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Created a new topic Phoenix Point demo
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Hey HOF, have you checked out the combat demo of Phoenix Point? It's very refined, i thought since you folks are using a system similar to this, it could give you good pointers about refining your own game.

Demo youtube: 

Alright, cool stuff, just don,t burst it too much on the voices budget, want you to be able to invest in other things!

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I got a serious bug, i finished my first mission, the new recruit got added to my roster, but the other permanent team member disappeared, the other died during the mission from the ambush (They sure got many enemies, i'll be prepared next times), but yeah, roster issue. It also looks like the merc i used isn't showing up in the merc list.

As for the voices, as i suggested, allow them to be turned on/off, it's an easy solving for both parties, though ambient sound is definitely needed in either cases.

Created a new topic Version 40 Feedbacks
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Alright, here's the things that jumped at me like a sore eye within the 15 first minutes:

The voice acting removal, it's not too quiet, i enjoyed the voices, now the game is just too quiet because it has no background ambient sounds, i'd suggest letting the voices in and give the players the option to make it on/off, some people may like the silence, i personally enjoyed the voices more.

The time delay: Overwatch can be sped up by 2 or 3 times, it's still too slow before it goes for the next turn.

Starting team members: I want to be able to customize them, i hope this feature will be brought back, i don't want to start with random jacks that i have no love for.

Starting merc: Would it be possible to just not hire a merc at the start? I want to keep the 50 credit.

Inventory scrolling: When scrolling down or up with the mouse wheel, it's waaaaaaaaay tooo slow.

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So it auto loot the loot boxes as well? I think it's a very nice quality of life thing, and it simplify the looting!

Oh wait i've read this wrong, it auto end if we looted everything, ok.

Alright, i'll give 40 a shot later Hof, i was eagerly waiting for it!

It's tough being on a tight budget, hopefully you'll get enough sales on release.

Right now the game remove the twitchy finger buff of the wildcat when you do a free reload, though technically it should not do that as the reload does not cost an action, is it intended?

Alright more ideas...

Special unique/story characters that you can find while exploring with unique skills, these will stay in your team permanently, but will ask a fee every times they are released on a mission, like mercs, but in the permanent roster, though unlike mercs, their fee is fixed, they don't cost more as they level up. (I know you had plans for special characters already, this is just another way to get some), they could also have their own story line and quests as optional quests.

Powerful consumables that once used, are lost, they are more efficient than the reusable consumables.

Purchasing unlockable hairstyles, i want a fancy ponytail for my wildcat conqueress :p (I am very biased, i just love wildcat, so deadly)

Purchasing unlockable cosmetic clothes that can override the functional armor.

An influence system that allow you to raise affinity with your team mates, purchase them gifts. Affinity could do various things.

Tax collector zombies! (jk)

I'll post more if i brainstorm again!

What says you Hof? Aye or nay? Should i try to think of something else instead?

Alright, i'll throw out some ideas, hopefully some of them will be good:

The higher the rank invested the more money it cost.

Region bonuses: Extra cash earned, more XP in this region, merchant on mission field discounts, base vendor discount in this region, higher chances of a favorable find when investigating nodes (Finding loot instead of having to fight), discount on fuel merchants, fuel efficiency during travel (1 fuel reimbursed every/nodes), investing money to raise the value of missions in the region (better starting money and end mission payouts), etc.

Upgrades: Team mates cybernetic implants, weapons/armor one-time stat adding, more health to subs, more fuel capacity to subs, discount on rented sub prices, discount on mercenaries, discount on repair and refueling owned subs, more special missions available per informant payout, fuel start efficiency (Does not cost fuel units for # of nodes traveled ex: 3 first nodes cost 0 fuel, then fuel start degrading), etc.

Created a new topic Inquiry: Base funds
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What are the plans for the accumulated funds stashed at the base? What will be the money sinks? Upgrades? Region bonuses?

After completion some of the republic missions i had access to armored and medic sub, though unlike the standard sub, they were showing no health, i was a bit confused, then had decided to equip a sub then cancel, then the equipped sub was showing the health, i then had to do the same thing to the other sub so i could see it's health.

What does the Shots++ stat does exactly? Does it allow to shoot more bullets per action?

Replied to HOF Studios in About v039
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My permanent team members should always carry what they have equipped, personally if i want to change anything, i want it for me to decide, mercenary though is logical, unequip those. Though i could suggest a "Unequip all" button.

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Alright, my wildcat is surrounded by 4 raider scums, i empty my clip and i am victorious! But the cash is spread all over the fracking place...

My quality of life suggestion is to add a key that would allow you to click anywhere and the path it will create will be the character moving to take the nearest loot to him/her, then the next one, then the next one... until the character cannot move anymore or there is no more loot in sight left to grab.

It would go well with holding shift then left clicking, it would show a looting path to confirm, then click again to move and loot. Awesome to swipe all the loot in a turn instead of spending it over a few turns.

I reported it in another thread already, it is a thing they will fix, your equipment is in your general inventory, you need to re-equip it all.

So far the one i found the funnest was a dual dialogue between my 2 team mates about needing to take a bath to remove the raiders scum off lol

Created a new topic Cutscene verboses: Skip option

I must say i enjoy the little verbose moments the team and the enemies has every once in a while, but at some point some of them will come back saying the same things and players will want to skip through, can you make so if you press a key it skip the cutscene?

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Actually i use a single monitor, i just like it to be full screen when i play lol, nothing too crazy XD

My screen 1920 x 1080, so its slightly higher than the current max the game offers, it's not a huge deal when you can full screen it with alt-enter, but i'd like it to be the default for my screen.

When i check the damage stats on damaging bullets it says 2-4, in my head it would means there is a random damage chance of dealing between 2 - 4 extra damage per shot, but it is not the case in the game, so what does those 2 numbers means? 2 for small weapons (SMG) and 4 for heavy (snipers) ?

I chose a mission that used the same area as a previous mission i finished, the pathings were already cleared where i went, and i was stuck in the area because the boss fight was already finished.

At end of turns, during "enemy sighted" and "loot found", theres always about 1,5 - 2 seconds before it goes to the next turn, not a bug, it just get long after the 100th turn or when you just make people go overwatch.

Created a new topic The delay between each actions

Something i noticed that was starting to grate on my patience is the delay inbetween each event and action that happens in the game, it's a 2 seconds wait inbetween everything.

Any possibility to add an option to make those delays shorter? I'd like my turns to be less wait, more action.

Posted in About v039

I don't know if it's a bug, but i completed a VIP mission with boss killing, and got paid and all that stuff, but when i wanted to start a new mission, my character were back with starting gear, none of the stuff they were equipped with last, though they kept their level.

Posted in About v039

Heya HOF, has the characters customization been disabled? I can't seems to modify my team mates at all.

Created a new topic Question about the submarines

I noticed the sub has a health bar but is currently unused, are you planning sub attacks or sub support in missions?

Posted in Enemy grenades

Yeah i did see grenades miss too, they just seems to happen very rarely. It is possible the explosion issue may only be related to grenade launchers.

Created a new topic Enemy grenades

Something i noticed that the player cannot do is that enemies have both extremely accurate throwing skills, they rarely ever miss, and if they do miss slightly, it still hurts the place where the grenade lands, unlike the players where if they miss it miss everything.

I know you are aware of the later, though i'm not sure if you were aware of the former.

Yeah, i reported a few of those soft locks myself, very severe bug that one, lock up the whole game.

I like cinematic dialogs, gives some life to the game.

I see 37 is very oriented toward improving the dungeons, it's a good thing because right now the layouts are very, very predictable after having played the layouts a few times.

You are indeed "AMIRIGHTY" about this, sir/lady! Games are made to be fun, not realistic (though some tries to do that, but its not a nessecity at all)

Roadmaps aren't set in stone really, it's a vague overview of what the team is doing, nobody should take it for hard cash, though i'd like to know what is being prepared for 37?

Created a new topic Idea: About armor and health
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That's been running through my mind for a few hours now, i'm not sure if the system was going to be changed/modified so i'll throw them all there:

Instead of having armors giving more stat (which does not give more once you are capped) armor could instead give an independent armor health bar, this bar cannot be healed/repaired during missions, but all damage caused to it is halvened (Or less or more, depending on the equipped armor quality), except for weapons -made- for armor piercing, which does the inverse, full damage to armor but half to normal health.

This also would make your enemies more diversified, as robots would be armor HP only, cyborgs would be partial and so on.

I would also suggest working on higher numbers instead of under the 10 digits, so you can calculate outputs more precisely, for example purpose, your gun, which is an SMG made for killing unarmored targets, would currently shoot for 2 damage on skin 3 times in a row, but on armor that equals to 1, what if you wanted your system to be less extreme? It would be better go to in the 100 digits so you can say, the SMG hits too much or is too weak, but i don't want to raise by a full number, lets make it hit 23 damage on skin, but hey, your enemy's armor value is 33%, it's light armor, you would be unable to calculate it this precisely in the 10 digits, since you'd have to narrow it down to the closest number.

I do hope for you folks that it will turn to your advantage, this game has fun potential.

(Edited 1 time)

I understand the time lines and the fund limits, instead of making a sequel, perhaps sell the future content as DLC? That would be less work for you folks than to have to build a whole new game from the ground up.

Right now in the system we got a character can actually cap out once all their stats are maxed, once this happens, prestige with this character can be leveled up (Think like Badass ranks from Borderlands, whereas benefits are small per rank, but infinite), another kind of reward would be to unlock a secondary class for the character.

The prestige ranks up could be things that does not unbalance the game in term of efficiency, it can be XP boost ranks up for characters that haven't capped their levels yet, Passive XP earned for every team members on your roster after every mission, retraining tokens (So you can choose a different class with an old character if you prefer a new one but are stuck with the old one), Customization tokens (Freed an hostage but doesn't look the way you want? Take one of these), Specialization tokens (Reset your character back to level 0, but with a permanent bonus that you cannot have by any other means)

Anyway you get the idea, infinite progression is a very valuable thing in a game in my view.

About cooldowns, i would like to suggest instead an energy bar (Default being 100 and can be improved with gear), whereas skills are no longer linked with cooldown by turn, but rather by the energy cost they use, and energy regen per turn (Which can also be improved with gear), this system would give you a lot more flexibility rather than fixed cooldowns.

(Edited 3 times)

I currently do not know what is currently planned base wise as this version does not contain all the contents (Especially the base just not being there), but id like to throw in those ideas, in case some of those weren't thought of:

Extra hostages roster: The base could hold the extra people you save on your missions, allowing you to switch your team when out of a mission sector;
Functional base: The option to be able to go roam in your own base and use workshops and talk to your team members (Creation of the Squad leader character, since all the recruits answers to him/her), workshops being crafting/tweaking/upgrading gear/consumables;
Customizable base: Allow you to define the rooms and what they contain;
Interactive base: Merchants coming to offer trades, raiders attacks, hazard events (Gas leak, explosions and so on, causing the base needing repair) (Think like XCOM bases when aliens invades them)

Mission environment:
Lootable crafting materials (Lockers, crates, anything that looks mundane in the environment, materials can vary a lot but for the sake of simplicity for the development of the game, can be summarized in main components, like wood, metal, stone, radioactive, energy, medical, and so on) All given automatically after a successful mission, if emergency evac is called, only give what is manually found;
Engineer class: I'd like to see a class in the future updates that allows you to build covers/turrets/mines on the spot, and with lootable crafting components, this is a viable thing.

Infinite playability:
I know that in the final release there will be a story and an ending, but i'd really like a never-ending mode for this game, especially if missions are limited as they are right now, i'd play the story once to see the campaign, then play a never-ending mode so i can keep progressing forever, or simply allow the game to continue after the ending.

Persistent characters:
Being able to export/import your favorite character through previous games, especially useful if coop multiplayer is ever planned.

Excellent, i look forward to it, fun game so far!

I noticed that some of the classes got some really good skills that complement their weapons really well, others are just a bit ok and others does not really add something great to them.

The most left in the dirt class in this situation is the Grenadier, it's current class skills are mediocre at best.

Played with a grenade launcher, and i can safely say that despite the weapons having a wide AOE radius, it's effectiveness is really lacking in comparison to sprayer and sniper, whereas they can clean house way more effectively, even without their class skills.

Another thing that i really gripped on is that weapons have an all or nothing miss chance, if you shoot with an SMG 3 times in a shot, and the enemy miss or dodge, it count for all the 3 bullets instead of having a % for each bullet. The grenade launcher has it the worst though, as it has short range, low overall damage, can potentially destroy/hurt things outside the target area limit, even if sometimes you have 100% chance to hit it can still miss (Yes, it happened to me) and if the grenade launcher has the bad luck to shoot ever so slightly out of the targeted location, it miss literally everything, which does not make sense for an explosive weapon (Though the same can be said about grenade items), when you use explosive weapons it's supposed to be very destructive, right now it feels like a waste of weapon due to how the miss mechanic works.

Another thing i noticed is that class level up nodes has no benefits other than unlocking a couple skills, which makes it rather lacking in between them.


Make a Medic class, transfer the extra item level 5 skill from Grenadier to this new class;

Active skill: Attempt to Revive a deceased ally (Not a guaranteed success), only usable twice per mission;
Active skill: Give a temporary HP boost for a few turns to an ally (Cannot be targeted on self);
Passive skill: Always start with a Doctor kit (Medic specialized medic kit item) without using an item slot;
Passive skill: Guaranteed 100% regeneration on an ally who has been given doctor kit or medic kit treatment;

All these + the extra item passive from grenadier total 5 very useful skills for Medic;


Grenadier skill Shredder, replace with a Passive skill that allow 175% extra damage on cover, instead of being an active skill that nerf damage on enemies for double damage;

Active skill: Allow to shoot a single launcher projectile at double the usual optimal range (Like sprint for movement);
Active skill: Launching 3 launcher bullets, ignoring reloads in between at the cost of 1 total action (All 3 attacks can be made separately, but must be made in the same round);
Passive skill: Extra optimal range with launchers (Allowing for further range without losing accuracy);
Passive skill: Allow 1 No Cost Reload per round;

All of these + Shredder passive total 5 fully used Grenadier skill nodes and it won't fall behind as much;


The current skills the sprayer has are very good, so i would not change these two (Empty clip and No Action cost Reload);

Active skill: Apply Concentration status to the Sprayer, doubling their critical chance threat range for a few turns;
Passive skill: Once per enemy turn, if an enemy come 2 tiles close or closer to the Sprayer, the Sprayer can move 3 tiles away before the enemy act, should the Sprayer choose to;
Passive skill: Whenever the Sprayer shoot at an enemy, it has a chance to apply Suppressed status to the enemy, lowering their Action by 1 for the next turn;


Currently has 3 passives but no active skills;

Active skill: Unload the shotgun (Yes, shotgun only) completely at random targets within range and automatically reload, the first shot deal 200% damage and the 2nd shot deals 75% damage, low cooldown (Like 2 or 3 turns);
Active skill: The shotgun is loaded with a limited amount of explosive shells, each shot of the shotgun deal AOE damage in a 2 tiles radius and deals 150% more damage against covers;


Currently has 3 passives but no active skills;

Active skill: For the next 2 turns, penalty to accuracy at close range is ignored;
Active skill: You shoot an armor piercing bullet with your Sniper rifle, damaging up to 5 targets/covers in a straight line, 200% damage against covers and 150% damage against enemies;


I don't remember if there was other classes in the list as all my characters got all their classes chosen already and i cannot see it now, but those are what came up to my mind.

Additionally to passive and active skills, each node can increase the accuracy in the class's preferred weapons.