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lol DANG IT i died... this game is awesome! i discovered it because of this video: and immediately wanted to play for myself just a few minutes into watching so it wouldn't be spoiled.

i love the challenge of holding lots of information in my head at once and attempting to get everything exactly right. the laboratory feels really cool like crazy things can be done in there.

while i did read about Corruption and i kept the room lit, i never noticed any "masks" and eventually the room started going nuts and went dark and, well, ya know...

it wasn't clear to me why i failed, because i was operating experiments correctly, although my first creation was the opposite of what i needed and wasn't sure how to get rid of it, so i placed it on a shelf and was in the middle of the it correctly. lights were kept going for the most part pretty well.

anyway, GREAT concept, but the controls are a touch awkward and get in the way... i instantly remapped to WASD (thank you for allowing that) and the forward/backward/look-up/look-down, while very cool, was way too extreme, but maybe it was the mouse look was too sensitive

if you are interested in improving the mouse controls, i'll be thrilled to play the game more and give further feedback. love the experience, will tell my horror loving friends.

also, good final moment, i jumped and then laughed. ace.

Hi ! Thanks for your feedback :)

I just uploaded a version where mouse sensitivity is down, and I have clamped the camera higher so that you don't smash your head against tables. Would you mind telling me if it's any better?

Other than that thank you for your appreciation and support !! I'm glad you had a good experience.


Here you go if you are curious -