun and simple platformer with decent level generation. I liked the idea of having different items to use in the inventory. WSAD with space for jump felt a bit awkward, maybe add arrow keys as alternate keys for movement?

This looks like it would be a lot more fun playing with other people. Unfortunately I only managed to play it in a solo game, and it looked like it would take ages to tidy up all the garbage on my own. I love the sense of humour in the game and assuming all the multiplayer side of things works, that's an incredible achievement to get set up in just a week.

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Haha legend. There's a couple of semi-hidden Thunderforce references in the game. The spritesheet has a not-yet-implemented ship called Rynex, and the boss music is *very* similar to the intro music to Thunderforce 4. :D

It took me a few minutes to get a grasp of what was happening in the game. The idea of losing health to move or use action points is unintuitive. There's an interesting puzzle game here but I don't see how the theme/graphics mesh with this. Nice music and I liked the pixelart graphics! :)

This is a really clever idea for a game. I loved being able to recruit defeated pieces, and growing an army as I explored the dungeon. Reminded of the MtG game Shandalar or the Shining Force series. Excellent work. I don't know enough about chess to understand what the names for the opening moves were (I got King's Best Friend Gambit a couple of times) but being able to see what how the unfamiliar pieces could move, made the game really fun to pick up and learn. Awesome job!

The presentation of this is really slick, nice clear display, and I liked the music. I didn't really grasp what some of the tiles were meant to convey, e.g. I ended up falling down a hole, I couldn't tell what it was. I really like the dice-based movement and being able to see what was coming up and plan out the next few moves. Cool work.

This works so well! The resource management element of trying to make holes in as few shots as possible combined with the upgrade system creates a really deep game. The game feels very simple and easy to pick up, besides the walls there's only two types of obstacles so you're not constantly having to learn what things do and wasting shots. I liked how the courses got longer the further into the game you get. I managed to get to Hole #9 and it was absolutely enormous, but I'd used up too many shots on the previous level, that's awesome, it just makes me want to play another round. Great game!

Thanks, I was surprised at how straightforward it was working with the limited palette, it actually made creating sprites a lot easier. I probably did go a bit overboard on some of the fake computer readout numbers (a lot of them are basically debug numbers that I just left in and repositioned.) I had been avoiding doing the upgrade menu all week because I knew what a nightmare it was going to be, so it was completely thrown together on the last day, hence the terrible layout :)

Thanks! There were loads of shmups on the Megadrive that I loved growing up. I'm glad you think it's a fresh idea, it feels like there's a lot of unexplored territory in the genre :) I'm glad the strategy map made sense, I was worried it would just end up a big baffling grid of numbers.

Glad you appreciated it! It was fairly late on in development when I gave the enemies and weapons names, but it helped make it clearer what was going on in the background in terms of each enemy having slightly different stats and behaviour. Four sectors is pretty good! I think I made the game far too hard, when I make some revisions to the game, the first thing I'm doing it lowering the difficulty :)

Haha thanks, I really enjoy working on Pico-8 and trying to keep up with what others can do on it. I've seen a few shmups being made on it lately that gave me some inspiration. :)

Thanks! I wasn't sure how well the Rogue-like-ness would land, I spent the last couple of days trying to dial up the references to Rogue, like the little chat log when you defeat an enemy etc. It was my first attempt at making a game with a very limited colour palette, I think I need to make a few adjustments to which things get highlighted in pink to help them stand out.

Cheers, yeah I was trying to make the UI look like computer readouts. It's always fun making music on Pico-8, that was one of the first things I got locked in, to set the mood for how I wanted everything else to be.

Thanks! I was surprised at how straightforward the graphics were to make. I was worried that it'd be harder to make good sprites.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

This is a great arena shooter. Really solid shooting and platforming, unique graphics, an interesting selection of enemies and some cool bosses too.

Is there a way to get new weapons? I completed a few quests but couldn't find a way. I like the idea of fighting multi-tile enemies in a Rogue-like, it's always a bit disappointing when you see a D and are supposed to imagine some huge dragon in its place. The multi-tile idea is a clever way around that. Attacking over multiple tiles is a good idea too. I liked the presentation, the colours, level generation and names of the locations were very evocative. It'd be great to see this fleshed out some more :)

This was an interesting change of pace. I don't think I've ever played a text-based adventure game like this where you move just with the arrow keys instead of typing 'go north' etc. It works really well. I liked the writing of each of the rooms, and the sense of exploration. It looks like there's some fun, simple puzzles included. My first playthrough only had one actual puzzle to solve, one involving a cat(!), is the number of puzzles in each game randomised too?

I really like the idea of this game, it's very clever. However, I found it so difficult! I could barely move away from where I started, I managed to kill a rat/tar, but that's as far as I got. It started me off in the bottom right of the screen and I found it really hard to think up words to move upwards and left, I would have appreciated smaller levels and more letters! :) Can't fault the game on a technical level, it's super well-presented and fits squarely into the mold of a Rogue-like. Is there a letter frequency to decide which letters you get, like how some letters in Scrabble are more common than others?

This is a really fun game! I love the character portraits, reminded me of Warcraft 2 :) The billiards/pool style combat is so original and works really well in a Rogue-like, combat always felt  important and with a satisfying amount of luck involved. I liked the risk/reward of barrelling towards several enemies hoping to score a few hits. The power-ups between levels added to the gameplay in interesting ways, and were a nice hat-tip to classic Rogue-like/dungeon-crawling gameplay. A few text pop-ups for damage would be nice and maybe some more sound effects and music, but other than great, great presentation and awesome gameplay. Great stuff!

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I really like the presentation of this game, great job on the music in particular! I liked the sense of humour in the game, the story at the start was hilarious! The puzzle gameplay is interesting but I felt like it might have needed one or two extra elements to really push it over the line into puzzly complexity. Minor bug, I got stuck after rolling a barrel and squashing two adjacent enemies on level 4 or 5? I love the fact you put a tutorial into the game, you don't often see that in jam games. Cool game!