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Thanks for playing and for the feedback! Had some ideas on how to achieve this, but in the end I ran out of time!

thank you for playing, glad it was enjoyable!

thanks for playing!

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Aw, sorry about that, haven't tested that enough I guess :( I only used chrome during testing.

Thanks for giving it a try anyway!

Here's mine, One Arrow!

Cool idea, this has a lot of potential

I was expecting a bit more fast paced mini-game type challenge, kind of like wario ware! I like the core concept, but the second maze put the target outside of the screen, so it wasn't really beatable. Good effort!

Good concept, like mentioned I just think the interaction between enemies and player needs some tweaking, feels very unforgiving atm!

Nice idea, I feel like the controls was the biggest challenge, and I don't really feel like I needed to follow all the objectives to complete it, I think I kind of cheesed it! But good job!

Interesting concept! I like the idea of every action using a variation of the stick, it just feels a bit finicky at the moment to execute some things reliably, but a good start!

Simple but very effective concept! Really enjoyable to play! Presentation is great,  just missing some banging background music!

Haha, this is so cool! Love the little fella! Great game!

Cool concept, really great presentation! It's very difficult!

That's a cool little concept!

It was hard to know what killed me a lot of the times, felt a bit random occasionally, but otherwise it was enjoyable!

So chaotic! Wouldn't want to be on that plane!

Great idea and execution!

Thanks for playing, hope it wasn't too frustrating!

This was just cute, clever and really dang good! Had a great time! And what an ending!

Some music would have made it perfect, just to get into the correct mood!

Very interesting mechanic, great job on the destructible environments! The atmosphere felt tense, imagine with some scary music and sound effects for the monsters!

This was horrifying, such an ominous atmosphere! Very interesting take on the theme, and much more challenging and fun than I would have suspected! Great job!

thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing, glad you liked it! 

I guess I shouldn't underestimate the impact of letting the user figure things out at their own pace!

Would have loved to add more content, sometimes time just slips away, but maybe I can update it as a learning exercise!

Great presentation, really polished! Very challenging to pull off a perfect dance routine, but definitely fun to play!

Cool concept, and really nice presentation with the art and sound!

I feel like the design would work even better in smaller levels, so the focus was more on remembering the layout, since the current view allows you to see enough around your character that you can safely navigate most obstacles without knowing where you're going, as long as your going slow enough.

Good work!

Cool idea, nice presentation, only missing some banging music to get you feeling even more awesome!

This is sooooo good! The only thing I would say is that the control scheme is a bit finicky, as other mentioned, but on a whole this is amazing, so impressive!

Thanks for playing!

Sounds reasonable, a more favorable angle could be all that's needed!

That's a lot of game in 48 hours, good job! I really like the core concept, though the controls were a bit finicky at times. I feel like it's missing some kind of indicator to show you your angle (a vector opposite of where the mouse is from the character), and pushing off was killing too much forward momentum. For example, when rolling down a hill with a lot of speed, I feel like pushing of straight down should still maintain that forward motion and do a large jump, but it seems like pushing of was cancelling any speed you had, throwing you mostly up.

All in all, really solid game!

Nice concept, I liked the puzzle element of having to think about your strategy when you were on the wrong score and time was running out!

Would have helped to see some kind of cursor to show where you're aiming, as it is very easy to get your mouse pointer outside of the window and lose focus

This is very clever, would like to keep playing more levels!

The speed on some levels could use some tweaking as they were very slow, just waiting for the marbles to fall. I would love it if it was more of a speed challenge, maybe with random levels and you had to keep going for as long as you could!

Great work!

Cool concept! Also quite challenging! Have to strategize to know when to spend your powerup, having it on cooldown can be a death penalty! Really like the art, very clean!

Felt tricky to know exactly which lane you were in sometimes, especially with some of the obstacles, maybe something could be done to clarify that!

Thanks for playing! Was hoping to spend some more time fleshing out the mechanics and building more levels, but in the end I ran out of time :)

thanks for trying it out! Yes, I think I could have focused more on explaining the mechanics to the player :)

thanks for playing! That's probably a better idea with the buttons remapped, didn't think of that :) will keep it in mind!