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A very stealthy entry indeed.  It was a lot of fun to play.  Lighting effects are too subtle.  Overhead lights should cast a light cone maybe.

You combined two things I love: PICO-8 and Stereograms.  Thanks for making this.

If we can do tools, then I'm in!

This is impressive!  PICO-8 is so great for creating that retro-computing experience.  I'm having flashbacks to my early days as an accountant.  

So good.  Amazing work.

Glad you like it.  I plan on doing an update early next year.    I'll add audio export to the list.  

If you have Pico-8 you can use ext_cmd("audio_rec") and ext_cmd("audio_end") to capture audio.

Denote has been fixed.  Thanks for reporting the problem.

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Not sure what's going on. I would need the MIDI file to test it out.  What version of PICO-8 are you running.

If you can hear it through the PICO 8 player embedded in the web page, then the music data generated correctly and should be a simple copy and paste into the music tab in PICO-8.

If you post the MIDI file to the PICO-8 discord server, I could take a look at it. My screen name is bikibird.

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In case you're curious, this is my attempt at a pure CSS Sony Trinitron:

Thanks for the heads up!  Made some css for simple scanlines.  No convexity, but it still suits.

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After googling around a bit, I found this:  I think that's what you're using?  Not having luck getting it to work with the latest version of PICO-8.  May just have to do a simple CSS effect...

Love the CRT emulation! Do you have code you can share on how to do that? My latest project needs to scream late 70's/early 80's and this effect sure does that!

Very charming!

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Um, yes.  Gonna PM you on Reddit...

Didn't quite get how to play the game, but it's very well done  Maybe needs a tutorial.

Oh, I thought you were using PICO-8.

Thank you!  Can't believe I got that backward!  Will definitely fix. X is X.  That should be easy to remember.

Really appreciate your feedback.  Yeah, I need to work on the collision detection.  It's not quite right.  Can you tell me more about what you mean about the wrong button?  I'm not understanding.  The UI is a bit complicated and I'd like to get it right. 

Very enjoyable math drill.  Suggest giving the correct answer when a problem is missed.

Can you make this web playable please?

Captain NEAT-O matches wits with a chicken

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Perhaps this is what Captain Neat-o dreams about at night.

Pixel art is turned up to 11.  Really polished and fun.

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Also super cute what you did with the Neat-o sprite.

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Wow, 3D work is impressive.  Did not get very far.  I'm not good at  shooters.

Thank you so much!  Yeah, experimental is the right word. The flying exists because I embraced a mistake and made it work. 

No specific references to get.  Knowing about Electric Football helps.  I borrowed from The Odyssey, but we all do that.

This is delightful. 

Cool, thanks!

For hard mode, is it permissible to set the loop numbers on an SFX to loop just a section of it and/or the whole thing?


You're welcome!

Wow, really unusual game.  Good job!

Poor Henrietta!

I see.  Using "just the toys in the toybox" is the definition of this particular jam.  So, yeah, having a toy drive before the jam probably makes more sense.   Well, if you keep the easy mode for next year, maybe you can do it both ways.  

Anyway, thanks for hosting the jam.  It actually got me to make a game after a very many year hiatus.  I had a whole lot of fun.  I got the idea for my game shortly before downloading the start carts and was on pins and needles hoping I could actually make it fit with the assets.  Probably the wrong way to go about things. (What's new!) The idea for using the railroad tracks came straight from the toys in the toybox, though, and it made for a way better game than I first envisioned.

My suggestion for future jams is to amend the rules to only require that at least 50% (or whatever percentage) of the assets for a game come from the start carts.  Any other assets used must be original creations by the entrant.  Then, after the jam is over, curate a new set of assets picked from the assets actually used in the jam (previously provided and newly created assets) to create the start carts for the next year's jam.  This provides an ever evolving set of assets, but takes the pressure off of you to create them.    I like the communal aspect of this and I think Max Tojoby  would appreciate the nod to impermanence.

The main menu doesn't seem to be working.

Scale back! Cut it back to its core.   I had to leave stuff out of my game too.

Thanks!  This jam has been a lot of fun.  Looking forward to playing all the games that come out of this.

Now with 12% more fun!! Added sparks to the live wire, a more satisfying transition to the forest, and an appropriately catastrophic ending if the snek eats its own tail.  This feels done now.