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When can we be expecting, no rush just curious.

Awesome possum! Nice timing. Wishlisted will get when I get my next paycheck! Thank you!

Hello! Do you have plans for steam? Er are you already on steam?

Oh options. Options are something that everyone loves, you should disable achievements if you do that.

Ah sorry, that is pretty lame, I enjoyed them very much! Have pretty much loved everything you guys have done so far. Awesome!! Thanks very much! Your great!

The voice acting was awesome, did not know that was gone. :0

Build 38 is great! 

Cool, again thanks for being so on top of stuff so quickly!

Awesome possum! Oh one more question, do you intend on being in early access for a while before full release?

Cool cool, you guys are great keeps it up! How is the development I guess or progress? Oh achievements are those gonna be a thing?

Yeah that worked, I know its a small thing, not trying to be picky by the way! Ohh okay that makes sense! 

Just a heads up the Itch,io app isn't finding new update. 

Absolutely! Awesome can't wait to see it! I wouldn't worry too much about the time, was just curious, the longer it takes I figure the more work you put into it! Thanks for the hard work, and being great and getting back!

Hello how is everything going? Also do you guys have a discord, that would be cool. Loving the game can't wait for Steam release!

Yeah absolutely!

Sweet! I appreciate your guys fast response times. It has only happened twice. Not a terrible issue. Loving the game <3

Had an issue while playing tonight with evac on a pirate mission, it just disappeared, and the manual evac button wouldn't bring anything up. Checking to see if I am missing something, or if small bug.

Makes me very happy to hear of a sequel.

I can't imagine that it wouldn't hit sales goals. I have been playing it nonstop since I got it.  Thanks for the fast reply! 

Hi hi just bought the game super stoked, only have put in a few hours, but perchance is there going to be an addition of melee weapons possibly?

How many first access copies did you start off with? Because if you think youll have more copies in a week I'll wait but if you dont ill buy it this second/

If one buys this do they get it on steam when it comes out?

If one buys this do they get it on steam when it comes out?

If one buys this do they get it on steam when it comes out?