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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios

Inquiry: Base funds

A topic by Drakaden created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 129 Replies: 7
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What are the plans for the accumulated funds stashed at the base? What will be the money sinks? Upgrades? Region bonuses?


Great question. I touched on it briefly somewhere but I'll give my most recent thoughts:

  • possibly "buy" access to other areas rather than having them unlock at defined intervals
  • allocate some funds to take on mission
  • buy subs (no longer have to rent)
  • repair and refuel owned subs
  • base merchant selling equipment
  • base informant providing special missions

I'm open to other ideas as well!

Alright, i'll throw out some ideas, hopefully some of them will be good:

The higher the rank invested the more money it cost.

Region bonuses: Extra cash earned, more XP in this region, merchant on mission field discounts, base vendor discount in this region, higher chances of a favorable find when investigating nodes (Finding loot instead of having to fight), discount on fuel merchants, fuel efficiency during travel (1 fuel reimbursed every/nodes), investing money to raise the value of missions in the region (better starting money and end mission payouts), etc.

Upgrades: Team mates cybernetic implants, weapons/armor one-time stat adding, more health to subs, more fuel capacity to subs, discount on rented sub prices, discount on mercenaries, discount on repair and refueling owned subs, more special missions available per informant payout, fuel start efficiency (Does not cost fuel units for # of nodes traveled ex: 3 first nodes cost 0 fuel, then fuel start degrading), etc.

What says you Hof? Aye or nay? Should i try to think of something else instead?


I read it over but haven't had a chance to decide anything yet! Been debugging all day so i can get Build 40 in your hands. I am always interesting in ideas though so if you have more, then feel free to post them!

Alright more ideas...

Special unique/story characters that you can find while exploring with unique skills, these will stay in your team permanently, but will ask a fee every times they are released on a mission, like mercs, but in the permanent roster, though unlike mercs, their fee is fixed, they don't cost more as they level up. (I know you had plans for special characters already, this is just another way to get some), they could also have their own story line and quests as optional quests.

Powerful consumables that once used, are lost, they are more efficient than the reusable consumables.

Purchasing unlockable hairstyles, i want a fancy ponytail for my wildcat conqueress :p (I am very biased, i just love wildcat, so deadly)

Purchasing unlockable cosmetic clothes that can override the functional armor.

An influence system that allow you to raise affinity with your team mates, purchase them gifts. Affinity could do various things.

Tax collector zombies! (jk)

I'll post more if i brainstorm again!


So here's the "big stuff" that needs to be done before we launch the game on Steam (most likely in May)

  • Finish the "base"
  • the "bleeding" system
  • finish the weapon effects
  • add additional mission scenarios (like challenge missions) and dialog

Once we are done with that then I'll consider ideas like these to "personalize" the characters more but I will be very careful about adding features that would require new character art for now to keep costs down. I have several concepts for unique story characters (as this was in the original scope) but the reality of the cost of creating the art made me take them out. My personal wish list for characters (if there is time):

  • More hair styles (we can probably take your suggestion for making some unlockable)
  • Customize hair color
  • Customize skin tones
  • Choice of class equipment (like the bandanna for wildcat) 
  • Make all enemy armor available for male and female characters (currently they are only male but we are almost done with this)

It's tough being on a tight budget, hopefully you'll get enough sales on release.