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in this case of 4 colors max, does black count as a color?



oh yeah !!! so smart

aaargggh , is there a double jump or a wall jump to pick up these damn mouse???? ---  the game is amazing by the way

great ! art is so cool

i think it's ok 

DL in this page and on BBS

oh thanks! thanks to your Lazy game dev video so precious! But like it's a multicarts pico 8 game we don't know how to release on little help perhaps?

non pas feature … on pensait avoir désigné les niveaux pour que ça n’arrive plus mais … au premier rebond sur une ligne parfois la belle reste bloquée … j’en informe le service concerné 

ce "niveau" là? ____ 

ben le gameplay c’est quand même le cœur de l’expérience jeux vidéo 

so much work.... amazing

un café et un croissant !!! very nice idea and well realized... i want to take my coffee in this place with all the light... enjoy it

love the art and the story is really funny...lot of care in the animations, sound and feedback for the player... well done...just the fire is so hard to put out....good feeling about the stress of the work in a factory...

the idea of the game is very cool, It makes me want to have a little variety in the gameplay

love this kind of old platformer's of the robot is cool... it could be nice if we can fall down with the jump button and the down arrow

a lot of very good ideas of gameplay... and really in the theme. cool

nice idea a sneaking game... the art is cool but the sound for every move the player is doing is a little bit annoying...perhaps a sound for when the robot spot the player will be helpful

hey thanks you to play our game and for the advice.

merci pour le message, j'ai la larme à l'oeil. Pour les Game Jam grand est je suis sur le discord de COIN et sur celui de STRASBOURG GAMES COMMUNITY. Sinon je suis aussi le twitter de East Games (l'asso Grand Est JV). Sinon on fait des Jams en ligne comme celle-ci en fonction des devs que je suis...notamment la communauté PICO. Et là prochainement on va tenter la Jam organisée par Canard PC...on a pas commencé mais ça va le faire...ce serait cool de faire une Jam ensemble à l'occaz...on a bossé avec  une graphiste sur une jam qu'on a fait en Alsace au mois d'aout c'était trop bien... 

thx! we try to be cool...

thank you ! so kind

well, it's great.. very simple gameplay but with a clever level design and some cool graphics... i think i'm jealous

this is videogame!

really cool tower and defense, art is minimalist but in the good way... well balanced and very smart in the controls...and i've finished the easy mode ! Believe in your dreams !

so cool...pure game design...and thanks for the mac version!!!

very clever.... it remains me escape goat

nice level design...very cool game

great game like always with feel and game juice are on top and it's a real pleasure to play...

what a fuckin' good idea!!! laser beam is terrible!!!

love your game, pixel art is gorgeous. It reminds me a brawler like curses'n'chaos from tribute games... each pilot have a different weapon and subweapon...very cool...congrats

oh yeah...THIS bug about the chicken who don't follow you...sorry about that...

thx a lot, cannot get over that u like our game!!! it's like an achievement for me.

thx you're the best!!!!

you're a genius or what? very inspiring work for me


hi, your game is cool, instant arcade 80's flavor ... i love your art too

oh yeah plz

oh yeah to rise again you have to press the jump button until you get up....thx you all for your comments... we understand that we need to work on the feedback and tutorial in our game

filou...combien tu scores?