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first, watch me play: 

it's really good! i'm impressed knowing that you're just learning all this!

  • the most impressive feature is wall jumping, i definitely didn't expect that
  • physics puzzling was a nice idea, def worth testing and it made sense (a classic push and jump puzzle, nice choice)
  • i like collecting stuff, so big gold cubes was a great idea
  • the game is a very good shortness for a first game
  • winning was obvious, big points for clear feedback!
  • i'm further impressed i couldn't jump off the edge, you wizard
  • art looks good, too, btw, you focused on the character which is seen the whole time and that i am expected to relate to and want to help/become, plus the platforms and pickups were as complicated as they needed to be

some other notes or suggestions (feel free to ignore all):

  • obviously, clean up the download to only have one exe and no project files or other extras that are easy to avoid with some planning and trial/error
  • my gamepad's joystick input worked for movement, just add a jump button and this game will be perfect for gamepad and make wall jumping tons easier!
  • toss the status of this project to prototype and update it periodically with more polish and maybe more content, but polish > content much of the time
  • the most important missing polish is sound effects, everything should have one, especially every player action or interaction
  • make more games and share them (:

great work!

this is such a magical experience! i was tense but enchanted as i wandered the eerie and beautiful world and discovered its creatures and artifacts... i got sucked in, played as far as possible, now i wish there was more... very nicely done! huge fan of this! such a sense of huge ancient wonder and little charming characters

wow! this is gorgeous! fun to fly! esp through clouds ((:

hey not bad! i didn't realize the goal of the game until i got the game over screen, so now i might be up for playing again once i'm in the mood again to click a bunch, but i really love traveling and taking part in the economy across these worlds, the risk of trying things for random fail/win scenarios was exciting and tense, although felt a bit too random to be worth risks at times, but overall i can say i enjoyed this and i think some refinement would go a long way... would be happy to offer further feedback if you thought it helpful, thanks for sharing this! (:

aha! mud tiles now make sense, i just didn't get to enjoy their behavior. and yeah bombs def confused me, but i didn't worry about it since it didn't make me lose. basically, if i can still play and win and feel the game is not being unfair, i'm happy, so flaws and flukes like that are easy to forgive. thanks for splaining!

i will look forward to future updates so i can try out the other cool stuff. (:

hey! seems like a good start! (: played it until it dropped me to desktop, so i think i'm a winner winner... obviously a win screen would clarify, or at least a drop to title

controls seemed fine, though we need gamepad STAT! cuz i love me some gamepad, but plays fine on keyboard

i do like the use of the space key, felt intuitive and comfortable from WASD, but my silly brain didn't realize i needed another key at first, i think i would pickup 1 water and walk over 1 fire tile... the fire hose action wasn't obvious, but it is cool as it did more than i expected...

also i'm unclear how many units of water i pick up, the ability to put out fires lasted much longer than i expected, i thought picking up 1 water would be good for one chance at putting out one fire or at least one line of fires with the fire hose... if water is ammo, i guess i would like an ammo counter

i was confused by the cracked mud tiles, they added nice visual variety but i expected them to do something different from the green grass tiles, however, i never noticed anything... similarly, i picked up bombs but never tried them, so no idea about that

to get really petty, the third level or so seemed pointless, but maybe it was the mud tiles had a hidden purpose and i simply never experienced it

overall, game was cool! no wait, add sound effects! omg, it's such a silent game, but even if you don't add music (which i know you will, and i agree) the sound effects will instantly juice the game

hope this is helpful! keep it up, you're doing good work!

cute dog game... i was confused about movement at first, but quickly caught on... used a gamepad, too, but had to use dpad cuz joystick was def not mapped in a way that made sense to me... overall played pretty well and the scrunchy face pose when he bumps is adorable... love the glowing hearts, of course, and also thought the falling snow effect was nice, including at the exit to the dungeon, nice touch! very nicely done!

i think the pending solution is what i'm looking for since i have a password protected game and i want to share only a single password with a single small closed group of testers, so is there any news on that front?

aha! thanks so much, i do see it now that i've uploaded


Was just filling out the form for a new game I'm about to publish, but was surprised I couldn't find the Install Instructions field. When I look at my previously uploaded games, I see this field just under the Custom Noun field toward the bottom of the form.

  1. Is this field no longer supported going forward?
  2. Where would I find out when changes are made to creator forms?

Thank you,
— Drew

wow! that works perfectly for me! and i hear it's going to become part of the website eventually, so i'm stoked for that.

thank you so much! you guys are superb wizards! (:

hi! i really enjoy the itch client, but would love it if i could more easily switch to it from the website.

what i mean is i often stumble across a new game because someone shares a link to a game's page on itch, which when clicked simply launches a web browser tab to show me the game on your website directly. i'd much rather see it in the client because i'd rather install it in the client to take advantage of automatic downloads, etc.

i've seen both desktop and mobile apps play nicely with their related websites, like discord and spotify/soundcloud. if you open one of their URL's on your desktop or mobile device, they provide an easy way to launch the respective app and take you directly to the thing you were looking for based on the URL.

i definitely don't understand the technology behind all this, so maybe there's a technical reason you don't do this already, but i do want to put in my request for such a feature as it'd help me use your client much more often.

thanks for your time!

- Drew

i do not have Avast. i did disable AVG antivirus but there was no improvement. so you know, i'm running Win7 64. i did also try to disable my windows firewall, even though it hadn't notified me that it was blocking your app. still no fix found.

to recap: the splash shows for a moment and then the screen goes black and i can see that an app named 88032.exe is running in the background... it doesn't seem to be frozen as it doesn't show Not Responding. my mouse cursor over the black screen app shows the blue wheel of infinite waiting, so i guess it's doing something.

yay! what'd i win? (%

omg! so good!!!! i'm not even sure what's happening the entire time, but placing blocks (and invisible blocks especially) is really fun! i didn't go very far, but i felt like i was hacking the matrix in that initial area when i decided to get creative... is this normal?? ((:

btw, LOVE the music!

killer box art design! (: also game has some rad style, based on the screenshots...

unfortunately, i only got as far as a small splash image and then a black screen... had to force close the app, it never seemed to load or run properly, but keep me posted if something changes cuz i'd still like to play it!

thanks for the reply!

i'm still confused, because on the Edit Game page, i don't see the word "demo" anywhere. i don't see a checkbox labeled "This is a demo" or an option for "This file is a demo and can be downloaded for free". has this feature changed since you posted this info?

as a result, i'm still having trouble, although the solution might be right in front of me simply labeled differently.

question about the demo feature:

if i already have a game with a downloadable file, how do i set it to be the free demo and switch the game over to paid along with the upload of a new download file for the full version of the game?

was this replaced by the "set a different price for this file" feature? do i simply set the demo price to zero?

also somewhat related, is there an option for a maximum price so people don't feel pressure to tip me?

Thanks for the quick response, but I believe we've had a miscommunication. It's very clear that you will never support RAR and I think that makes sense. That's not at all what I'm asking about. The problem I'm experiencing is the Itch App is hounding me every few minutes if a game I have subscribed to is packaged up by its developer in RAR format. It's popping up the same error on my screen every five minutes or so, interrupting my work and my twitch stream.

In other words, this is a request for you to disable this error message within the Itch App. Please. I see no reason to punish all users. Why not just prevent the RAR packaged game from operating and mark it with an icon or a link to more info? This is simply a complaint about repetitive pop up errors in the Itch App.

I keep getting an Itch App error warning me that one of the games in my collection by another developer is using RAR. Am I going to be hounded by this error every few minutes until the developer changes their packaging format? I'd rather the Itch App simply warn me when I try to install or update the game but not automatically...(just popped up the error again)...every few minutes.