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Depth of Extinction

Create the ultimate squad and save humanity in this tactical RPG! · By HOF Studios

The delay between each actions

A topic by Drakaden created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 115 Replies: 6
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Something i noticed that was starting to grate on my patience is the delay inbetween each event and action that happens in the game, it's a 2 seconds wait inbetween everything.

Any possibility to add an option to make those delays shorter? I'd like my turns to be less wait, more action.


that doesn't sound right. You mean like between pressing the Fire button and it actually firing? Or are we talking about during the enemy turns?

At end of turns, during "enemy sighted" and "loot found", theres always about 1,5 - 2 seconds before it goes to the next turn, not a bug, it just get long after the 100th turn or when you just make people go overwatch.


OK, I'm adding it to the bug list so I can remember to take a look. Maybe what we can do is keep the delays initially but then after 1-2 missions shorten them.

I've noticed a delay between every action my squad takes.


Just pushed out Build 40. I think we got this one resolved or at least we made some progress. Love to hear both of your feedback!

Alright, i'll give 40 a shot later Hof, i was eagerly waiting for it!