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Payout destination issue: how to solve

A topic by No Time To Play created Apr 15, 2018 Views: 212 Replies: 2
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Hey, everyone. If your Payouts page in the dashboard suddenly says you have no payout destination connected where the Initiate payout button should be, look at the bottom of the page! You'll see instructions and a button that lets you connect the and PayPal accounts.

This may seem obvious, but a bunch of people have been asking lately, and when it happened to me, I almost fired an e-mail to support before, you know, thinking to scroll all the way down. So you're not alone.


Thanks for the post. We were going to email everyone to update their information but we were trying to get in some additional functionality out first.

Thanks for the heads up ill make sure to spread the word! Thanks for all the hard work guys.