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Not at the moment, sorry. That might be something cool for me to add, though! :D

Cool Pico-8 game! It’s fun figuring out the movement in this game, the way that tools sort of trail behind you as you move make it feel like a puzzle game. I love the tileset you created, nice use of Pico-8’s extended palette to give the game its own unique look. Kudos. :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Yeah the wildcards are my favourite too. 😊

The last few screens are a real challenge but I appreciate short, fun jam games like this. The graphics are cool and stylish. I wish there were some more sounds in the game. Cool game :)

Lovely falling block puzzle game! It took me a while to get my head around the main mechanic for matching up starting and ending colours, but once I did the game turned out to be really fun. It'd be much nicer for the game to be extended each time you score a certain number of points or something rather than just being on a strict two minute timer, but I can understand why you might set it that way for the jam. Either way, great game, I'd love to see this polished up for a post-jam release. Great music too! :)

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I don't think I've played a Tic-80 game before. It's got a really cool retro look to it, the black backgrounds with the shading on the other tiles make it stand out. I like the tileset you've created here, the dungeon section especially looks really nice. I liked all the different elements you managed to get into the game, like the waterfalls, springs, water sections, spikes etc. that must have been a lot of work to get set up in time for the Compo! Respect! :)

Cool game, I found it pretty hard though (precision platformers are not my speciality :) ) I really liked the style of the graphics, seeing some different colours from the Pico-8 palette than you normally see. The blood effects when you hit a spike are really over the top, I love it! Some cool level design too, the underwater currents reminded me of the water sections in Super Metroid.

Cool game. It's really fun getting the hang of how the submarine handles and learning the map. I love the pixelart-style graphics, all the different fish look so cool, especially the shark B¬)

It'd be cool to have maybe a silhouette of each fish you need to find, when I had about 5 or 6 I kept forgetting which I'd already found. I love the peaceful music too.

Thanks! 😀

I've improved the speed increases a bit in 1.02. The jumps in speed on the higher levels shouldn't be as sudden now. :)

I've re-jigged the speed a little bit, overall the speed increases quicker, but the individual jumps should be a bit smoother now.

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You can turn the music off in the pause (P/Enter) menu. 😀

Edit: Turns out the Music: Off option wasn't working properly, it's sorted in 1.02! :)

I take it you're holding the down/soft drop button? I don't really use it that way, I tend to tap the down button, so I haven't really tested it playing the other way. I'll give it a look. 😀

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

I'm thinking about making it speed up faster, it's quite slow at the moment because I find it frustrating how quickly the Megadrive version got really quick, and it made the games too short, I think I'll give it some adjustment though. 😀

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That's a good idea, I'll see if I can add that in, the only problem I can see is that it might make the UI a bit confusing at a glance if there's two trios displayed. I'll look into it, though. 😀

Edit: Added in 1.01! :)

Wow thanks for making a video, congrats on the satanic high score! >:D

Many thanks! :)

Wow, cool score. Glad you appreciated it! Once I had the basic gameplay coded, it was such a fun game to test just because of the fact the original is such a great game.

Wow that's high praise. Glad you enjoyed it! :¬)

Puyo Pop is the same as Dr Mario/Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, right? I love those games! :¬)

Awesome! :¬)

I love this, absolutely beautiful graphics and animation--the little cut scene at the start of the game where the girl lets your character out was so cute! Any chance of putting this onto Splore?

I bought this game on Steam and have really enjoyed it. I love the 1-bit graphics and the atmospheric music. It's only a short game, but it packs a lot in, especially with the interesting way that the mechs you can pilot unlock new areas, a much appreciated spin on classic Metroidvania game mechanics. So cool!

The graphics in this are outstanding, and the story/dialogue is really funny too. There's some surprising depth to the combat mechanics too! :)

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The graphics in this are outstanding, and the story/dialogue is really funny too. There's some surprising depth to the combat mechanics too! :)

Wow this is a hard one. :D I'm guessing the trick is to remember/predict where the enemies are going to be, but I kept getting hopelessly lost and then getting wiped out when I felt really close to the end.

It's cool seeing a two player game on Pico-8, not many of those. I really like using chess-like moves as a way of getting around. :)

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Nice game! It took me a few attempts to realise that you charge slightly faster than you fall so I was able to reach some of the higher/lower areas. There's some cool ideas here, I liked how the tower is randomised each time. It'd be nice to have more sound effects in the game to give the action more weight/feel.

Seconded, this was a great jam. Being restricted to the carts for graphics and music was a really great way to limit the scope of things without feeling like you were being sent down a particular path. It's great seeing all the different projects people have made. My vote for best sprite award has got to go to the chicken. :)

I think some clothing could be really versatile, like all three examples you mentioned. My current RPG/rogue-like is struggling for armour pick-ups--I'm thinking of using partially drawn-sprites, like the top half of sprite 53 in the democart with some palette-swaps could look sort of like a helmet, but it's a bit of a stretch. My first project with plumbers might have had a use for gloves, overalls, boots, as power-ups. :)

Thanks for sharing my video! :D

It's kind of specific, but some clothing and hats sprites maybe?

Many thanks! The intro dialogue started off as a bit of a throwaway idea, but as I wrote it out I started to like the characters and by the end I had a fairly clear idea how Ali is the eager, impetuous one whilst Bilal is more jaded and mature. It was loads of fun working on this one. :)

It's really fun planning out your route. It was good being able to drive the train, I wasn't expecting that, in games like this you usually don't get to interact like that. It'd be cool for there to be more obstacles that you need to build around. :)

It's really satisfying flying your bat around on this. Lovely simple game mechanics. Funny ending too :)

Nice simple platform game. I liked the level design, level had varied challenges so the game didn't run out of ideas. I especially liked the maze-like areas with the smaller blocks--a nice change of pace. If I would suggest adding anything it would be good to have a smoother transition or delay after you die, maybe have the camera pan back to the respawn point before the player reappears or something. Still, cool little game :)

Cool game. It'd be great to see this extended into a full game. I love the Gameboy-style colours and the music.

Haha that's awesome, thanks for making a video. You did really well to go from Crimbo Cringe to Festive Finesse in one game. I think that deserves a glass of sherry. :)

Glad you enjoyed it. If I add some more to the game, I should try making the tutorial a bit better to make it clearer what you're supposed to do at the start. It's always fun making music on Pico-8, so I'm glad you appreciated that! 😀