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Egg on a Rock

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I mean it's funny and I had a blast, but I gotta say this more subjective game play really is interesting! I feel like that type of game play could be explored further!

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The enemy attacks were difficult to predict, but the movement and shooting felt smooth and kept CadenJO entertained for over 30 minutes in the Discord chat, so that says something as well 

Took me a while to figure out the controls, but definitely worth it! Great fun, happy little amoeba

Remarkable, definitely style points!

I like the puzzel design, simple mechanics that work well together. Clean design especially for a game jam!

Wow that was genuinely intense! And then the cutscene, fancy distorted font and man that music! Blown away by this! The heart animation as well! 
Massive props! Only feedback to give, at some point it got so intense, I forgot about the hue mechanic and just mashed the move buttons like a maniac. So the main mechanic took a backseat and felt more like a gimmick instead of the main mechanic. 

Again, super intense, great fun!

Happy to hear that! :D

Very nice, it's fun to play. 

Adding sound and bosses could really bring this to the next level as a tower defense game. But in it's current state it's already enjoyable, though after a while it does start to lag a lot. Perhaps changing difficulty by transitioning to stronger enemies and stronger projectiles instead of increasing the amount would help performance.
The minimalistic sprites are readable and work well.
One gameplay remark, the beggar, or old man with coin only comes facing to the right, so that created a bit of an uneven battlefield, which could be interesting, but left my left side rather empty with very few turrets.
Here's a screenshot just before I stopped due to lag:

Too bad there was a bug within the menu! But with the link to the fixed version I could play it :)

The narration is nice, it makes it feel like you're guided through the game. I also like how you introduced the mechanics and updated the art, we had a similar idea for that. Nice submission, works well after the menu. Some sounds could have really helped to sell the movement, the guns and the levers and doors. And a win screen or something can make the player feel rewarded for completing the game, because if I understand correctly it resets the game back to level 1 after you finish the last level, right?

Overall a nice game, it works well in the theme and shows the progression of building a concept and prototyping!

Pfew, it's a tough game! Perhaps with some visuals that indicate the cooldowns as well as a more generous hitbox with the spell attacks, it would be easier to pick up. But very nice none the less! Especially the animations, they're so smooth and full of personality! They remind me of the old Prince of Persia game (1989). Great submission and very impressive, especially as a first game!

Ah thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

The browser game seems to be missing, and I can't seem to access the files in the .zip folder either. Did something happen?

That was really cool, especially impressive since you made it in such a short time! I loved the cutscenes, the particles and character animations and the hanging platforms as well.

Moving through the level was a bit tricky though because the platforms are almost the same color as the background. But it's a really cool entry, I had fun playing it!

"You seem to be enjoying this too much."
Yes, absolutely yes.

A really nice game, it fits the jam perfectly and feels like a completed game.
I loved the witty remarks and employees being a plank.

I really liked it, especially with the boss battle, however the attacking and dashing felt a bit clunky for me, so after numerous attempts I sadly wasn't able to beat the boss.
But a very cool game, looks good and interesting gameplay.