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A really interesting concept. I got stuck at one point, unable to interact with one of the lamps, and also one of the switches. I enjoyed the parts of the game I was able to play though. A simpler tutorial puzzle, or more on-screen prompts explaining the mechanics would probably have helped. I loved the UI select sounds in the menu, but it was frustrating not to have a similar sound for going back/closing a window. Some great sounds in the main gameplay portions helped to elevate the aesthetics overall, and set a tone for the game.

Thanks for sharing.

A pleasant and simple game. I enjoyed talking to the characters, who all seemed well spaced out. All very generous with their bread, too, which is always a positive. I like a jam game that is easy to complete, and holds my attention throughout. This did that. Some audio would be great...


Thanks! I probably will add these features once the jam rating and judging period is over. I also wanted the level three blunderbuss to have a scatter shot, and some other changes too. 

Fair enough. Ratings help the teams be rewarded for where they put in their efforts though, so I'd encourage you to at least rate the games where you are impressed by specific aspects of the games.

Also, could you check that your rating has saved? I'm missing one compared to the number of comments. Thanks a bunch!

Oh no, how ombarrassing!!! (I also specifically googled how to spell pursuing only to write persuing in the rush to submit on time). 

The player is invulnerable for tgree seconds on respawn. I don't communicate this well (or at all) but it should give you some time to move out of the way before getting killed.

I'll address both of these issues in the polish version today. Thanks for pointing them out!! 

Thanks for the kind words. Any suggestions for improving the controls? I guess that Asteroids-style controls aren't for everyone, but is there anything specific you would like to be changed? 

Thanks for checking!! 


Can you check that the rating saved? I'm missing one. Thanks a bunch! 

Can you check that the rating saved? I'm missing one. Thanks a bunch! 

Mine is yeah. I noticed this on my own submission, too. Can you check that yours saved? 

Thanks for noticing! Originally, you were going to need to abandon your dreams to survive, but I felt that gave the wrong message. I'm more optimistic than that!

I'd love to do a web build, but I used Wwise, so i can't.

Yes, but going back and forward from a puddle into your trail tops up your health to full. Is that a bug or a feature? 

A really interesting concept, and rather ambitious for a jam! I did get frustrated with the janky controls in the dining room though. I felt like I was being attacked by all the chairs, struggling to only 'interact' with one object at a time, or to reliably choose which object that would be.

Great work! I especially liked the 3D art, and the music fit the mood of the game really well.

Great music: it fit the fantasy setting with the wizards while also communicating the sliminess. The concept was interesting, but I'm not sure how much sense it makes that dipping in and out of a puddle to eat your own slime can refill your entire health from anywhere with a puddle in the level. Also, I got stuck on the wizards a number of times, and had to reload the itch page to try again. It would be nice if the wizards just killed me faster, let me escape or if there was a button to press to quickly reset a level.

Thanks for sharing!

Awesome. You really pulled it out of the bag in 4 hours. Great concept, brilliantly executed. The striking and simplistic art style is a strength, as is the concept and gameplay. Obviously the sound could be improved, but as a game, this is great. I'd love for scoring to be added. Please consider this request a bug report, and 'polish' a high score feature in there, because I could definitely sink a lot more time into this.

Thanks for sharing, and WELL DONE for pulling this together in only 4 hours. I'm really glad I got to play it :)

Fun game! I notice a similarity in the music between this and Six Sided Solids: you definitely have a style! I had fun learning the mechanics, which were pretty intuitive, while failing to win at first. Watching the match resolve between AIs helped with this learning, and I was able to win on the third or fourth game, I think. I imagine that the two player mode would be even better, and do plan to check it out.

A brilliant submission, especially considering that you've been unwell. Thanks for sharing!

Great fun. Having to pick up my arm from right by the enemies was the perfect punishment for sloppy shooting, and made me be more careful and precise. I'd love for more of the interactions to have audio, and a soundtrack could do a lot of mood-setting and fill out the narrative: Who am I? Where am I? Things can be implied in the music. I loved that sometimes, the levels were a lot easier if you just left something behind and RAN.

Great work for a solo entry! Doing everything is quite exhausting, isn't it?

Great concept, and awesome art, but the game is FAR too hard to be fun. I couldn't get past the second bridge. Well worth patching the game to be MUCH easier so that other people can play a bigger chunk of your game and get to enjoy the hard work you put into the art and all the other parts of the game I can't progress to. Thanks for sharing.

Congratulations on submitting as a solo dev. I also did, and it's hard work! An interesting, if a little frustrating, mechanic with the unlocking camera to zoom out and investigate the levels. I got stuck on the fourth level. I guess there is something to do with the tracks I'm leaving, but I can't work out if they affect the wolf or not.

Thanks for sharing!

There should be a different set of bad thoughts/enemies/asteroids per level. I'll have a look at fixing that bug during the polish phase. Thanks for the feedback :) 

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed what makes our game different.

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks js for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it :) 

Thanks for playing and providing feedback :) 

Thanks. Yeah, we should chat :) 

Yeah, I played the second polish version and had the loading delay on that version.

Amazing, just amazing. I loved the puzzles, the aesthetics, and the fact that you have a level editor is super impressive and the icing on the cake.

Just a few suggestions for improvements, and these are all just to improve what is already a great game:

There is the potential to use musical sfx to a greater extent. The general rotate sfx did not gel with the background music, and feel part of it, in the same way that the cymbal crashes for success did. If you pushed this idea, perhaps using a melodic note on a synth that fits the harmony and timbral sophistication of the bgm, with the note chosen randomly from a scale, or ascending, even following a composed sequence of notes etc, it would be really nice.

The menus look gorgeous, but it would feel better if they were a little more responsive. Choosing a level quickly, it felt like the game was waiting for the animation to finish before starting the level. I'm not sure if this is because you are waiting for the level to load first, before changing what can be seen?

Anyway, don't worry about the above too much, I am so impressed with your game and I will definitely revisit the level editor when I have more time.

Thanks for sharing. I reaaally like this one.

This was a nice little experience. Knowing that I would have one enemy and one bullet made it feel quite tense, as did the ambience, and the creepy nature of the enemy.

The enemy really needed to make sound though. It could add a whole extra dimension to the game trying to both keep away from the enemy and try to find the way out, or to deliberately hunt the enemy down so they are dealt with, ready to then search for the escape. I'd also make the ambience a little louder, as your own footsteps are super dominant.

Some variation in the environment might help with navigation too, although I don't know if you want to make that any easier.

What is in the game works really well, and you did well to put it all together on your own. Good stuff!

Thanks for sharing.

I quite possibly just missed it

In fact I think I see it now!

Cool, I'd probably have listed the music in the asset packs part of the submission page, for clarity. Great choice on the track, it really works!

This is the most fun I've had playing the jam games so far! Gameplay is the strongest point, and it seems like a lot of work was put into having lots of weapons, a few different enemies, and a great combat/store loop the ensure the player has a lot of fun. Toilet roll being a currency was a funny reminder of the early days of lockdown. Nice touch.

My suggestions for improvements start with the audio. Since you are using asset packs, there isn't really a good reason not to include sounds for every interaction and/or event. The menu and UI felt a bit dead since there were sounds missing there, and exploding barrels were silent. It also took me far too long to realise that some enemies were holding shields. If there were different sound effects for enemies being hit successfully and damaged (a grunt, for example), and an enemy's shield being hit (a smug laugh at your failure to hurt them) then this feedback would clue the player into the mechanics much faster (ie stupid old me, struggling to work out why I killed the first enemy with no problem, but the others seemed invincible).

One improvement you could make to the visuals is to have the little rolling enemies contrast with the colour of the floor for better readability. They were quite difficult to spot quickly, and this game is all about quick reactions!

Overall, a really solid submission! Thanks for sharing.

By the way that you have credited the composer, it looks like you just used someone's existing music? If that's not the case, and the composer made the music for the jam specifically, then let me know and I'll amend my audio rating, because the music was great and really suited the game!

Do you mean that the character visual designs and other visuals in the game don't match up well? Or something else? We had some bespoke visuals (the characters, items, inventory etc) and made use of an asset pack for the environment, so they wouldn't match up perfectly. With a team of two, focus had to be placed where it made sense to place it.

Thanks for the kind words on the concept and use of the theme. I'm also glad you liked the M. Night Shyamalan moment!

As the sound designer and composer, my ego is only a little bruised that you didn't mention audio ;) 

Thanks for playing and for taking the time to provide feedback! 

This isn't running very well in my browser. Any chance of uploading a downloadable version so it runs smoother? I don't want to play and rate it if it isn't running smoothly, as I want to see the game in the best light. Thanks.

I really liked the music and thought that it suited the mood of the game really well. You might want to fix the loop of the track on the main menu though: there is a click as the track finishes and loops back to the start. I've found that, if a wav loops seamlessly, compressing to an mp3 can still cause problems (clicks or other audio glitches as the music loops back around) but ogg files tend to keep a seamless loop if you achieve one with a wav. Worth looking into for polish week? I'd also consider adding in sfx for different interactions (jumping, reaching the portal, interacting with the user interface and menu buttons etc) and it would be great if the character disappeared as it reaches the portals, too.

I actually found the gameplay to be one of the more interesting aspects of the game. Like you say, there is probably lots of possibility to add complexity and interest in the level design, and perhaps to introduce additional mechanics if you develop this further.

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed playing this :)

Thanks a lot! :)