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feel free to post it here or create your own i doubt hed mind and im excited to see!

Thank you so much loved the commentary and figured the puzzles out very well! there is more to the first level as well maybe even some entities hiding in there.


Hey i will look into this tonight!

Thanks for the excellent feedback! I will address these issues in the next update to the game. Thanks again for playing and the wonderful feedback so I can improve the game as I finish the Alpha Build.

Ill check this out tonight! it maybe a prerequisite error. 

Thanks bob we really appreciate it!

Thanks sir i will include a prerequisite download in the next update! 

Thanks Sir!

Thanks for the help!

Fixed the issue thanks so much for reporting it here! Out of the 60+ downloads we got the 17th your the only one to point it out. 

i think you may have gotten one of the debugging versions by accident! gonna check real quick.

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Hey thanks for the comment! Keep at it and im sure you'll be able to create something in either  Godot or UE4,  While I used ue4 for this many other engines might have been better. Something like Game Maker Studio 2 or Gotdot for as simple as the game is but I enjoy ue4 so ive stuck with it! 

Good luck and feel free to find me in the Discord to chat more!

Kody Stone | Developer#5892

hey thanks for the feedback i can up the health if its an issue!

it was enabled for me about 30 minutes after this post, being in the discord helps a lot! 

Of course hope you enjoy the game! 

Hello all Kody Stone here I am excited to announce Amidst Twilight a rouge-like that uses randomly generated item and enemy placement each play through is unique. 

Collect your life's story scattered throughout the dungeon to help a poor lost soul pass on.


  • Randomly Generated Levels
  • 12 unique mobs 
  • 20+ healing items 
  • 3 weapon types with much more to come
  • crisp pretty pixel art
  • 3 unique boss fights that are randomly generated 

Banner Art by RoyRuby#5438 

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Great game with unique game-play i went in thinking it would be a 2D Silent Hill game instead it surprised me in a good way. A very interesting take on the themes of Silent Hill 2 and what James wife is experiencing in the game through James Story. 

TBH i think that was the point, the game tells you to focus on the good thoughts but the gameplay requires you to focus on bad thoughts so it makes the player think the good thoughts are the point, however this is a Silent hill demake meaning its going to be dark and sad.

Hey folks I saw you can submit games made in the past and I am happy to submit a game me and few friends made about SCP-087 one of my favorites! Let us know what you think as it was one of our very first game ventures and was lots of fun to make.

lol i feel like such a dummy just checked it out further and found a random input in the project settings for jumping aside from the standard one. thanks again for the feedback and have a wonderful day!

Its mostly just a story game not meant to have winners or losers just telling a small story.

You can sell tiered items and set up easy tiered payment say you wan to offer one project or game for 5 dollars and another for 10 ect ect then you can upload them all and set the prices as youd like all on one page, weve done this with products offering a cheaper smaller version for those who paid 15 and a larger version for $40 sounds about the same as youd like to do with your products!

Hello, I am reaching out to request custom CSS for my Creators page on, we use it as a landing site for our games and studio and would like to be able to customize its look further then the HTML and Edit theme options will allow. 

Thanks in advance!

reach out to me in the Discord on your decision @Kodystone | Slime Studios#5892

I just so happen to have a game I want to finish that is only lacking a story do you have a Discord App account? Here is a image from the game contact me for more information! 

will be picking up ASAP looks wonderful!

It just happened in our Slime Jam In our discord server. Most games are clearly marked.

Ive actually seen this happen with not only our games but also with Game Jams, people complaining games wont run when they are trying to open a .exe on a Android Tablet OS.

Thanks for the heads up ill make sure to spread the word! Thanks for all the hard work guys.

AWESOME GAME wonderful use of our assets!

Perfect 10/10

fantastic thank you!

I do not have an answer to this 

This was a fun game that took me a minute to understand lol looks simple at first but ended up being harder then i expected!

Awesome game love the 80's feel.