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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios


A topic by Snorrp created Jan 29, 2018 Views: 131 Replies: 2
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Hello how is everything going? Also do you guys have a discord, that would be cool. Loving the game can't wait for Steam release!


Hey! thanks for the message. I wanted to launch the Class update last week but couldn't get all the bugs fixed and then decided to redo some of the equipment UI.... anyway, it's almost ready and there will be new blog post up when it's released.

I do have a Discord set up but haven't decided yet if we will use it. I'm scared it might be a little distracting tbh. I've had to push back the release date again and have a deadline to submit the game to a few contests in mid-Feb so really going to be trying to get a few new big features ready for that stuff. I'll post some more about this stuff soon.

Absolutely! Awesome can't wait to see it! I wouldn't worry too much about the time, was just curious, the longer it takes I figure the more work you put into it! Thanks for the hard work, and being great and getting back!