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Loving the game, couple of questions/observations

A topic by rkivs created 44 days ago Views: 114 Replies: 10
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Just picked her up yesterday, playing every free moment I have. I couldn't find a Known Issues post so I started a new one, sorry if it exists.

1. I commented on another post but I am experiencing a noticeable delay after ever action my squad takes before I can input new commands. It's especially apparent when moving squad to EVAC after killing all enemies.

2. Rusty Shotgun description says 6-9 damage, but I almost always only do 3 damage, even on basic enemies. Bug or UI inaccuracy?

3. The sniper ability that says take another shot after killing an enemy never triggers. Unless I'm misunderstanding how it's supposed to work.

Looking forward to see where y'all take this game, huge potential!


Thanks for posting! glad you are enjoying the game. We aren't maintaining a known issues post anywhere but I am thinking about how that could be handled. I've been considering making the "Bugs" trello board public and posting a link but it has a LOT of stuff on there that wouldn't be interesting to players (Like tech bugs or really rare edge cases we've seen like once). Plus a lot of "bugs" fall under "weird quirks of the game we aren't explaining well" :D

We're definitely going to look into shortening the delays that have been reported. A delay was added between turns loooooong ago because it seemed like there were times when things happened too fast but now maybe we can remove them? or at least try it? I'm open to that.

The shotgun def falls under the "quirks" category from above. A shotgun weapon only does max damage from 1-2 tiles away, and then scales down to half damage depending on the distance. 

The Kill Shot skill not triggering sounds like a bug and I'll log it!

Thanks for the reply. I got close with the shotgun and works as intended. Two more from today:

1. Sniper auto critical on flanked target doesn't seem to be triggering, unless I'm misunderstanding what flanked means. Out of cover = flank?

2. My two highest level characters (6 and 7 I think) have disappeared following completing last mission. Which was ended as normal by all characters entering EVAC square.

Also, when does difficulty ramp up? I've just been running missions in the second zone and with my squad leveled up the basic enemies pose no threat.


Cool! Thanks again for the post.

It should work when the sniper has the enemy flanked. If the shot UI says "Cover 0" then it should be a crit. I noticed the "Critical" message isn't showing up and have that one logged but I'll log that the skill might not be working also and check it out.

Having your save file might be good to help track down that character disappearing bug but I'll try reproducing it 
Save data files will start with "DOE_SaveData" and generally reside in folder: 
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/HOF Studios/Depth of Extinction/
Windows: %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Packages\Depth of Extinction\LocalState\
Linux: {home}/unity3d/HOF Studios/Depth of Extinction/

I balanced all the enemies (and weapons) down (weaker) a few builds ago because the feedback I received was that the game was too hard. I'll take a look at the data soon as we'll be doing another balance pass. It's good anecdotally to hear that you thought it should ramp up more quickly in Zone 2. It's a tough balancing act because when you hit the wall the team generally gets wiped and I wanted to reduce that initial friction for sure. 


I got the Kill Shot bug fixed in Build 40. 

The delays should be shorter I think. I also have it set to "auto end" the level if all enemies are dead and all loot is picked up (including enemy drops).

I did not get a chance to figure out the auto critical issue. It's buried in the cover system and I didn't have the time to dig into it yet. Definitely will be resolved and probably in the nest build.

The disappearing characters are also a mystery. I'm hoping it's due to another bug i fixed but I'll try to reproduce it some more when I get some time.

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So it auto loot the loot boxes as well? I think it's a very nice quality of life thing, and it simplify the looting!

Oh wait i've read this wrong, it auto end if we looted everything, ok.


I did not get time to test extending the loot pick up radius yet but it's definitely on the list.

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For the "Auto End" feature, its cool that you allow the game to end when all enemies are dead and loot picked up. Is it possible to allow an OPTION to "end round" as well when you have completed the objective and killed all enemies. Sometimes giving up trying to find the last piece of loot to end the round resulted in walking all the way back to the EVAC can be quite tedious

I picked up the game yesterday and its so cool, cannot wait to get home to put more hours in. 


I have also been thinking about that. With all the loot scattered around you now have to search almost 100% to get it all so that makes sense.


Actually just added a way to end the mission if all enemies are dead. If you try it, let me know if it worked and what you think!


I tried it thanks it works great. And I can see that the levels are abit tougher as well, the AI is no pushover now. Awesome work.