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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios app

A topic by Snorrp created Feb 06, 2018 Views: 100 Replies: 8
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Just a heads up the Itch,io app isn't finding new update. 


Hey! Thanks for the heads up. I think this might be caused by the removal of the 64 bit version. We decided that we only need to support 32 bit moving forward as we don’t gain any real optimization from 64 bit. 

Do you mind trying to uninstall and then reinstall the game in the app? If that solves it then I’ll post an alert letting people know. 


Yeah that worked, I know its a small thing, not trying to be picky by the way! Ohh okay that makes sense! 


I re-uploaded the build. Looks like I didn't do the switch from 64/32 to 32 only super clean but it should be good now.

Cool cool, you guys are great keeps it up! How is the development I guess or progress? Oh achievements are those gonna be a thing?


I'm posting a DevLog tonight talking about the next build a bit so keep an eye out for that...

We will have achievements but it will not be for a while yet.

Awesome possum! Oh one more question, do you intend on being in early access for a while before full release?


I'm not planning an Early Access at the moment, so we'll be putting only the final version for sale on Steam. Of course, the plan could change in the future but it seems unlikely.

Cool, again thanks for being so on top of stuff so quickly!