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Whew! That's excellent. 

Any chance you might add the png files to the downloads? Would love to play on my handheld.

Nice! Purchased!

Love the aesthetic. Presentation is great. I found the puzzles o be tricky, and I was fumbling around on my keyboard a lot. I got "not-pron" vibes from this, for the old folks around here.

Nice! I'm one of the few people who, after an hour of vampire survivors, said 'meh', but I really enjoyed this. I think I like the faster pace of movement - it feels like you have more agency.

I found the pistol and katana quite hard to use. I might have preferred higher usability but with the same chit ratio (the whip in VS is a really solid weapon, vs the starter katana here being quite difficult). Really liked this, obviously. 

I'm colorblind, and I had a little trouble with the darker enemies against the background. Not sure how to address that one within pico8's boundaries.

Loved it. Difficulty was juuust right. Really great. 

Eagleste! Wow that is a well-animated eagle lol. Looks and sounds great.

I'm mostly impressed by your camera work. The camera does a superb job of showing you just enough. Really nice level design considering the viewing constraints.

Agreed lol. Obviously a great game but wow that page looks profesh.

Thanks. The early stages could definitely use something more to press you along. The challenge after level 4 or so is sufficient, but the early levels are kind of blah. Thanks for playing!

Very cool! I like the concept of a garderner-defense game. Really original and well executed. I don't know that I needed the NPC there - the right click menu would have been more convenient to start the night. Still, really cool! Looks great. I REALLY liked the night theme - is that the sound font for LTTP? Really nice.

Nice looking game! Really love the presentation. I agree with some others that it could maybe use some tasks to do - maybe fetch supplies, or help stranded colonizers. Cool foundation though!

Nice capturing of the original given the constraints. I never figured out how to pick up things on keyboard. For keyboard games, i actually prefer the fixed jump height, so that works for me. NIcely done!

Wow, that is surprisingly terrifying lol. I was initially frustrated with not being able to back up, but it really adds to the terror. I also think it being old-style instead of true 3d is pretty unique, and also makes it scarier. I really liked this. Nicely done!

I want this on my old Nokia phone. Fun game! Controls great, and I like how you have to really inspect the cows a bit. Great job!

Wow! The presentation here is top-notch - it looks and sounds great. I love the touches like the parallax and the status bar going transparent. REALLY polished. If I have to be nitpicky, Im not great at mouse shooters, and I had trouble hitting stuff. I would have maybe tipped the balance to more but weaker enemies. EVen so, this is just really great. Excellent work.

Wow, this game looks and plays phenomenally. One of the best looking 64by64 pix games I have ever seen - its so juicy! Really, really well done. I love how it plays more like a puzzle game than a shooter. 

Man, i really liked this. Very thoughtful downsizing of, uh, a certain game. Reminds me of the good Gameboy games that really thought about how to fit a big game on a smaller screen. I want this as a tiny LCD game. Really really good!

Very clever idea! The evolving level is cool. It also looks great - it's a "true" 64by64 resolution, scrolling and all. I found the surprise kills to be a little frustrating, but its a cool, quick bite for a jam. Well done.

Man, really deep game! I like how you can either block or run away, and you need to balance this. It's like a 1D, better version of Zelda 2 :).

Really liked this. Well done!

I echo the Etrian Odyssey comparison from below. Really cool! Admittedly, a text-heavy RPG is a little tricky in this format - I might have forgiven you for using a 2x64x64 spread, kind of like a sideways DS. Looking forward to more crawling when I can return.

Fun little exploration platformer! Really looks nice! I liked the music too, and your theming was pretty cool. 

Like the idea of a super-unit in a TD game. Nice done.

Very clever use of the resolution! Really cool idea. That initial reaction when you start to see the sand falling is very comical. Really cool! 

Very clever use of the resolution! Really cool idea. That initial reaction when you start to see the sand falling is very comical. Really cool! 

Really cool! I loved this - really cool embrace of the low resolution. I love how its a simplified TD concept. One request - a fast forward button! Maybe moves the game at 2x or 3x.

Game also looks and sounds great. Just really, really cool. Really inspiring how original it is. Nicely done!

Really cool. I was worried that it wouldn't make sense with how small the details are, but you made EXCELLENT use of animations and visual cues to convey everything. The game is fairly complex, but you just did a superb job of explaining the mechanics with visuals. Really, really solid.

Cool little horror game! The limited viewport really adds to the tension. Looks and sounds great. A map would have helped me out, the mansion is big!

Great original concept, really strong. I like how minimal it is - usually time oriented games have some complicated activation mechanism, but yours just goes. Really like that.

It's hard! I found it kind of overwhelming when all of my clones appeared. 

Very cool game! looks excellent too.

Great presentation! I was really impressed by the looks and sounds.

I might have actually slowed the game down a bit - you can move quite fast relative to the viewport and I was running into stuff.

Great game though! Loved the overall direction and presentation.

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Hi! Looks and sounds great. I can't get the game past the map screen though - is there some button combo to start the game? Playing on web.

Figured it out! You may just want to let the user use the arrow keys.

Nicely done! This is a great looking entry! I like that music too! Very smooth gameplay and controls.  Well done!

Thanks for playing! And thanks for sharing your score; I think I might have dialed the difficulty way too high on this one. I play a lot of Mr driller, so I guess my calibration is way off. I may back it off a bit before the jam ends. 

Got my dance party. whew! Nicely done.

cute! I very impressed that you fit all of these graphics into the code! it really looks great. The background is great too, very nice palette. Well done!


That was great. I was humming the  music from "Rad Racer" as I played. gameplay-wise, this is one of the best entries of played. Really fun! loved the changing time of day.

nice game! I got up to 57! really very beautiful. graphics are superb. 

Nice! great looking entry! I love that you fit in a tutorial to start the game. Love the scoring, doublejumping is fun. Really really solid.

Very pretty! Loved turning on manual then clicking like a maniac to get some lag. Great sounds, just a cool effect. Well done! Would love to see this effect in a big game.

16 seconds! 

Fun! can't believe you fit a walking sim into this. Nicely done!

I'm on windows desktop with Chrome browser, and the game is not loading for me. I can see the preview image, but when I click the "play" button (chevron?) nothing happens. It works on lexaloffle for me, but not here.

Hi! This response has been a long time coming.

You can access the source code here: Unfortunately, I made my own method for this, and it is pretty hard to follow. 

If I come up with a cleaner way to make these visuals, I will probably make a notice/post on this game, so stay tuned here. Otherwise, I recommend reading up on "raycasters," which can give you a very similar effect:

Just cosmetic. My kids wanted to have every game character they know be playable. Thanks for the compliment!