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Distribute restricted builds via itch app?

A topic by Super Retro Maker created Jan 06, 2017 Views: 240 Replies: 5
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Is this possible or will it be possible soon?




It's possible - you can simply generate download keys for your testers.

If you're talking about pages protected by a password - that's pending, it'll land in the stable version of the app soon(TM).

i think the pending solution is what i'm looking for since i have a password protected game and i want to share only a single password with a single small closed group of testers, so is there any news on that front?

Thanks for the response. I couldn't figure out how to "redeem" the download key in the app or otherwise get the app to manage my game. If I go to the download page in the app, it just downloads the zip file and doesn't try to install it. I was able to generate and redeem a key outside of the app, but then I don't get updates or an itch api key passed to my game. What am I missing?




You'll want to make sure the keys you generate can be claimed. Since the app can only download from a user's account, it's not possible to use unlinked download keys. Once someone claims key to a restricted game then they'll be able to download it in the app as normal.


Got it, thanks!