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Nicely done! This is a great looking entry! I like that music too! Very smooth gameplay and controls.  Well done!

Thanks for playing! And thanks for sharing your score; I think I might have dialed the difficulty way too high on this one. I play a lot of Mr driller, so I guess my calibration is way off. I may back it off a bit before the jam ends. 

Got my dance party. whew! Nicely done.

cute! I very impressed that you fit all of these graphics into the code! it really looks great. The background is great too, very nice palette. Well done!


That was great. I was humming the  music from "Rad Racer" as I played. gameplay-wise, this is one of the best entries of played. Really fun! loved the changing time of day.

nice game! I got up to 57! really very beautiful. graphics are superb. 

Nice! great looking entry! I love that you fit in a tutorial to start the game. Love the scoring, doublejumping is fun. Really really solid.

Very pretty! Loved turning on manual then clicking like a maniac to get some lag. Great sounds, just a cool effect. Well done! Would love to see this effect in a big game.

16 seconds! 

Fun! can't believe you fit a walking sim into this. Nicely done!

I'm on windows desktop with Chrome browser, and the game is not loading for me. I can see the preview image, but when I click the "play" button (chevron?) nothing happens. It works on lexaloffle for me, but not here.

Hi! This response has been a long time coming.

You can access the source code here: Unfortunately, I made my own method for this, and it is pretty hard to follow. 

If I come up with a cleaner way to make these visuals, I will probably make a notice/post on this game, so stay tuned here. Otherwise, I recommend reading up on "raycasters," which can give you a very similar effect:

Just cosmetic. My kids wanted to have every game character they know be playable. Thanks for the compliment!

thanks!! Those tails gave me quite a bit of trouble - they kept disappearing!

Thanks for playing! I need to make the strafing feature more obvious somehow. 

The gunner enemies can see you through walls right now, so you can almost always hear them trying to shoot at you. Sounds do not dampen over distance, so they are pretty obnoxious. 

fun! We got a lot of educational games this jam! 

I agree with other commenters that I think there are sometimes multiple words given the letters - would be good to recognize these. Even with that being said, I still had fun! Gave me my wordle fix in platformer form. Nicely done!

that was delightful lol. Gave me "mario teach typing" vibes. Maybe have the game speed up a bit over time? I'm ferocious with my times tables and I never missed anything, so I eventually just left. I love the timing  and the impact of the punches, really well done, very satisfying!

I live for jam games with names like "Libertarian micronation" lol. Also love the cover art, just makes me laugh, nice text wrapping lol.

I think the game has some potential. I like the idea of fishing things out and just making a city with what you've got. Would love to see it expanded. I think this is ripe for some dark humor, eg just throwing things overboard if you don't need them.

Well done!

Thanks! I agree that the graphics are a nauseating mess right now lol. I think the dithering is a far-from-perfect way to handle fog. Trust me though, it looks SO much worse without it lol.

Yea, walls are a suggestion in this game rather than a rule lol. The collision detection is embarrasingly simple. I settled for "good enough" just to make sure i finished. If i polish this up the collisions are gonna get some TLC.

My biggest visual gripe is that enemies are SO hard to see. I had envisioned you hitting them with your "rainbow gun" and they would become colorful, but i never added that part, so i left with these blah grey enemies that you can barely see lol. I think they might need flashing lights attahed to them so you can see them.

Thanks for playing! rest your eyes!

I gotta say, this looks great. You make me really want to try Godot, cuz this game just looks excellent. I like how tactile it is, too - its cool to just zoom around the board and look at your little pieces. Very creative use of assets.

I don't have anyone to play with here, so I was just poking at it by myself. I would probably have more to do if there was a 1vCPU mode. Also, the initial alotment of spaces takes a while - maybe 8 spaces per player is a lot to start with? Maybe have them doled out a little more gradually? Combat was cool - it was satisfying seeing my little guys go to battle.

Very cool job!

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Very cool game! Reminds me a tiny bit of a turn based startegy game "Hero Academy," which also greatly limited your actions per turn. I would love to see this fleshed out with sounds and some more missions! It was very satisfying once I learned how to fight enemies. I think you have just the right amount of depth here.

The game did lock up on me when i tried to capture the castle in the southeast. A little sad, but i still had fun. Well done!

That last one was tricky! This was a pretty clever puzzle game! Well done! I really struggle with making puzzles beyond "press this button to open the door."

I would love to see more of this. It would maybe be nice to have a fast forward button - maybe if you hold space it will move at 3x speed (you could just call your update loop 3x per draw call). I really enjoyed this!

I like the atmosphere here a lot, and the slow souls-like combat is a cool idea in pico8. I only made it to the first boss, and he knocked me flat. I also only got to him by avoiding combat and running away from everyone - the bats are really very hard to beat without taking a hit.

Maybe add a reward for fighting? A small health drop would at least encourage you to engage with enemies - right now they come so hard and fast and there is no reason to engage.

Nicely done.  I enjoy slow, deliberate platformers in pico8.

This was fun! I liked dropping trees and rocks on enemies. It took me a while to figure out the turret and tower building process, but it then clicked for me. 

I found the mouse controls to be a  little tricky. I would like to play that way, but the copter has a ton of inertia. Could you maybe set it so that when you click a spot, the copter will get there and stop there dependably?

Very cool game, and very creative use of the assets! Nicely done. 

Pygame! I salute you! I love python, and use it every day at work, but one thing I am not crazy about using it for is game making. Well done!

That being said, I am struggling with this a bit. I am really enjoying checking out all the things you can do, but I don't really understand what I am looking for once I check out prisoners. I can see four values (?) that then say yes or no, but I don't know where to go from there.

I could kind of use a video walkthrough on this one. That being said, This is a super cool idea! Nice job!

Man this was a campaign! Bravo for having such a fleshed-out game. I really though level layouts were good and the length of the levels was really good. The bobbing water physics made me laugh. Nice job!

I finished easy mode. I was able to cheese "open fire" and training with my musket to best my opponents pretty easily. Looking forward to trying the higher difficulties!

I normally don't like strategy games on pico8 but I just loved this. I think you really hit a sweet spot between complexity of mechanics and simplicity - I was never overwhelmed with options. I also really like having a player avatar - it's kind of pikmin-like (although ive never actually played those games).

I just loved this. Would be interesting to see a sequel that maybe takes terrain into account, or allows you some small control of artillery. Splendid job! I really like this.

Thanks! The gameplay is definitely not for everyone, i was more concerned with "if" i could do this than "should" i do this :) . Thanks for noticing the sprite! I was going for Cdr Keen meets Rainbow Brite.

Wow, this looks phenomenal! I love the cutscenes - you've injected so much character into the sprites I can hardly believe they are from the toy box!

I'm embarassed to say that I couldn't finish - I gave up on "whoa, two." While I do love the graphics, the tile sets have a lot of contrast, and I have trouble keeping focus of what is important, and what tiles are solid and are not. I also found the controls to be a tiny bit "sticky" - I was getting stuck on corners alot.

One of my favorites here still. Tons of polish. I will try to beat it!

Just wanted to add in that I loved the poetry. The fly-off at the end was also great. Big fan of this experimental work.

This was hilarious. It was really fun, and it just has a great sense of humor. I love the zoom in on the space station - very dramatic lol. Great game!

Thanks! I can't take too much credit for the tech - I built this off a raycaster demo that comes bundled with pico-8. There are some really insane 3d experiments happening in pico8, including but not limited to a DOOM wad.

Haha, this definitely sort of controls like the pre-Mario 64 days. Thanks for playing!

Wow. If there are references here, I didn't get them. That being said, this was pretty trippy and hilarious. Fun times!

Fun! I'm in to the slow hammer swings. The character has nice, snappy movement. I also like the use of tiles, the game has a very distinct look. Unfortunately, I got stuck in a door and could not progress any farther:

That is very tight timing on escaping that room! I didnt quite make it and got stuck. Nice job!

That was just great! I love how spacious it feels - lots of wide open jumping. Just a great game. I think you did a great job of keeping puzzle elements somewhat close together so you could see all of the important parts of a puzzle at once - reminds me of a gameboy platformer with a huge playable character sprite but it is still playable.

Great game. I loved it.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who put this together. Life continues to be insane, and this event was a nice reminder/kick in the pants to get creative. I probably wouldn't get anything done creatively without inspiring events like this.

Thanks That Tom Hall et al!

I liked this one! It is a fun twist on PACMAN-style gameplay.  I enjoyed the surprise of completely new item layouts happening, and I just thought that the enemies were really slick and simple.

It would be cool to have a randomly-generated maze for this.  Not sure how to implement that.

Nice job!

Thanks! It does have a very duke nukem feel. 

This game definitely suffers from ambition. The physics are flat-out bad - I never alotted any time to improve them beyond what is included in the cast demo, and they are not great.. I thought the auto-targeting would solve the strafing issue, but it didnt quite knock it out.

I'm also not super-happy about the texutres. I had originally envisioned this as more of a "explore an alien planet" game, and so i picked out dreary textures for my sprite sheet. By the time i pivoted to a more colorful character, I didn't have time to work in a bunch of pallet swaps.

I did all of the level design in about 1 hour at the end lol. Most of the development time I had 1 test room with a lump of all the interactables for testing.

I may try to polish this up - I think there's potential. Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah, the auto aim is not as dependable as I had hoped. I might tweak it before the jam ends.