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A jam submission

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Sneak past the robots and retrieve the golden briefcase!
Submitted by CapnKeyes — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay Innovation and Enjoyment#103.5493.833
Technical Execution and Presentation#142.9323.167
Adherence to Theme and Creativity#173.0863.333

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • The level is visually hard to read. Objects are unrecognizable. Would appreciate a visual guide in the manual. But the core mechanics feel polished!
  • Nice little stealthy number ! The robots with lasers are genuinely quite frightening- and I really did feel like I was sneaking about <3 Maybe some tweaks to the foot steps noise would be appreciated xD , and I had a hard time figuring out where I was going a lot of the time- it's a lot easier to fall down than it was to climb up xD
  • Adherence to Theme and Creativity: 4 Find the mcguffin and complete the game, where you avoid robots with your agent. It has good foundations, but neither categories feel like excellent to me here. Gameplay Innovation and Enjoyment: 3 I felt like lamps did absolutely nothing and we don't really have anything new added to the shoot, avoid genre. The door hide is cute. Sadly the walking sound was too loud and long, instead of steps it was a constant deep humming for which I had to turn off the sounds. Technical Execution and Presentation: 4 I read into the description more, and I really appreciate the color tracking feature. Issue is, you can stand far out enough of the lamps so the bots will never see you, this really diminishes the achievment you did as you can completly bypass it. Art is cute, level could be a tad bigger as I feel it can be completed in under a minute.
  • Nicely done. I liked the option of stealth or violent gameplay. The map was really big too and so could have been filled in more with smaller rooms and more bots to sneak by. The bots could move farther as well, to make better use of hiding in the doorways which was a great touch, but I didn't find helpful enough to use as much as I'd have liked. Hope you continue working on this!

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Jam JudgeSubmitted

I liked this a lot--really fun. The stealth mechanics were nice and simple, too often these style of stealth games are too fiddly and hard. The level design might need some tweaking, hiding in the doors never felt all that useful. I liked the climbing and the shooting and the design of the different characters--the sprite work in general was really nice. The walking sound effect was super annoying, the game would benefit from a few more different sound effects. Those negatives aside, the gameplay was really fun, it would be nice to see this expanded with more levels and enemies. Nice work! :)

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A very stealthy entry indeed.  It was a lot of fun to play.  Lighting effects are too subtle.  Overhead lights should cast a light cone maybe.


nice idea a sneaking game... the art is cool but the sound for every move the player is doing is a little bit annoying...perhaps a sound for when the robot spot the player will be helpful