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Thanks for the reply. I got close with the shotgun and works as intended. Two more from today:

1. Sniper auto critical on flanked target doesn't seem to be triggering, unless I'm misunderstanding what flanked means. Out of cover = flank?

2. My two highest level characters (6 and 7 I think) have disappeared following completing last mission. Which was ended as normal by all characters entering EVAC square.

Also, when does difficulty ramp up? I've just been running missions in the second zone and with my squad leveled up the basic enemies pose no threat.

Same for Sniper's Sentry talent. I think the way it works now makes sense though. Reloading, free or not, would disturb the concentration needed for the bonus in my opinion.

Just picked her up yesterday, playing every free moment I have. I couldn't find a Known Issues post so I started a new one, sorry if it exists.

1. I commented on another post but I am experiencing a noticeable delay after ever action my squad takes before I can input new commands. It's especially apparent when moving squad to EVAC after killing all enemies.

2. Rusty Shotgun description says 6-9 damage, but I almost always only do 3 damage, even on basic enemies. Bug or UI inaccuracy?

3. The sniper ability that says take another shot after killing an enemy never triggers. Unless I'm misunderstanding how it's supposed to work.

Looking forward to see where y'all take this game, huge potential!

I've noticed a delay between every action my squad takes.