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Not sure whether intended, I think that assault class maybe overpowered in late game. When you max out your class stats, you get a free action if you shoot any adjacent targets, then you get the reload does not cost an action perk. You just stand next to a boss and spam your shotgun until he dies. You can basically take out a boss with rusty shotgun.

Hope I can get it soon <3

I notice that 44.x is on steam, I havent receive the key so I still playing on the 43.7 version. Already submitted the survey a while back though.

As there is a bug for loading any feral androids scenario, is there any workaround to get pass the "Skull of the First" quest line.

There is an INVESTIGATE FACILITY scenario about a merchant asking for help but no interaction is available after finding the merchant.

Map ended after i killed all raiders and looted everything.

Weird problem here, after travelling to a selectable destination the icon for other locations does not change. I can still click on the location icon but it is weird that it does reflect destination icon. This usually happens after i completed a mission and going to a new location.

My team is so huge now, that i cant scroll down lol.

So I only met the merchant when i run out of fuel. Anyway to vist the merchant directly.

Loving the game cant wait for it to be released. Quick question being playing for over a few days now, but what do you do with all that spare loot. Is there going to be a way to sell them or craft your own?  Just wondering what the economy is going to be like.

I started a Fuel Depot run and was ambush by dem Raiders so the map started as an evacute scenario.

As you can see my guy started outside the stage frame. Is this a known bug? FYI

I tried it thanks it works great. And I can see that the levels are abit tougher as well, the AI is no pushover now. Awesome work.

Just did a "locate hostage" scenario. May i know how you rescue the hostage. When mouse over i notice its a chat bubble but on click my guy shot the hostage. bug?

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For the "Auto End" feature, its cool that you allow the game to end when all enemies are dead and loot picked up. Is it possible to allow an OPTION to "end round" as well when you have completed the objective and killed all enemies. Sometimes giving up trying to find the last piece of loot to end the round resulted in walking all the way back to the EVAC can be quite tedious

I picked up the game yesterday and its so cool, cannot wait to get home to put more hours in.