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Lead your soldiers to victory using musket and bayonet in this short action strategy game
Submitted by Extar (@extarscube) — 3 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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Interesting and complex game. I included it in my Toy Box Jam 3 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


This is a very cool idea, I enjoy these kinds of strategy games and I had fun trying to lead the troops towards victory. Tutorial could be added to ease the experience at the beginning. Solid game!


Didn't quite get how to play the game, but it's very well done  Maybe needs a tutorial.


This is a neat idea. The  writing is funny too. I did find it hard to understand how to play, at first. There are lots of statistics, text and progress bars, different colors,  and I found them a bit confusing. But otherwise, very cool original game!


This game is rather opaque. The description says bayonet charges are a thing, but I didn't see any such options for that. 

I played on normal, and what I got from the first several maps was that it worked to just stand a little outside where the muskets seem to fire and then wait for enough hits to land. Then I got to the map with the description saying the enemy would do a "frontal assault" and spent a really long time just moving the troops around to avoid artillery. Once my patience ran out I tried just placing the troops as close as the cover art gif shows and my troops started running away before they could shoot much. My troops had double the enemy's morale when I started to close in too.


I finished easy mode. I was able to cheese "open fire" and training with my musket to best my opponents pretty easily. Looking forward to trying the higher difficulties!

I normally don't like strategy games on pico8 but I just loved this. I think you really hit a sweet spot between complexity of mechanics and simplicity - I was never overwhelmed with options. I also really like having a player avatar - it's kind of pikmin-like (although ive never actually played those games).

I just loved this. Would be interesting to see a sequel that maybe takes terrain into account, or allows you some small control of artillery. Splendid job! I really like this.