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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios

Version 40 Feedbacks

A topic by Drakaden created Mar 18, 2018 Views: 158 Replies: 7
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Alright, here's the things that jumped at me like a sore eye within the 15 first minutes:

The voice acting removal, it's not too quiet, i enjoyed the voices, now the game is just too quiet because it has no background ambient sounds, i'd suggest letting the voices in and give the players the option to make it on/off, some people may like the silence, i personally enjoyed the voices more.

The time delay: Overwatch can be sped up by 2 or 3 times, it's still too slow before it goes for the next turn.

Starting team members: I want to be able to customize them, i hope this feature will be brought back, i don't want to start with random jacks that i have no love for.

Starting merc: Would it be possible to just not hire a merc at the start? I want to keep the 50 credit.

Inventory scrolling: When scrolling down or up with the mouse wheel, it's waaaaaaaaay tooo slow.


Thanks for the post!

I actually notice the same thing and like the voices as well, but I have gotten a few negative comments on the voice acting over the course of the First Access. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of budget to be able to redo the current voices and/or add more voices to the game. We've been wanting to add the text dialog for a while and I do have writers that are contributing to the project who were excited to work on that aspect. 

We have on our list to improve the ambient sounds in the game. Perhaps we should do this first before making the final determination on the voices?

I'll definitely try to see why overwatch is slower than other actions.

Yes, customizing team members will return at some point. There wasn't an obvious place for it since I was just assigning random recruits now rather than using the "store" but I think this is a solvable problem.

Hiring the merc is only required for the tutorial (first objective). It just needs 3 characters in order to work correctly. We'll probably upgrade it at some point and change that but for now it kind of needs to be that way for new people.

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I got a serious bug, i finished my first mission, the new recruit got added to my roster, but the other permanent team member disappeared, the other died during the mission from the ambush (They sure got many enemies, i'll be prepared next times), but yeah, roster issue. It also looks like the merc i used isn't showing up in the merc list.

As for the voices, as i suggested, allow them to be turned on/off, it's an easy solving for both parties, though ambient sound is definitely needed in either cases.

Developer (1 edit)

thanks for the report. A few bugs were reported on this build and I will get a fix out this week. Was at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco all week so have been a little slow to working on it and maybe the build was slightly rushed. Sorry about that!

I'm going to add the voices back in this week and will price out getting a few more voices added. It was suggested that we use more "bark"-like  voice clips that correspond to the type of action.

Alright, cool stuff, just don,t burst it too much on the voices budget, want you to be able to invest in other things!

The voice acting was awesome, did not know that was gone. :0


Voices are back in 40.6 so no worries

Though it's interesting the number of people who thought it was NOT good and complained about it. maybe I listened to the wrong people!

Ah sorry, that is pretty lame, I enjoyed them very much! Have pretty much loved everything you guys have done so far. Awesome!! Thanks very much! Your great!